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January to June, 2003



January 1, 2003

Why did Jesus say "Whoso readeth, let him understand" in Matthew 24:15? What does that mean? -JK


The phrase is an interpretation alert. It is the only one in the New Testament. In fact, it is the only alert of its kind in the entire Bible. Like flashing yellow lights at a crossing, it is a major caution alert. And because it is the only one in the Bible, its significance is profound.

Christ's alert refers to the Book of Daniel. It involves the "Abomination of Desolation".

First and foremost, His alert tells us that many people will not recognize the abomination when it occurs because they will be looking for it somewhere other than where it happens. Almost everyone will be looking for it in Jerusalem ­ in the Jewish temple. We have already shown why it cannot occur there (see footnote).

We must look for it in relation to Jesus Christ, not Moses. It will relate to Christianity's perpetual sacrifice, not animals on a Hebrew altar.

Jeremiah said that when "...the Woman goes looking for her Husband again", it will involve something entirely NEW on earth (Jer. 31:21-22). Moses is old. Christ is new. The in-gathering is not about an old Jewish nation rebuilt.

In God's Gospel, the in-gathering is spiritual and relates only to Jesus Christ. The new Jerusalem is situated in heaven, not Palestine. When we apply everything we read in scripture (every prophecy) to this new reality, the truths hidden in the prophecies pour out like the Niagra. This applies just as much to the words of Daniel.

The very fact that Jesus has sent us to the Book of Daniel in the first place is the second significant point of the command to 'understand'. It means that Jesus has validated Daniel's prophecies. He has defined the events of the end of the world in Daniel's visionary chronology.

In that validation, He sends us to a 'sealed book' (Dan. 12:9). In other words, no one could understand Daniel's words until the time of the End had arrived. This is something else we need to understand. People have been reading or hearing Jesus' prophecy in Matthew 24 for over 19 centuries. But the time of the End was in none of those centuries. Throughout all that time, Daniel remained a sealed book. Now things have changed.

We have come to the age where the pages of the Book of Daniel have been thrown open.

The prophecies in Daniel are among the most significant visions in scripture. But they all relate to events destined to occur when the time for the end of the world arrives.

In Daniel 7:9-14 we are told that Jesus is equal to God in authority over man. That validates two parts of the prophecy of the Trinity. Daniel describes in detail Christ's coronation as our King ­ the moment when God crowns Him in equality and hands over to Him sole authority over all mankind:

"Thrones were set in place and one of great age took his seat...a court was held and the books were opened. I gazed into the visions of the night, and I saw, coming on the clouds of heaven, one like a son of man. He came to the one of great age and was led into his presence. On him was conferred sovereignty, glory and kingship, and men of all peoples...became his servants. His sovereignty is an eternal sovereignty which shall never pass away, nor will his empire ever be destroyed..." (Dan.7:9-14).

Because it has remained for so long a sealed book, all the prophecies in the Book of Daniel have to be 'understood'. An outpouring of that understanding is taking place now.

It involves not just the 'abomination of desolation' and the elimination of the perpetual sacrifice, but also the ships of Kittim and the two-pronged war between east and west in the prophecy of the 'he-goat' and 'ram'. The book tells us that Daniel's visions relate to the last days. It reveals the comng assassination of the Christian Holy Man when the era of tribulation is ushered in, and the trampling of the Church. It describes the four attacks on the western world by the armies of the East during the age of Christ. It tells us that the age of rebuilding (spiritual Jerusalem) will be a time of trouble. Daniel tells us that the seals on vision and prophecy have to be set before the end can occur. He tells us about the beast and the ten nations and their attempt to change the calendar. He tells us that the beast will honor a militant god of force and use the people of an alien god to defend his sanctuaries. He tells us that this beast will die in a catastrophe. He talks about Michael the Archangel, the victory of God, the last judgment and much more. All these things have to be 'understood'.

Opening Daniel opens in turn, the Book of Revelation. All the prophets follow in tandem. That is why we have entered an age of prophecy unknown across the previous centuries. Most churches, established in the millenial tradition (during the age of the rule on earth of Jesus Christ) are hostile to this reappearance of prophecy. It is to this attitude as well, that the command to 'understand' is directed.

(See also, Chapter 26 of the 'Last Days of Babylon')

January 8, 2003

Why make prophecies if they are ordained to happen anyway? What good does it do? -NN


Prophecies are warnings. They are ordained only if the warning goes unheeded. Jonah was sent to Nineveh with a prophecy of its destruction, but after hearing what was coming, the city repented and God withdrew the prophecy. Jonah did not understand his purpose and was upset that God didn't do what he said.

