The Floodgates of the Wrath


When a group of Jewish army leaders (Jer.42:1-2+) went to Jeremiah to ask for a reprieve from the exile imposed by the treaty which the king of the Jews had made between God and Babylon for the sake of the covenant, their petition was, itself, an integral part of that treaty. God granted their request, moving the king of babylon to allow them to return to Jerusalem ahead of the Prince of Persia's decree. He did this within the treaty, not outside of it.

But there were crucial conditions imposed on those who returned:

"If you are willing to remain peaceably in this country, I will build you and not overthrow you; I will plant you, and not tear you up. For I am sorry for the evil that I have done to you. Do not be afraid of the king of Babylon any longer; do not fear him for I am with you to save you and deliver you from his hands. I will take pity on you, and move the king of Babylon to pity you and let you return to your native soil." (Jer.42:1-12).

"But if you say: No, the land of Egypt is where we want to go, where we shall not see war nor hear the sound of trumpet, nor lack for bread; that is where we want to live; in that case, remnant of Judah, listen to the word of the Lord. The Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says this: if you are determined to go to Egypt, and if you do go and settle there, the sword you fear will overtake you, there in the land of Egypt; the famine you dread will follow on your heels, right into Egypt; you shall die there." (Jer.42:13-16).

"All the men who are determined to go to Egypt and settle there shall die by sword, famine and plague: not one survivor will escape the disaster I mean to bring them." (Jer.42:17).

As Jeremiah's words show, the Jewish army leaders 2500 years ago did not listen to the warning but made straightaway for Egypt.

"They carry out plans that are not mine and make alliances not inspired by me, and so add sin to sin. They have left for Egypt, without consulting me, to take refuge in Pharaoh's protection." (Is. 30:1-15).

When the Jewish people and their leaders violated the two conditions Jeremiah imposed on this return under God's orders (the settlements and the military treaty) those who did so broke their part, not just in the old covenant of Moses, but in the new holy covenant as well. That is because the violations Jeremiah's prophecies were pointing to apply to the Israel of today. And they have already taken place. We can see those infractions scattered all over the West Bank.

According to Ezekiel, despite the military alliance, not even pharaoh's great army and hordes of men will be able to prevent the resulting attack or stem its terrible results: "He will not be able to save him by fighting, however many earthworks are raised, however many trenches dug to the loss of many lives. He has ignored the oath and broken the treaty by which he was bound". (Ez.17:17-18).

Here is a nation that has no concept of why the exile ever occurred in the first place. So any idea of attending to the repair of those crucial factors are not even on radar. The result Jeremiah foresees regarding this inattention to and disregard for their own scripture involves a catastrophic defeat for Israel ­ an eastern invasion that will reach right into the heart of Jerusalem. No one will be able to stop it and the casualties will be enormous. The zealots of the covenant will be among them (Dan. 11:14).

According to Jeremiah, certain proof of the accuracy of all his dark visions will come in the form of the assassination of the Pharaoh of Egypt (a metaphoric designation open at this moment to anyone's guess). That assassination is to be the proof of all that has been prophesied and all that is to follow, including the rise of the ten nations and the appearance of "the beast" of the last days.

The invasion of Israel will serve notice on Babylon as well. Just as Israel will not be spared for violating the holy covenant, neither will the world be spared when they take similar action against God's covenant, as they throw truth to the ground and desolate the perpetual sacrifice which perpetuates the world's very life.

This shows a wrath beginning in Israel and expanding from there to encompass the whole world ­ a fiery east wind spawned by sin that, once started, man has little power over and only God can extinguish.


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