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When History and Symbolism Collide

"From the beginning I foretold the future, and predicted beforehand what is to be."


Religious investigators have long searched for a time when the final prophecies of scripture coalesce together in space and time to meet the natural and historical circumstances of the physical world in a way like they did when Jesus first appeared. Throughout history, event by event, our ancestors have searched for hints of the Second Coming, trying to find out if the things they were seeing were mentioned in the Bible. Earthquakes, wars, comets, floods, evil dictators, all have been examined closely and written about.

Sporadically, answers have seemed to come. Most have been nebulous, requiring complicated mental gymnastics to pinpoint correlations. For almost 2000 years, they have had to be content with a glimmer here and a glimmer there because the time had not yet come.

All that has changed.

Since the beginning of the 20th Century, with the advent of world wars and atom bombs, impacts between the historical and the prophetic have increased dramatically.

Now, with the arrival of the "Third Day" (the third millenium of Christ on earth), an exponential panopoly of events with correlative biblical descriptions have started to flood into world view. They are cascading into the pages of our newspapers and news magazines almost daily.

Nine months into the "Third Millenial Day", came 9/11. Duplicating the time of gestation into birth of a human embryo (and in the fireballs of three airliners) a dramatic replay of the 18th chapter of the Book of Revelation descended out of prophecy to collide head-on with historical reality. Tyre met its analogue. It was a pivotal moment.

It brought us the Second Gulf war, fulfilling the predictions of Daniel, and turning on a spiritual time-clock that has begun to tick down the sequence of the last days. It is a sequence of increasingly amplified collisions, bringing larger and larger world events into contact with the prophecies that foresaw and predicted them thousands of years ago.

Soon we will see the "ten nations" appear, the rise of Persia and all the other events defined for these times. Accompanying the upheavals of nations will be an increasing display of cosmic signs, world-wide earthquakes and raging seas as nature itself joins with God in preparation for the coming of the Lord.

We can only stand and watch with awe as this cascade of events explodes into the full drama Daniel and the others have defined for the days now unfolding before our eyes. There will be no more need to search with microscopes and telescopes for hints of the impacts produced as the events of the natural world and the symbolisms of scripture intersect. They will be clarioned by every newspaper in the world. But understanding will not accompany those reports.

The Bible tells us that no one will see Christ or scripture during the entire sequence. On the contrary, the people of the world will blame God for the troubles that are coming and discard His words of warning, dissolving the lifesaving instructions that accompany those predictions and warnings, and sealing before them forever the door to heaven.

"Within one year and a few days you will tremble, you over-confident women; the grape harvest will be over, gathering will not come again." (Is.32:10).

"...the gate is smashed to pieces; and so it will be on earth, among the peoples, as at the beating of the olive trees, as at the gleaning of the grapes when the grape harvest is over." (Is.24:12-13).

Because of their descent into wickedness, God is blinding a brazen world's eyes. Only those who know God will stand firm until the end. They will have been renewed by a spiritual revolution putting on, as Paul said, a new self that has been created in God's way, in the goodness and holiness of the truth.

"So be very careful about the sort of of lives you lead, like intelligent and not like senseless people. This may be a wicked age, but your lives should redeem it. And do not be thoughtless but recognise what is the will of the Lord. Do not drug yourselves with wine, this is simply dissipation; be filled with the Spirit. Sing the words and tunes of the psalms and hymns when you are together, and go on singing and chanting to the Lord in your hearts, so that always and everywhere you are giving thanks to God who is our Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." (Eph.4:15-20).

The prophet Hosea tells us that God will appear on the "third day" (Hos.6:2). In his own prophecy, Moses said that we must "wash and clean" our clothing for two days and on the third day, meet God face to face (Ex.19:10-11). Washing and cleaning is symbolism for repentance and baptism whose waters gain for us the forgiveness of our sins. Our clothing is our flesh.

"The Lord said to Moses, 'Go to the people and tell them to prepare themselves today and tomorrow, Let them wash their clothing and hold themselves in readiness for the third day, because on the third day, the Lord will descend on the mountain of Sinai in the sight of all the people" (Ex.19:10-11).

By the Christian calendar, that third day began January 1, 2001.

The prophecy of Joshua tells us that God has stopped the sun and moon in the sky, making one day into almost two. Those two days are millenial days, the days of the millenium of Christ when the Sonshine of His preaching covers the earth in the light of God's offer of atonement for sin. The sun stands for Jesus and the moon for His Church on earth (His reflected light).

"Sun, stand still over Gibeon, and, moon, you also, over the Vale of Aijalon'. And the sun stood still, and the moon halted, till the people had vengeance on their enemies." (Joshua 10:12-13).

"Is this not written in the Book of the Just ? The sun stood still in the middle of the sky and delayed its setting for almost a whole day. There was never a day like that before or since, when the Lord obeyed the voice of a man, for God was fighting for Israel" (Joshua 10:13).

The man God obeyed was Jesus, and the word "almost" in this prophecy tells us how close the time has come. That is why the signs and symbols of scripture have begun to crash into the substance of current history with such increasing frequency. The time the ancients searched for is now. The age we live in is momentous and charged with anticipation for the return of the Lord.


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