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A Brief History of the House of Israel
Abomination of Desolation
Academy of Jamnia
Adam & Eve, clothing
Age of the Pagans
Ahab - Militant Leader of Israel
Alexander the Great
Alexander.the Great Returns
Al Mahdi
Allegory of the Eagle ­ Ezekiel
All Saints Day
Altar of Sacrifice
America's Statesmen Abandon God
Angels (chained at the Euphrates)
Anointed One Cut Off
Anointing of Oil
Antiochus IV Epiphanes

Apocalypse of Isaiah
Apocalypse (Book of Revelation)
Apocalypse (The Four Horsemen of)

Apocrypha - 14 Books of the Apocrypha
Apostles - List of Twelve
Apostle's Creed
Architects of Wormwood
Army Leaders of Judah
Ark of the Covenant
Arab & Jewish Treaty
Asia Minor
Assassination - High Priest
Assassination - Pharaoh of Egypt
Attack at Noon
Attack of Pharaoh

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Babylon (Ancient Babylon)
Babylon (Who Is Babylon?)
Babylon the Great
Babylon (God sends us to)
Babylon (fall of)
Babylon (History of)
Babylon (How the Exile Ends)
Babylon (replaces Eden)
Babylon - Spiritual Babylon
Babylon (the last days of)
Babylon (rescue from)

Balaam and Balak
Baptism of Water
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Baptism (mark of)
Baptism ­ Why?
Bar Kokeba

Beast (as Dragon)
Beast (as Gog)
Beast (& the False Prophet)
Beast (death of)
Beast (of Berlin)
Beast (mark of)
Beast (seven heads of)
Beast (statue of)
Beast (worldwide authority of)

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Behavior (a higher standard of)
Belly of the Dragon
Bible Codes
Bible (Jesus corrects)
Bible's Online - Look up Quotations
Big Bang
Biography of the Prophets
Black Sea
Blindness of the Jews - Paul commentary
Blindness of Jews ended by proclamation
Blood Sacrifice - God hates

Book of Life
Book of Rememberance
Book of Revelation - Prophecies
Book of the Law (the Torah)
Books of the Apocrypha

Born Again
Bread of Heaven
Bridegroom (Jesus)
Bride of Christ
Bride of Christ (Isaiah 54)
Burning Lake

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Calendar ­ Hebrew
Camp of the Saints
Captivity of Babylon
Captivity of Egypt
Chained Angels at the Euphrates
Chamber of Hewn Stone
Chosen Race
Christ as Bridegroom
Christian Soldiers
Christmas and Hannukah
Christmas Lights
Church - Is Church Necessary?
Citadel of the Temple
City of David
City of God
Clay Feet (Nebuchadnezzar's Golden Statue)
Clothing - Adam & Eve
Cloud - Jesus Leaves, Returns
Cloud - Darkness Covers Earth
Christian Church Attacked
Code of the Apocalypse
Code (Secret Codes of the Bible)
Comet Hits Russia
Comet - Sign of

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Commandments ­ Luke
Commandments ­ Matthew
Communion (Holds back the Wrath)
Communion (Paul's treatise on)
Compromise at Sinai
Confederation of the Medes
Conversion of Rome
Cosmic Bombardment
Cosmic Signs in the Heavens
Councils of the Church
Covenants Exchanged
Covenant (mark of)
CPR of God
Creation (Made by Jesus)
Creeds (Church Creeds)
Cross - Mark of
Crucifixion - Isaiah's Prophecy
Crucifixion Psalm
Cup for Elijah
Cup of God

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Dame Folly vs Wisdom
Daniel Chapter 7, the Second Coming of Christ
Daniel's Book Outlined
Daniel's Book Unsealed
Darkness Covers the Earth

Day of Atonement
Day of Reckoning
Day - like a thousand years
Days - (1290 days; 1335 days)

David ­ the City of
David's Dynasty
Day America Spurned God (The)
Death of the First Born
Desecration of the Altar
Desert of the Nations
Disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant
Disaster Donations - Relief Agencies
Disaster From the North
Doctrine of the Trinity
Dragon (Imprisoned in the Abyss)

