War in Iraq & Tidal Wave

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Jan. 11, 2005

Can you tell me if the war in Iraq and the tidal wave are related?­NH


One wouldn't think so at first glance. But the western world's sudden presence at the Euphrates river is enormously significant with respect to the last day prophecies. It leads straight to Jerusalem. So when a second event of biblical proportions strikes at the very moment that presence is being established, it certainly begs a deeper look.

"There in the north, there by the river Euphrates, they have collapsed, have fallen.

Who was it rose like the Nile, its waters foaming like a torrent? Why, Egypt rose like the Nile, its waters foaming like a torrent. 'I will rise,' he said 'and drown the earth; sweep towns and their inhabitants away!

Charge, horses! Crash on, chariots! Advance, warriors, you men from Cush and Put with shield in hand, you men from Lud who bend the bow!' Now, this is the day of the Lord God Almighty, a day of vengeance for his revenge on his enemies...Yes, the Lord God has a sacrifice to make in the north country, by the river Euphrates." (Jer. 46:6-10).

We have already shown in many places on this web site how this passage of scripture is related to Israel and the war in Iraq. But we have, up to now, overlooked within its description a reference to its relationship with a foaming torrential watery wave drowning the earth and sweeping whole towns and their inhabitants away. Hundreds of bustling cities, towns and villages suddenly just vanishing in the wash of a wave? No one could imagine such a thing. But now we have the event; and its chilling pictures are everywhere. It is one of the worst human catastrophe's in the history of the world.

Certainly the war in Iraq didn't cause the tsunami. Nor did God. But Jeremiah's inclusion of a description of an event that perfectly duplicates what we have just experienced (the worst tsunami disaster ever recorded) in a prophecy that is otherwise all about Iraq (the Euphrates) is astonishing. One has to ask, did the Spirit of God inspire Jeremiah to structure that passage there as a proof of the importance of the war, i.e., to reveal where it is leading (to Jerusalem)?

God, who knows all things, had to be aware the tidal wave would strike when it did. A description of it included in Jeremiah's passages about western troops in Iraq would be confirming evidence that Jeremiah was talking about THIS war and THIS presence of western troops at the banks of Iraq's fateful river. My conclusion is that God placed that tidal wave passage in scripture as a graphic illustration, not just to pinpoint the calendar moment (the 21st century), but also to emphasize the kind of catastrophe the coming occupation portends.

In the same way in which that tidal wave suddenly rose up out of a calm sea, and in the destruction it caused, so will the East rise up and pour like a torrent across the Euphrates river and sweep away whole towns along with the inhabitants who occupied them, as it overthrows the western world. Underlying this political action is a spiritual action: Satan's own return to power, his crushing of the millenium of Christ's rule on earth (which is tied part and parcel to the western world's governing authority) and his effort to overthrow the Church in his quest to reclaim his throne as prince of this planet.

Jeremiah has already offered another, equally spectacular proof on behalf of his predictions in this regard (Jer. 44:29-30). Obviously, once that proof, too, occurs, the evidentiary correlation between them should send a signal to the faithful that is profound.

The message will be clear: 'Do not perish with the world. It is passing away. Turn to Christ and hold on tight to Him: because everything He said is true and will happen exactly as He said it would!' As it is written, so will it be.


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