It is the same with prophecies today. They only come true when they are not heeded.

January 8, 2003

What church do you represent? Who gave you authority to make prophecies anyway? -NN


It is God's wish that everyone prophesy. That came from Moses. In Numbers 11:16, Moses appointed 70 elders in the camp to be prophets and help him in his duties for God. When two more people outside the camp who were not 'anointed' also began prophesying, the others went to Moses and asked him to stop them.

Moses refused. Instead, he praised these two prophets and said he wished everyone in the camp could do the same; everyone in the entire House of Israel.

Jesus built the New Testament on the template of the old. He affirmed this passage of Moses when He also chose 72 and sent them out to preach. The fact that He appointed 72 rather than 70 shows that the two "outside the camp in Moses' time were legitimate and necessary as far as God was concerned. Jesus included them as a part of the whole, confirming what Moses had said and done.

The Holy Spirit told me that "outside the camp" meant "outside the churches". Prophecy intended for all churches at the same time would have to be preached outide the churches. That is the church I represent. Christianity itself.


January 10, 2003

I am sorry but I am still confused. Please tell me EXACTLY what Babylon is. -JO


Babylon is the "world government of Satan".
The "world government of Satan" is paganism.
Bible prophesy says it has seven heads.
These are the seven governments and leaders who have declared war on the House of Israel.
John said that five of them were before his time.
He said that the sixth was there while he was writing the Book of Revelation.
He said the seventh would come later but his reign on earth would be short.
When Christ came His Word delivered a mortal blow to Babylon.
Pagan Rome was overthrown.
The "world government of Christ" replaced Babylon.
It has reigned on earth for almost 2000 years.
During that time, with Babylon mortally wounded, no 'head' of Babylon existed.
Instead, the world lived in the reign of Christ.
That changed with the 20th century.
Adolph Hitler, the seventh head of Babylon appeared.
He made terrible war on one of the two Houses of Israel.
The seventh head's appearance meant the mortal wound had healed.
Suddenly Babylon was back ­p; it was rising from its deathbed.
The word 'Christmas' has been outlawed. 'Holiday season' has replaced it.
The future is obvious.
The "world govrnment of Christ" is being overthrown, just as Daniel predicted.
Paganism is flourishing. But it has a euphemistic new name ­ secularism.
God doesn't found His prophecies on all the national borders men set up and change around all the time.
He focuses on two cities. Two governments.
God's government (Israel) has two houses: Christians and Jews (Ehpraim and Manesseh).
Daniel tells us that Babylon has an 8th head as well. But it is one of the previous seven.
Babylon is to be destroyed by the kings of the East.
At the head of the kings of the East the Bible says, will be the 'king of Persia'.
Capturing Babylon's capitol city, he will declare himself the 8th head.
His edict will end the Diaspora.
His desolation of the perpetual sacrament will bring the Wrath.
The world government of Satan will end in fire.
The two houses of Israel will reunite.
Christ will return in glory and God will rule in favor of His people.
The last judgment will take place
Those who are chosen will follow Christ into His new eternal kingdom.

January 11, 2003

Could North Korea be the start of the 4th Persian Empire? -SG


It is obvious that the 'kings of the East are stirring now.

President Bush has labeled North Korea as a key player in what he termed the eastern "Axis of Evil". They are closely aligned with Iraq and Iran, two other nations the president named.

In the prophecies, the 4th Persian empire correlates with a people called the Parthians. Geographically that would include Iraq, Iran, the areas bordering the Black Sea, parts of Russia, Afghanistan, etc. Just where those borders will finally stretch to no one can tell yet. It will be far, though. The prophet Joel called its armies "...a vast and mighty host, such as has never been before, such as will never be again..." (Joel 2:2).

A symbolic roll-call of nations involved in this fourth empire can be found in the 38th chapter of Ezekiel. The word "north" and "far north" figure prominently in his list.


January 15, 2003

My church teaches that the temple has to be rebuilt in Jerusalem before Jesus can return. Is this true? - BA


The temple has already been rebuilt. Jesus is the temple of God.

The Hebrew temple is based on the slaughter and sacrifice of animals.

I do not foresee the Jewish leaders erecting such a structure in Jerusalem. It would be completely contradictory to the New Testament. It is certainly not foreseen in the prophecies. What is foreseen in all of the prophecies is the temple called Jesus.