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Eagle ­ Allegory of (Ezekiel)
Early Ingathering
Earthquake - Great Quakes of the End Predicted
Earthquakes - Cause of
East Wind
Eastern Kings
Eden and Babylon
Edict of Milan

Egypt - Exodus
Egypt - Outposts at the Euphrates Prophecy
Egypt - Pharaoh's Attack

Eight Fountains of Forgiveness
Eighth Gate (of Jerusalem)
Eighth Head of the Beast
Elijah (the Cup of)
Ephraim and Manesseh, Allegory
Esther, prophecies in
Eternal Life ­ Offered Only by Jesus
Eviction (of Jewish Temple Stewards)
Evolution and God
Euphrates (Angels chained at)
Euphrates (War at)
Exchange of Covenants
Ezra's Wall

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Facts and Quotes
Faith vs Works

Fall From Grace
Fall of the City of David
Fall of the Towers of Babylon
Fall of the Wall
Fall of Western Civilization

False Prophet, the
False Prophet & the Beast
False Prophets, Many
False Prophets - How to Recognize

Fatal Wound that Healed
Fatima Prophecies
Fatima ­ Q&A
Fatima ­ The 3 Secrets

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Far North
Feast Days
Feast of Dedication
Feast of the Tabernacles
Feet of Clay ­ Nebuchadnezzar's Statue
Festival of Lights
Fig Tree Withered
Final Exam
Fire (world ends in)

First-born must be redeemed
First Fruits
First Wife (of God)

Flesh - as clothing
Flesh - not evil
Food of Heaven
Food of Moses
Food Sacrificed to Idols
Forgiveness - Eight Ways to Achieve
Four Angels at the Euphrates
Four Empires of Persia
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Four Horsemen ­ Another View
Future - What is Next?

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Gates of Jerualem
God and Jesus are One
God Calls His Son out of Egypt
God's Name
God Speaks Greek to Israel
Gog and Magog
Golden Gate
Goodnews Home Page
Goodnews Ministry Table of Contents
Governor of Sanctuary and Covenant
Great Prostitute
Great Revolt
Greek - a foreign language
Gulf War

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Handed Over to Satan
Handwriting on the Wall
Hannukah Scarlet Who Rides the Beast
Harvest Ends
Heads of the Beast
Hebrew Calendar
He-Goat and the Ram
Herod's Temple - empty
Herod's Temple ­ Ezekiel's Prophecy of Vespasian & Titus
Highest Heaven
High Priesthood
History of the House of Israel
Hitler, Adolph
Holy City of God in Heaven
Holy Days
Holy Spirit Speaks through Prophecy
Horsemen of the Apocalypse
How the Scriptures Were Chosen
Husband ­ God as Husband (Isaiah 54)
Hymn of the Elders

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Idols - food of
Immanuel (His names)
Imperial Rome (Reincarnation of)
Interesting Facts and Quotes
Isaiah 24 ­ The Apocalypse of Isaiah
Isaiah 52/53 ­ Isaiah's Prophecy of the Crucifixion
Isaiah 54 ­ The Bride of Christ
Israeli Settlements - Jeremiah's Warning
Iron Sceptre

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Jeremiah - The Exchange of Covenants

Jerusalem Captured
Jerusalem (God leaves)
Jerusalem (History of)
Jerusalem (In Heaven)
Jerusalem (Ingathering)
Jerusalem (Successive Devastations of)
Jerusalem (John's Vision)
Jerusalem (Under Seige)

Jesus Conquers the World
Jesus Created the World
Jesus stands in for His Father
Jewish Army
Jewish Calendar
Jewish Proclamation - Ends Blindness to Christ
Jewish State in Palestine
Joseph an Allegory of Jesus
Joshua Sun Prophecy
Jubilee Year
Judah Restored
Judgment - Last

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Keep to what is Written
King (Jesus as king of the Jews)
Kingdom of Heaven
Kingdoms of the North & South
Kings of the East
Knowledge Comes to Nothing


