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The Fall of Western Civilization

"Anyone who believes in the Son has eternal life,
but anyone who refuses to believe in the Son will never see life;
the anger of God stays on him."
John 3:36


The inescapable reality one gets from reading the warnings of Jesus Christ is that the world is coming to an end. Almost every Christian who reads scripture understands that warning, and the fact that it is not far away.

Since scripture is filled with prophecy written under the influence of the Holy Spirit concerning this subject, the mechanics of the world's end are copiously documented. According to scripture, the End is centered on the rebuilding of Jerusalem.

The Christian religion began with what the Jews call, the "Diaspora". It was the forceful eviction of the Jewish race from Judea and its dispersal across the planet to the four corners of the world by a pagan Roman empire, the successor to Greece, which was, itself, the driving force that initiated the world rule of Western Civilization.

Greece was the empire of Alexander the Great, whose conquest of the eastern kingdoms brought the world under western rule. From that day to this, western rule of the world has been a constant. It is a political and religious reign that, while frequently challenged, has never ended.

When the Jews were evicted from the Holy Land, the Christians followed them out. Peter and Paul set up the nucleus of the Church, not in Jerusalem, but in Rome where they were later crucified under Nero together with several other apostles and a large number of the senior members of the original Church.

All this is in keeping with the prophecies that fill scripture ­ all the allegories that deal with God's plan to send His people to "Babylon", and there rescue them from the grasp of Satan:

"I mean to disperse you throughout the nations, to scatter you in foreign countries, and to take your foulness from you..." (Ez.22:15).

"To Babylon you must go and there you will be rescued; there the Lord will ransom you out of the power of your enemies." (Micah 4:10)

The longing to return "home" (to the land of God's promise) has been a constant throughout the age of the Judeo-Christian religions.

Abraham was called to leave the land that would later be called Iraq and was led to a new home in the territory now known as Israel.

Yet his descendents found themselves prisoners in Egypt and longed for hundreds of years to escape that captivity and return to the homeland Abraham had established for them in keeping with the promise of God.

The whole Hebrew religion is founded on the elements of this longing and the 'Return' (Exodus) which rewarded it.

Later the tribes of Israel found themselves in exile once again, this time divided into two "Houses", one dispersed to the nations and the other confined to the land of Iraq (then called Babylon). The longing to return home once more overwhelmed the national consciousness. That drive to return became the singular focus of Judaism and filled the prophecies that emanated from its visionaries.

Seventy years later, many of the exiled Jews were allowed by a 'Prince of Persia' to return and rebuild the ruins of their lost Jerusalem. The exile to "Babylon" seemed to have ended for one of the twelve tribes, who promptly and erroneously reasoned from this limited return that they were God's favorites and the heirs to all of scipture. Thus they saw in their return to Jerusalem the fulfillment of all the visions of scripture concerning it.

Then, incredibly, the Roman empire came along and dispersed the Jewish nation into captivity a third time. On this last occurance, however, no return occurred, and the longing for it has never been rewarded in the way that the prophecies forecast it would be. Instead, the dispersion has persisted for almost 2000 years.

Obviously, scripture was pointing to something far more profound concerning the prophecies relating to the exile to Babylon. Christians were informed what that hidden meaning was. It was proof of the Godship of Jesus Christ ­ the meaning of the Church and its attempt to save the pagan world from the grasp of Satan. It was all about baptism and conversion.

The prophets wrote that this age of the pagans would one day come to a close and the citizens of Jerusalem return to their city as a sign that it was about to end.

In 1947 A.D., all the nations of the world, acting as a single body, allowed the Jewish people to return to Palestine and rebuild Jerusalem once again.

That restoriation has long been known to be the pre-eminent signal, the promised "return to Jerusalem" that heralds the beginning of the world's final days. It gives notice that the end-time processes have begun. That is why such intense study of scripture's end-time prophecies has exploded across the theological horizon of Christianity in recent years.