Also foreseen is an ingathering coming in two parts.

The first wave of settlers are allowed to return before the edict from the Prince of Persia is issued, so they exist under special circumstances described by the prophet Jeremiah. The conditions being that they stay strictly inside the borders prescribed and that they pursue peace, not mobilize themselves for war.

According to prophecy, the first wave will meet failure and defeat because they don't listen to God. The second will unite both Houses of Israel.

This means Bible prophecy shows a preliminary ingathering occurring during the Diaspora, not ending it. That means no temple can be built in Jerusalem at the present time. Not until the Persian decree. The treaty was made by God through Jesus so it is completely binding on the entire world. No one is exempt from its terms, and its terms say Jesus is the temple.

Trying to erect a new temple in the middle of all this unrest could not succeed anyway. No only would God forbid it, it could not be structured on its former (and only) site, the Rock of Abraham. The Muslim 'Dome of the Rock' sits there now. Given current sentiments and terrorism, any attempt to try and wrest this site from the Muslim community, tear down the mosque and put a Hebrew temple in its place would precipitate world insanity immediately. The project could never even be started.

Two thousand years ago, the temple of Herod was built in anticipation of the coming of the Messiah. It was a vacant house. The Ark of the Covenant was missing. So, too, were the stones of the Ten Commandments. In this empty condition it sat waiting for the One who was to bring inside it a divine core. The caretakers of that house rejected the divinity when it came to take its place there. They would not allow Him in, and so the empty shell was torn down. It will never be reconstructed. Instead, it was rebuilt inside the bodies of all who bring Jesus into their hearts. It was placed in the soul. Paul said:

"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been purchased at a price. Therfore glorify God in your body." (1 Cor. 5:13-20)

The ingathering is spiritual. All who come to God have to do so in terms of heart and soul. That is the whole lesson in all of this. The ways of the past have been toppled. They will never be repeated. To go backwards and think in terms of temples and Mosaic rituals is to return to blindness. That is the whole purpose of Christ. He took us out of blindness and gave us sight.

Jesus did away with animal sacrifice forever. Who, in this present day could ever think that the flesh of a slaughtered animal, lying on the fire would produce a smoke that wafted up into the nostrils of a God pleased by the scent? The whole idea of a divine barbeque of sacrificed animals is repugnant to both man and God in today's world. That is because Jesus changed the way the world thinks.


January 16, 2003

I have a question about chapter 6. Who is Sheshak (the last nation Jesus is to be preached to)? -JY


It is Iraq.

Most Bible scholars associate Sheshak with Babel. That seems to place it in the southeastern part of the Fertile Crescent, west of the Euphrates river, in association with ancient Babylon; i.e., somewhere in Iraq.

This implies a western presence in Iraq immediately before the kings of the East make their final assault. Jesus could not be preached in such a hostile and solidly Muslim country unless the current government there had fallen into western hands.

When the "king of the Medes" (forerunner of the prince of Persia) attacks Babylon (see Jeremiah 51:11-12), his forces will cross the Euphrates and overrun the western outposts there. Here symbolism and physical reality unite. The East's attack on symbolic Babylon will begin in historic Babylon.

This assault will bring to power the "ten-nations" and their eastern armies soon to be governed by the "prince of Persia": the the man of darkness ordained to officially end the Diaspora. (For more on this, see footnote)


January 23, 2003

Please explain to me about the two women in the Book of Revelation. JO


They are symbols of "motherhood".

In Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation, the "mother" of the world government of Christianity is described.

In Chapter 17, the "mother" of the world government of Satan is described. The Bible calls her "Babylon". The word 'Babylon' is a physical (earthly) symbol. The Book of Revelation portrays her as a prostitute.

The opposite image of Babylon is Mary, the woman that gave birth to Jesus. That is the image in which John glorified her in the Book of Revelation, calling her the mother of all Christians (Rev. 12:17). Because she gave birth to Jesus Christ (Righteousness personified) Mary symbolizes the "motherhood" of the world government of Christianity.

When the 'world government' of Christ rose to power in the first century and overturned the 'world government' of Satan, the Bible called the blow it delivered against Babylon, a "mortal wound".

The 'world government' of Christ lasted almost 2000 years.

At the end of those years, when the appointed moment had arrived, the mortal wound began healing. "Babylon" (the 'world government' of Satan) started to rise to power again.