Last Days - Are We In Them Now?
Last Judgment
Last Judgment According to Daniel
Last Supper

Law ­ Freedom From the Law (Apostolic Edict)
Law Concerning Vows
Law Court of Christ
Law of Moses Complete in Christ

Laying On of Hands
Lebanon ­ the Destruction of
Letter to the Seven Churches
Levites, (Low priesthood)
List ­ 14 Books of the Apocrypha
Lost Tribes of Israel
Lower Sea

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Man in White
Mark of Christ
Mark of the Beast
Marriage of God
Media and Persia
Mene, Mene, Tekal & Parsin
Mennorah (The Mosaic Temple Lamp)
Messianic Prophecies ­ The Prediction of Jesus in Scripture

Michael the Archangel the East Gate
Millenium (of Christ)
Missing Ark
Money lenders (driven out of temple)
Monster of the Sea
Moses ­ Law Completed in Christ
Moses (the seat of)
Moslem Messiah
Mortal Wound

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Name of God
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
Nebuchadnezzar's Golden Statue
Nero's Reincarnation in Parthia
Nero Puts Peter, Paul to Death
Nicene Creed
Nicolaitans, teaching of
No Sacrifices in Sinai
No Temple in God's City
North - Return from


O'Hare Decision (The)
Old Testament Passing Away
Old Testament Prophets - A Biography
One Day Made Into Two
Orphanage.­ Father Dayalan Sanders
Ottoman Empire
Outer Tent

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Pairs by Opposites
Parables - All
Parthians.In Scripture and Prophecy
Passover (and its allegories)
Paul, Governor of Sanctuary
Peace Treaty
Peg in Firm Place Torn Out
Perpetual Sacrifice
Persecution of Christians
Persia & Media
Persian Decree Ends the Babylon Captivity
Pentecost (the Feast of Weeks)
Pentecost (the Peace Treaty Begins)
Pentecost as Wall of Grace built in 52 Days
People of the Flood
People of the North
Peter, crucified
Peter, Priesthood of
Pharaoh (attacks the departing Israelites)
Politics of God

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Prayer - Need for
Prayer - Power of
Prayers of the Saints
Priesthood in Two Parts
Priesthood of Peter
Prince of Persia
Persian Decree
Prison (Satan in prison
Proclamation - Ends Jewish Blindness
Proclamation Ends Babylon Captivity
Proclamation - Constantine
Proclamation - Cyrus
Proclamation - Theodosus

Prophecy - Bible's Most Powerful Prophecy
Prophecy - God Tells the Future in Advance
Prophecy ­ and the Holy Spirit
Prophecy ­ United States In
Prophets - A Biography

Psalm 22 (The Psalm of the Crucifixion)
Psalm 23 (The 23rd Psalm)
Psalm 74

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Questions Current
Questions 2006
Questions 2005­all.
Questions 2005­January to June
Questions 2005­July to December
Questions 2004
Questions 2003-January to June
Questions 2003-July to December
Questions 2002
Questions 2001
Questions 2000
Quesitons 1999
Questions 1998
Questions 1997
Questions 1996


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Rainbow ­ Sign of the Covenant
Ram - Two Horns of
Reconciliation Offered
Rebuilding Jerusalem
Rebuilding the Temple
Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem
Redeemed (Law requires us to be)
Relief Agencies ­ Disaster Donations
Repentance Essential
Resurrections - (Two Resurrections)
Return from the North
Revelation, Book of
Revolt - The Great Revolt
Reward by Behavior
Rise of the East
Rite of Atonement - must be performed by the son of the priest
River of God ­ 7 Streams
River of Life
Robber's Den
Rock of Abraham - The Temple Mount
Rock of Peter

Rome - Capitol of Babylon
Rome - Early Christian Leaders Executed
Rome - Nero's Return
Rome (Tyre)