The corroborating prophecies discovered in this ongoing search, matched together with momentous political, military, economic, scientific, social and enigmatic events have fueled this search like lighter fluid on a fire. The parallels between these and scripture's accounts of the last days are stunning.

There is, however, a deeper, allegorical reality hidden behind the return of the House of Israel to Jerusalem.

Jesus taught that the true longing structured in Hebrew history relates to man's need to reunite with God and return "home" to the kingdom of heaven. Our exile has nothing to do with Egypt or Babylon, or even with this world, but with our separation from God because of Satan. It is an exile that extends far beyond Jewish boundaries. It encompasses the entire human race. The return home is a spiritual journey to a kingdom not of this earth ­ a journey that can only be accomplished by repentance and conversion.

Thus the "Return" encompasses both "Houses" of Israel as well as all the other people of the world.

The call in this "return" is a call to rebuild the ruins of "Jerusalem". The prophet's have shown that this rebuilding centers on the City of David (the City of Christ). These are allegorical references that tell us the rebuilding is centered in the "David" of prophecy: the Messiah who is Jesus Christ. It is not about Moses, nor is it about a city on this earth.

"For now I will issue orders and shake the House of Israel among all the nations, as you shake a sieve so that not one pebble can fall on the ground. All the sinners of my people are going to perish by the sword, all those who say, 'No misfortune will ever touch us..." (Amos 9:8-10).

"That day I will re-erect the tottering hut of David, make good the gaps in it, restore its ruins and rebuild it as it was in the days of old so that they can conquer the remnant of Edom and all the nations that belonged to me.' It is the Lord who speaks, and he will carry this out." (Amos 9:11-12).

The city to be rebuilt is the bride of Christ in heaven, and its construction relates only to the repentance and conversion into righteousness of its people, those upon whom God has chosen to bestow eternal life.

That rebuilding must occur on this earth, but it is not for this earth. It is a rebuilding each of us must participate in by converting our lives from sin into the righteousness of the Gospel.

God set aside an age within which His offer of reconciliation could occur. The Book of Joshua tells us that it would be one day made into almost two, a Day of Atonement, a day of washing and cleaning in the ways of the Lord almost 2000 years long. This, according to a scripture that tells us that a day to God is like a thousand years to man.

In all that time, the Church and Western Civilization have gone down through history, hand in hand. That is because the Roman emperor Constantine set the stage for the embrace of Christianity by all the nations of the western world. Throughout the period of the thousand years made into two, the rulers of these western nations have had little tolerance for any faiths other than Christ in their respective kingdoms.

We stand now at the twilight of the 2000 years. In fact, as far as the Christian calendar is concerned, on January 1st, 2001, we entered the third millenium, the third day in Christ. Scripture tells us it is on the "third day" that Jesus will return.

What about the mandate of the nations that their citizen's should listen to Jesus? It no longer exists. In fact, the new mandate in America since 1992 is that the word's "Jesus" and "God" not be mentioned on any state-controlled property. A single exception was made for Moses in Texas, but Jesus, the Son of God, is forbidden without exemption.

The spiritual return has now coalesced with a physical return. Just as the signal for this confluence promised, the return of the Jews to Jerusalem has heralded the rise of the East. Their sudden attack nine months into the third day tells us western civilization is coming to an end, and with it God's offer of reconciliation to the world. The age of the pagans is over.

"I saw the Lord standing at the side of the altar. 'Strike the capitals' he said 'and let the roof tumble down!" (Is.9:1).

The mechanics of the exchange of world political, military and financial power from the western world to the eastern world is at the heart of scores of scripture's prophecies. Subtle, and not so subtle warnings of the imminent "rise of the East" can be seen in almost every book of the Old Testament. It's visions are engendered in Israel's September winds that sweep in from the eastern deserts and dry up the harvest, leaving the land barren and ready for the inevitable fires that follow.