The healing of this mortal wound has taken place in what Paul has called 'the Great Revolt". That revolt is western civilization rejecting governments centered on Christian ethics, and returning to the official embrace of materialism, decadance and immorality. The revolt includes all the sexual and material excesses that have characterized this last century. It is a moral revolution that has changed the basis of governmental ethics.

Officially sanctioned abortion, homosexuality and loose pornographic regulations are just a few of the characteristics that highlight Babylon's sudden return to power. Offical antagonism to anything "Christian" or religious is another. All of these are recent developments, and they are not just American ethical changes, they can be seen spreading throughout all of western civilization.

These two opposing philosophies are also represented by two cities. Thus Babylon, the prostitute, is headquartered in a symbolic city of the same name on earth, while Mary, the mother of Jesus, resides in the symbolic city of Jerusalem.

Daniel has shown that an eastern empire with religious overtones and a connection to Persia will rise and burn down Babylon (the world government of Satan). At the same time, it will also deliver a "crushing blow to the power of the holy people" (Dn. 12:7). The power of the holy people is the world government of Jesus Christ.

This eastern 'Persia' of the last days will obliterate Babylon, but before it has a chance to completely annihilate the people of faith as well, God will intervene and return in great glory with all the angels of heaven. Then will occur a great judgment and eternal life for those who have persevered in their faith.

January 23, 2003

Is the beast going to come from Iran? -MC


Not according to scripture. At least he won't rise to power from there. According to Daniel the madman will arise from a new country not yet founded. This will occur in an area around the Black Sea. He will take power of a ten-nation empire that combines east and middle east. The ten-nation confederacy will apparently center itself around the biblical concept of Persia (2 Chron.36:21). Daniel calls the person commanding this ten-nation confederacy the "fourth king of Persia" (Dan.11:2; see also Dan. 7:23-25).

The beast will surround himself with people that have some sort of religious affiliation (Dan. 11:38), but Daniel cautions that it will be a religion not based on the beliefs of their ancestors. It will be new.

Great armies and wars and changes of national boundaries will precede the beast's appearance, so nothing that is of today can be easily identified in terms of the prophecy's understanding. It is obvious, however, in Daniel's prophecy that a future country the Bible calls 'Persia' will play a significant role in the overthrow of western civilization (both Babylon and the Church).

The western civilization destroyed by the east will be constructed of two contrasting parts: Babylon on one side and the Church on the other.


January 24, 2003

God is good. He cannot send all the evil things you write about. -J


The catastrophe of the last days comes from Satan and sin, not God. What comes from God is the warning ­ and with that warning, a lighted path of escape ­ a road leading to certain safety.

Death is Satan's doing, not God's.

It is God's will that everyone who believes in Jesus Christ shall have eternal life. (John 6:40).


January 24, 2003

All of God's people will be raptured into heaven before the tribulation comes. -J


If that is true, where does this saying come from:

"Then they will hand you over to be tortured and put to death; you will be hated by all the nations on account of my name. And then many will fall away; men will betray one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise; they will deceive many, and with the increase of lawlessness, love in most men will grow cold; but the man who stands firm to the end will be saved." (Matt.24:9-13).

Or this:

"Forces of his will come and profane the sanctuary citadel; they will abolish the perpetual sacrifice and instal the disastrous abomination there. Those who break the covenant he will corrupt by his flatteries, but the people who know their God will stand firm and take action. Those of the people who are learned will instruct many; for some days, however, they will be brought down by sword and flame, by captivity and by plundering. And thus brought down, little help will they receive, though many will be plotting on their side. Of the learned, some will be brought down, as a result of which certain of them will be purged, purified and made white ­ until the time of the End, for the appointed time is still to come." (Daniel 11:31-35).

The Church will remain intact until Jesus returns, but it will be subject to great travail (tribulation) by a world that rejects its message in the last days. Jesus said that all the powers of the underworld would not be able to destroy it.

"You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church. and the gates of the underworld can never hold out against it." (Matt. 15:18).

What is to be crushed is the "power of the holy people" (see Daniel 12:7). This power is the world-ruling dominion of the Church which began in the first centuries of Christianity (especially after the Roman emperor Theodosus ruled that Christianity should be the world's ruling spiritual philosophy). That power remained for almost 2000 years until just this last century when the return of paganism (secularism) began a process to replace it as the ruling philosophy on the world's governmental throne. The beast of the end will attempt to conclude that process when he tries to exterminate the Church completely by force.