Royal Priesthood
Ruins of Jerusalem

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Sacrifice - Altar of
Saints, Victory of, According to Daniel
Salvation of the Pagans
Sassanid Empire
Satan (Handed Over To Satan)
Scarlet Beast Imprisoned
Scripture, cannot be rejected
Scriptures - How Chosen
Scroll With Seven Seals

Sea (and Rahab)
Sea (God Parts the Sea)
Sea, (the Lower Waters)
Sea (monster of the Sea)
Sea (will vanish)
Sea (will roar)

Seabed Revealed
Sealing the 144,000
Seasons Changed
Seat of Moses
Second Coming According to Daniel
Second Death
Second Trouble
Secret Codes of the Bible
Secret of the Seven Stars
Secret to Powerful Prayer
Seljuk Turks
Separation by Language
Separation of Church and State
Settlements ­ Jeremiah's Warning

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Seven Bowls (of God's Anger)
Seven Churches
Seven Churches in Flight
Seven Heads of the Beast
Seven Hills of Babylon
Seven Horns and Seven Eyes
Seven Lampstands
Seven Seals
Seven Stars
Seven Streams & the River of God
Seven Thunderclaps
Seven Trumpets
Seventh Head of the Beast

Seventy Years
Seventy Weeks
Shanghai Alliance ­ Ten Nations?
Ships of Kittim
Signs in the Sun and Moon and Stars
Sign of Christ in the Sky
Sign of Jonah
Sinai Compromise
Six Thousand Years
Sixth Head of the Beast
Soldiers, Christian
Song of the Four Animals
Soviet Union
Space Shuttle Crash
Spirit (The substance of the spiritual world)
Spiritual Sacrifices
Statue of the Beast
Sun Sets at Noon
Sun Stands Still
Symbolism (When Symbolism & Reality Collide)

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Tabernacle of the Testimony
Tabernacles (Feast of)
Table of Contents ­ Site
Tau (Sign of the Cross)
Teaching of the Nicolaitans
Template of Moses
Temple, rebuilding of
Temple - Not a Robber's Den

Ten Commandements
Ten Horns
Ten Nation Confederacy
Ten Nations ­ More Prophecies
Ten Nations? ­ Shanghai_Alliance
Ten Tribes of Israel (the 'lost' tribes)

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Testimony of God
Theodosus Proclamation
Theophany at Sinai
Tidal Wave ­ Fr Dayalan Sanders Saves Orphans
Third Day
Third Heaven
Three Hebrew Feast Days
Three Heavens
The Third Day
The Thousand Years
Thousand Years to Man is a Day to God
Titus and Vespasian
Torah, described
Torah - not binding on Christians
Torah - passing away
Tower of Babel
Towers of Babylon
Treaty of Peace between Jesus & Babylon
Tree of Life
Trial (the Last Judgment)
Tribes of Israel - List and Map
Twelve Tribes of Israel
Twenty-four Elders

Two Houses of Israel
Two Priesthoods
Two Prophets - Two Witnesses of God
Two Resurrections
Two Wars of the End
Two Worlds

Tyre (In History & Prophecy)
Tyre (Relationship to USA)

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United States in Prophecy
United States as Tyre?
Unleavened Bread


Valley of Jehoshaphat
Vatican (assaulted by the Beast)
Vespasian & Titus
Victory of the Saints According to Daniel
Vows, the law concerning

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Wailing Wall
Walls of Jerusalem - 52 Days

War Against the Saints
War - Satan Mobilizes the World for War
War - two wars of the End

Warning - A Time of
War at the Euphrates
Waters of Creation
Wedded Wife
Wedding Garment
Weeks - 70
Weeks - Feast of
Western World Abandons God
What is Next?
Whip (Jesus wields whip in temple)
White Robes
Wickedness (its temple in Babylon)
Wickedness (Statue of)
Wife of God
Wife's Vow Nullified
Wisdom vs. Dame Folly
Woman & the Dragon
Woman in the Bushel
Word of God (Creation made by)
Words of the Holy Spirit
World Conversion
World Ends in Fire
Wrath (The)
Wrath (Held Back by Communion)

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Year - 70

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