The allegory follows on target.

The Apostle Paul tells us that the fall of western civilization will begin with a revolt (2 Thess 2:3). That revolt is the rejection by the world of the teaching of Jesus. It is this rejection, one that has already occurred as documented above that dooms the political side of the relationship. Western civilization loses its wall of faith leaving it defensless against its enemies.

"On these grounds is sentence pronounced: that even though the light of God has come into the world men have shown they prefer darkness to the light because their deeds are evil." (John. 3:19).

"Know this and understand:

from the time this message went out: "Return and rebuild Jerusalem" to the coming of an anointed Prince, seven weeks and sixty-two weeks, with squares and ramparts restored and rebuilt,but in a time of trouble."

And after the sixty-two weeks an anointed one will be cut off --

and the city and the sanctuary will be destroyed by a prince who will come. His end will come in catastrophe and, until the end, there will be war and all the devastation decreed.." (Dan.9:25-26).

We can see in this last quotation that the fall of the western world will bring down with it the Church that has fluorished during its world-ruling tenure.

In scripture, the collapse of Babylon is intimately related to the fall of the towers. That meant little until 9/11. Suddenly, scripture and history coalesed. "Look at the land of Kittim....They have set up towers. They have demolished its bastions and reduced it to ruins. Howl ships of Tarshish, for your fortress has been destroyed." (Is. 23:13).

In the allegory of 9/11 we can also see that the western world had two economic towers representing world prosperity and economic strength. Both collapsed, but not at the same time. Relating as they did to the coming of the East, like a handwriting on the wall, they seemed to portend economic catastrophe striking the western world in two waves. In that sense, the real estate boom seems certain to be the meaning of the second tower.

Economists today are wringing their hands in anguish over the prospect of the crash of the real estate market and what it could mean to the world economy. If it is truly as bad as these prognosticator's say, it will usher in what may be the world's last chance for salvation, because scripture is clear that man in prosperity forfeits wisdom.

With prosperity suddenly gone, God once more will become visible. A last, but sure hope for the wise.

Daniel tells us that the fall of the West will come at the hands of a reverse (or mirror-image) type of Alexander the Great. Not great, he will crash the western-world ship of state at the Euphrates river, and there, meet his end. His empire will be scattered to the four winds.

Those who rise up to rule in his stead will share none of the western world's past values nor the values of the ship this reverse Alexander guided to its watery grave. "...the harbor is no more. He has stretched his hand over the sea to overthrow its kingdoms" says scripture (Is. 2310-11). "Now you are shattered by the waves, surrounded by the seas." (Ez. 27:34). "The east wind has shattered you..." (Ez. 27:26).

This watery end in terms of Babylon's strength in the last days is biblically fitting because it follows perfectly the allegory on which the return from exile is based. When God led the Israelites out of Egypt, Pharaoh at first encouraged them to go. But at the end of the exodus he suddenly changed his mind and rode off with his warriors to attack the rearguard of the departing Israelites. That is when the seas, held apart by God for the departure, suddenly crashed back together again, drowning Pharaoh and all his army.

Just as with those departing Israelites from Egypt, we are at the end of God's salvation of the people of the world who chose to follow Jesus to His kingdom. We who follow Him have left everything behind that belongs to this world and have embarked on a journey to the promised land of God in Christ. For almost 2000 years the nations of the western world have encouraged us to make this journey. Christianity has been endorsed by the nations who have actively participated in the departure. But now, suddenly, we see a change.

Over the last 100 years every western nation has withdrawn its support of Jesus Christ, favoring, instead, secular, worldly, interests in place of the spiritual teachings so widely supported during the past. The troops are being mounted throughout the East. With 9/11 the attack began. Very soon now, the watery return on Babylon will be the sign that Pharaoh's fate now signals the world's own.

The towers are gone. The harbor is about to be washed away. And with it, a western world that has turned its back on Jesus Christ.


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