His efforts will succeed only in ending completely the world-ruling power of the Church. He will not succeed in terminating Christianity itself or ridding all Christians from the face of the earth. There will be Christians on earth until the end when God comes and rules in favor of them (Dan. 7:22-23). The allegorical circumstances surrounding this ruling dominate the story in the Book of Esther, especially with respect to its conclusion. The beast will die on his own gallows ­ the gallows he built and intended for the Church.


January 24, 2003

(A letter listing numerous reasons why baptism of babies is unnecessary.)


Baptism is the power to forgive sin.

Everyone born on this earth is born into the captivity of sin. That includes babies. It is a captivity that reflects Satan's stain. The flesh we wear is a part of that captivity. We know that because we cannot see God while we are in this body. Sin is not something that suddenly appears when we turn seven.

In baptism we die to this sinful body of flesh and are born anew into an eternal body that has replaced it. (John 3:5). This is a transformation not to be denied a person because they are too young.

The food that feeds that new body and brings it to fullness and perfect health is the Gospel Jesus preached.

And no one is too young for that, either.

(See "Baptism")


January 25, 2003

Who are the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation? -NN


Peter and Paul. The sackcloth they preach in is the covering of the Bible (see Rev. 11:1-13).


January 28, 2003

The Bible said it was Egypt at the Euphrates not Israel -MC


The prophecy is symbolic. The label "Egypt" has several symbolic meanings in prophecy. One is 'this world' (distinguishing between the people of Egypt and the Israelites called out of it). The Israelites who lacked faith in Moses 'went back to Egypt' to become a part of the latter. They went back to captivity.

Addressing this return to worldly ways, the Bible sees the people of Israel (especially the tribe of Judah) in two ways. Those true to God and those not true to God. The Israelites who lost faith in God and took up the ways of this world (went back to Egypt) are called "Egyptian" and their government, "the daughter of Egypt". (see Ezekiel 30:23-26). Those who keep faith in God are called "Israelites" in prophecy. They are the children of God because they obey God. Disobedience separates us from God.

"The daughter of Egypt is put to shame, handed over to a people from the North." (Jer.47:24).

This is why God instructed the prophets to tell the House of Judah that the appearance of the Messiah would be for them, "a day of darkness and gloom, a day of cloud and blackness" (Joel 2:2), because in their rejection of the Light of God, they would find themselves plunged into the darkness and despair of a Diaspora that would seem endless.

The Israelites granted an early return to Palestine out of that Diaspora were cautioned to pursue peace and tranquility and to stay inside the borders granted them. They were told by Jeremiah that violation of these orders would bring certain catastrophe.

The "Israelites" of God are those who keep these directives. The "daughter of Egypt" will not. For this reason, in terms of symbolism, no Israelite can possibly reach the outposts near the Euphrates defined in the prophecies. Only a symbolic "Egypt" can advance to those positions.

Jeremiah offered proof of this prophecy:

"And here is the proof for you ­ it is the Lord who speaks ­ that I mean to deal with you in this place: so that you may know that the words with which I threaten you will come true: I will hand the pharaoh Hophra, king of Egypt, over to his enemies and to those determined to kill him... " (Jer.44:29-30).

After concluding a peace treaty with Israel (and for that very reason), Anwar Sadat, the president of Egypt, was assassinated soon after. This 'proof' not only verifies the prophecy, but it tells us that the prophecy is for our time, not for the past. It is a sign from God that we and Israel both need to pay close attention to this scripture.

By far, the most important treaty Israel has made is not with Egypt, but with the United States. It involves a military alliance. And that is another symbolic meaning of "Egypt" in prophecy: armed forces. So there are two possibilities with respect to the prophecy you refer to. 1., An Israeli army at the Euphrates in violation of God's orders, and so called "Egyptian". 2., An American army at the Euphrates, called "Egyptian" by virtue of Israel's military and worldly alliance. Current circumstances seem to indicate that both will occupy those lands.

We have seen that all the works of God go in pairs by opposites. Sadat's assassination involved the true king of Egypt. No one can argue the sign given. But this prophecy revolves around a symbolic 'Egypt'. It revolves around a military alliance and military aggression ­ the 'Egypts' of symbolism. That portends a proof still to come.


January 28, 2003

I have committed terrible sins my life. Is there any hope?


Jesus came to call sinners to eternal life. "I rescue all who cling to me; I protect all who know my name." (Ps.91:14). God did not call sinners in vain. Jesus said, "It is not the well man who needs the physician, but the sick." (Mat.9:12). If He created this whole world ­ this entire universe, just to seek out and save sinners, how impossible could it be to be saved?

