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The United States in Prophecy

"The ships of Kittim will oppose him, and he will be worsted."
Daniel 11:30.


Very little could be seen of the United States in scripture prior to September of 2001.

That event has changed everything. It shows that the United States has a divine destiny, one far larger than anyone had ever imagined. We had known for years that America had to be the nation called "Kittim", designated by God to block the advances of the beast at the end of time (Dn.11:30), and therefore critical to the central events of the last days.

But 9/11 has unveiled a larger, far more complicated picture.

Out of the wreckage of those New York towers, the spectre of Revelation chapter 18:8-24 rose like the smoke that engulfed the city skies. It was surreal and didn't seem possible. Those verses were about the ultimate destruction of Babylon. How could America be Babylon? That seemed inconceivable. Yet the images we watched that day matched with uncanny precision the prophecies that appeared to foresee them.

As the days progressed the world continued, and the eastern armies remained in their caves. The second Gulf War was fought and the Western World seemed victorious once again. September 11th was not the end of the world, it was a sign of things to come.

God had sent the world a message. It was written in fire and blood on the cathedral walls of capitalism. Like the words Jesus spoke from the cross designed to send the wise back to scripture to see God's proof of what had just transpired, the fall of the towers did the same. Verse after verse came to light. And with each unfolding verse, the importance of the United States in prophecy was magnified.

On the walls of New York a handwriting had appeared. There in that city, Daniel's prophecy (Dan.5:4-39) had met its heir. It was a final message to the world from God to change its ways and follow Christ.

Not only was America the key nation in Daniel's "He-goat" prophecy (Dan.8:1-8), it's most vaunted city has turned out to be the wall on which the world's sentence would be written. America is the wall of Babylon. It is the wall of stability and defense for the entire world. Without that wall in place, the world would disintegrate into chaos.

That is precisely what Daniel foresees (Dan.8:8) ­ the sudden fall of the wall, allowing the world to devolve into quarters.

It hasn't happened yet. There are strong clues to what might bring it to pass, and it doesn't seem that far away. When it occurs, even though it appears to destroy America's ability to finance the world's defense, it does not destroy America, itself. Prophecy is clear, this nation will still be strong enough to defend the land of Israel in the final years of the planet (Dan.11:30). The United States, according to scripture, is to be the single nation on earth powerful enough to block the Beast and thwart his plans of world conquest.

Although war will come to our coast, the enemy will be defeated and driven home (Dan.11:18). The Beast will not put a foot on our shores. In fact, we may be one of the last nations on earth praising Jesus when the end comes. The 'Apocalypse' of Isaiah states that when God finally rises to destroy the world, one place on earth will still be lifting up its voice in the proclamation of the Lord ­ the "islands of the sea" (Is.24:14-16). In relation to the Eurasian/African continents, these "islands" constitute, especially, the new world ­ the lands of the western hemisphere.

In addition to those listed above, another important prophecy that many scholars see in terms of the U.S.A. can be found in Ezekiel's visions concerning Tyre. The Tyre prophecies (Ez.28:1-19) are far more relevant today because of 9/11. (See also, Isaiah 23:1-14). They tell us why America must suffer being God's billboard, carrying the proofs and messages of all that is soon to descend on the world.

In combination, all these prophecies show that the wall of strength that holds our current mercantile world together will be brought down by a combination of two principal onslaughts, one driven by the Medes and the other by God. The sign of the first we have already witnessed. The second is not far behind. Unless this wall falls, the East will be incapable of bringing to world power the "Ten Nation Confederacy" predicted by scripture.

Jeremiah's prophecies concerning the early return by the House of Judah to Israel, and all the events it relates (Jer.42-44), cannot proceed as long as the western world's wall of defense remains in place. Since God has ordained it to occur, it will. According to Jeremiah, God's "proof" to the world that it will fall and all these things will occur as written is to be the ultimate sign of all, i.e., larger even than 9/11. (Jer.44:29-30).

The confluence of all these prophecies in scripture show us that the nations surrounding us at this very moment are going to be among the prime players in the eschatology.

The prophecies present us with a perplexing dichotomy. Some show an America devoted to God and to the defense of Israel, while others show the ravages that come to a nation that has exchanged Christ for gold. When the towers fell, there came an immediate upwelling all across the country of extraordinary faith together with a spontaneous declaration of national prayer. For awhile, it rose to a crescendo. Witness the entire body politic of Washington locking arms and singing in unison "God Bless America" from the floor of the capitol.

It seems likely that this latent faith will come to the fore once again, after the collapse of the wall. And it will be that faith in God rather than money that characterizes this nation during the dark days that are prophesied to precede the return of Christ. That is what is to be hoped for because it will ease the burden of the tribulation by shielding the country from the ravages others must suffer for faithlessness.

"Take up your positions around Babylon...Shout against her on every side! She surrenders, her towers fall, her walls are torn down since this is the vengeance of the Lord..." (Jer.50:15).

Abraham Lincoln, locked in a war being waged by the merchants of the slave trade asked if a country founded on the principals of human equality and consecrated to the rights of the common man could long endure. The same question resounds today. The combatants are the same, but this time, God has created the Gettysburg by striking the towers of mammon, and doing it inside the United States.

Babylon, it turns out is not a nation at all, it is a spiritual people ­ Babylon is all the people on earth opposed to Jesus and the House of Israel.

Before 9/11, Christianity seemed weak and impotent against the rise of Babylon in the United States. The war against God seemed greater here than anywhere else on earth. Not just in the spiritual assaults against a constitutional sense of God, but also in the outpouring of fornication and violence spewed world-wide from American entertainment centers. Those, coupled with a corporate takeover of the founding tenants of our government (replacing human rights with corporate greed, and changing the democracy into a god of dollar bills), seemed to doom any prospect this country had to achieve any sort of divine allegiance with heaven. The demons of Babylon seened to ooze from every pore of the society.

Then came the East wind, the warriors of the Medes, driving their seige engines into the heart of Manhatten. We can only pray their assault, a sign of what is to come, has awakened the holy ones and returned the country to its senses. How we fare as a people and a nation in the coming years is completely dependent on this alone.

No nation can survive the future. All hope is only in Christ. We are living in the last days of Babylon. It is a most terrible time. Before it is over all the cities and nations of the world will dissolve, and the divine city of Christ's Jerusalem alone will prevail. That city, and the people who choose to live there will last forever. Everyone else, scripture tells us, will perish in the tribulation.



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