"He sent his word and cured them." (Ps.107:20).

Only three things are necessary for eternal life. We have to repent of our sins. We must be baptised in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And we have to bring His word into our heart and live by it. Perseverence in this effort is perfection, so stumbling does not destroy us if we ask for forgiveness and get back on the path He prescribed. "I mean to make progress as the blameless do." (Ps.101:2).

We are blameless before God when He sees no sin in us. It is not what we see in ourselves, but what God sees in us that counts. John preached "a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins."(Mark 1). Jesus made this a perpetual fount that streams down from the cross. It is the Holy Spirit flooding down on us like the river Jordan constantly washing over our heart and keeping us pure in the sight of God.

"Happy the man whose fault is forgiven, whose sin is blotted out; happy the man whom God accuses of no guilt, whose spirit is incapable of deceit. All the time I kept silent, my bones were wasting away with groans, day in, day out; day and night your hand lay heavy on me; my heart grew parched as stubble in summer drought. At last I admitted to you I had sinned; no longer concealing my guilt, I said, 'I will go to God and confess my fault'. And you, you have forgiven the wrong I did, have pardoned my sin." (Ps.32:1-5)

"I will instruct you, and teach you the way to go; I will watch over you and be your adviser." (Ps.32:8)

"Do not be like senseless horse or mule that need bit and bridle to curb their spirit (to let you get near them). Many torments await the wicked, but grace enfolds the man who trusts in God." (Ps.32:9-11)

If we put our whole trust in God and keep His word in our heart, listening to His instruction, we will escape the fate of this earth and live forever! God's promise will come to life in us just as Peter said: "All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved." (Acts 2:21).


January 29, 2003

Your book predicted two Gulf Wars and it looks like you were right.

Why would the book of Daniel be concerned about 2 small wars in Iraq and not address the much bigger conflicts (of our time like) World War II or even Vietnam and Korea?


The Gulf wars are huge as far as God is concerned. They open the doors to Armageddon. Ever since the appearance of Jesus Christ, a 'clock of God' has been ticking off the hours.

The final hour on that clock has been detailed in sequence in the pages of the long-sealed book of Daniel.

That final hour begins, according to his words, with two 'Gulf Wars' fought back to back in succession, both occurring at the 'River' which separates Media/Persia from the western world (the Euphrates) (Dan. 8:1-8). Daniel tells us that the west will be victorious in both of those wars.

But it is not western victory that Daniel's writings concern. His words are about the rise of the East. And these two wars are critical and formative elements in that ascension. The "Pearl Harbor" in the broader conflict underlying these two conflicts was 9/11.

An angel appeared to Daniel and told him his visions were not for his own time; they concered the time of End (Dan. 8:17). By this we know that his words have nothing to do with the past. They are for our time or they are for the future. The rebuilding of Jerusalem, predicted by the Bible for the last days has just happened and it can only happen once. That tells us the time of the End is now.

Because Daniel has written that the two Gulf Wars open the countdown to that End, we now know exactly where we are on God's clock. And it is not a great location to be. These two wars open the door to the "Wrath", the time of world-terror the Bible has been predicting since its earliest days. The Book of Daniel chronicles the rise of the "fourth Persian empire" and unfolds in striking detail the events which carry that empire (and the entire world with it) to the fields at Armageddon.

God has kept the Book of Daniel sealed until now:

"But you, Daniel, must keep these words secret and the book sealed until the time of the End." (Dan. 12:4).

Because we have arrived at the last hour on the clock of God ­ i.e, the time frame Daniel chronicles ­ his book has now been opened to us so that we can see the days ahead and understand them. It is for our faith that God has done this. The days ahead are so harsh that faith will evaporate under the heat of them. But God will rise up victorious at the very end and reward all who have kept the faith of Jesus, with eternal life.

Daniel has opened his prophecies with a vision of Christ's coronation in heaven (Dan. 7:9-14), proving His eternal kingship, and telling us in advance where victory lies.

The fact that we can watch his prophecies come true gives certain proof that his vision of Christ's victory will come true as well, and that our perseverence in faith will be rewarded with salvation.


February 2, 2003

Can you tell me what is the symbolism for the shuttle crash? -HV


That is a qood question. Symbolism in scripture revolves around events that focus on the core concepts of the Bible and its prophecies. The fall of the world towers in New York was in that category because it physically manifested a kind of 'Pearl Harbor' event in the ascent of the "fourth Eastern empire" which the prophet Daniel said would rise up at the end of time to attack and destroy the western world. There is immense symbolism in that. It is a pivotal event.

The fact that man would climb into the heavens at all is well covered in Bible prophecy. Ironically, one relevent verse in particular involves outer space and the towers in the same sentence:

"Were Babylon to scale the heavens, or reinforce her towering citadel, destroyers would still fall on her at my command, it is God who speaks." (Jer.51:53). "Yes, her sentence reaches to the sky, rises to the very clouds." (Jer.51:9).

The timing of Babylon's final demise (the time of the Wrath) comes to a focus in the rise of the fourth Persian empire. The Gulf wars show that we have already entered that unfortunate moment in history's weave. Anything related to this fact has to be seen in context with the significance of that climatic occurance.

Jeremiah's prophecy of catastrophe in the heavens high above the earth is directed specifically to the fall of Babylon at the time of the End. That is the context of the paragraphs within which his sentences reside (i.e., Jeremiah's 51st chapter). A space catastrophe like that just seen would be consistent with his prediction, just as the fall of the towers and the eastern world's attack were, especially since both calamities involved a world crew and both directly involved Israel and the United States. These events portend a falling shield.

So does Jeremiah's ultimate verse a few sentences later:

"Thus the laboring of the peoples comes to nothing; the toiling of the nations ends in fire." (Jer.51:58).

Most striking, of course, is the fact that both catastrophe's are joined together in the same sentence of prophecy.

Jeremiah links the catastrophe soon to annihilate Babylon with three signs: the rise to power of the spirit of the king of the Medes (Persians [Jer.51:11]), the fall of towers and disaster in the heavens. Now we have seen all three occur in rapid succession. It is like the tolling of a clock ­ with bells telling us that fiery reentry is close at hand and that we are all on that same shuttle in symbolism ­ all of mankind.

God has provided an escape hatch in Jesus, but the window for a safe ejection to succeed is almost closed.

After announcing the fiery end, Jeremiah had completed his book of prophecy. He then gave it to his servant Seraiah with the ending shown below:

"Now Jeremiah had written down the entire disaster that was to befall Babylon in a special book, all these words recorded here as regards Babylon. Jeremiah then said to Seraiah, 'When you reach Babylon, make a point of reading out every one of these words, Then say, "God, you yourself have proclaimed that this place will be destroyed, that no one will live here ever again, neither man nor beast, but that it will remain desolate forever". When you have finished reading this book, tie a stone to it and throw it into the middle of the Euphrates, with the words, "So shall Babylon sink, never to rise again from the disaster with which I am going to overwhelm her".' Here ends the words of Jeremiah." (Jer.51:59-64).

The Book of Isaiah (Is.14:12-15) includes another reference to man reaching into outer space. The wording in Isaiah's scripture is very specific and leaves no doubt that outer space is the reference:

"You used to think to yourself, I will climb up to the heavens and set my throne higher than the stars of God". (Is.14:13).

But in this case, the verse is directed quite pointedly at the king of the Medes, the madman (the beast) who is to rule most of the world at the very end (at the height of the Wrath) i.e, "Daystar, son of Dawn". He is called 'son of dawn' because the brief flash of his life in the darkest part of the night is the sign that God is about to rise from the horizon directly behind him. Isaiah's prophecy indicates that the eastern world at least will remain in space almost to the very end, and strongly suggests that the beast will try to erect a throne there. (see also, Amos 9:2).


February 5, 2003

Who are the two olive trees in the Book of Revelation? - MW


When Zechariah defined the offices that would govern the New Covenant, he named only two: the high priest (Peter) and the temporal leader (Paul). These he called the two olive branches that stand before the Lord of the whole world (i.e., before Jesus). Zechariah named them "Cornerstone" ('Peter', of course, means 'Rock'), and "Tent-peg" (Paul was a tentmaker). (Zc.4:1-14; 6:11-14).

The two offices are closely associated in the Christian Church. The priesthood of Peter brings all of us into the unity of God's priesthood. The branching of churches into the seven-church framework (Rv.1:20) that allows the seven 'eyes' of God (Zc.5:10) to search the entire world for lost Christians has been defined by Paul. Paul's definition of the Church structure resides with us in the form of the New Testament, largely written by his hand. The Book of Revelation defines these two in the same terms used by Zechariah as "two olive trees" and also as the "two witnesses" of the Christian era.

Zechariah gives Jesus the prophetic name "Branch" (as does Jeremiah 23:5), saying that "where he is, there will be a branching out". (Zc.3:8; 6:12-13). Jesus defined the limits of that branching when He said that wherever two or more are gathered in His name, there He would be as well.


February 5, 2003

I have noticed that you never address false prophecy or false prophets. How can we identify them? -RNR


By thinking of Jesus Christ as the only prophet. The institution of prophecy that existed as an office during Judaism at the time of Jesus was not continued duriing the reign of Christ.

Scripture was sealed (bound) in the first century. Had prophecy continued as an institution after that date, the Bible would continue to evolve. That continuance was forbidden by God.

As we have shown above, when Zechariah defined the offices that would govern the New Covenant, he named only two, the high priest (Peter) and the temporal leader (Paul). No third office or leader was assigned. The entire government of Christ is based on these two alone. (Zc.4:1-14; 6:11-14).

Throughout the reign of Jesus on earth what we have seen in the absence of official prophets are a stream of Christian writers who explain prophecy under Christ. These have examined the prophecies already in scripture and, under divine influence, related explanations pertinent to their time. It is the same now.

The times have changed and we have entered a new page in history and so the explanations today examine prophecies different than those covered by previous writers. God keeps everything relative to the times that are appropriate.

Always pertinent is the question, 'how to be saved'. Only one answer is needed: 'follow Jesus, precisely in the footsteps He defined'. The second question is, 'Can I put it off?' The answer is 'no, especially not now'. Everything else exists only as a proof of Christ. Everything else exists to shed light on those proofs so that we know that God has kept His word and is continuing to keep His word.

That keeps the warning alive and active.

"I have not sent those prophets, yet they are running; I have not spoken to them, yet they are prophesying. Have they been present at my council? If so, let them proclaim my words to my people and turn them from their evil way and from the wickedness of their deeds." (Jer. 23:21-22).

By tracing scripture's prophecies and showing each fulfillment as it happens, Christian writers help define God's clock. It is these kinds of revelations that fulfill the prophesy of Amos:

"Does the trumpet sound in the city without the populace becoming alarmed? Does misfortune come to a city if God has not sent it? No more does the Lord God do anything without revealing his plans to his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:6-7).

This is why Paul decreed the instruction of prophecy in Christ an integral and lasting part of the developing Christian Church (1 Cor. 14:1-40).


February 7, 2003

Was the space shuttle crash an omen that the United States will be defeated in the coming war against Saddam Hussein? - NN


No. The United States is not predestined to lose. At least, not that war.

The world is following closely in the footsteps of the pattern defined by the prophet Daniel with respect to his chronology of events regarding the last days. Daniel's vision indicates that the western world will win the war against the second horn just as it defeated the first.

"This is what I observed: a he-goat came from the west, having covered the entire earth but without touching the ground, and between its eyes the goat had one majestic horn. It advanced towards the ram with the two horns...and charged at it with all the fury of its might. I saw it reach the ram, and it was so enraged with the ram, it knocked it down, breaking both its horns and the ram had not the strength to resist; it felled it to the ground and trampled it underfoot; no one was there to save the ram." -Dan.8:5-7.

The two horns appear to indicate two wars, back to back, in the same region, both with similar results. The world has termed those wars, "Gulf Wars". There are many reasons to suspect that these two wars as well as Daniel's prophecy apply to our times, not the least of which is it's location: the Euphrates river. In terms of Bible prophecy, that location is crucial and enormously symbolic.

If the shuttle crash is an omen of the war now unfolding, it would have to do more with its implications than its outcome. The implication is that the upcoming war will have much to do with the end-of-the-world process which follows it. It will be a key event in that process. But Daniel has already indicated that. So, in that sense, it is a signal to the world of the times we have just entered.

In that sense, it has been underlined. NASA spokesman Ron Dittemore has stated emphatically that engineers have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that foam breaking off the booster rocket on lift-off and striking the left wing (the admitted problem area of the accident) was not related to the catastrophe that involved the left wing later. This means that the foam, itself, was an omen. So it is an omen underscored with a pre-omen. It is like God saying, 'Look! Here is an omen you need to pay attention to!'.

Omens are often a type of superstition. There is nothing superstitious in the symbolism of scripture, coming as it does in the form of visions of the future preordained by God. In order to label that material (those ordinations) superstition is to crucify the House of Israel. It is the same thing as saying the Bible is wrong. And not just wrong, but a complete lie. That idea is untenable. It is also blasphemy.

That does not mean that only 'visions' are correct and omens are necessarily wrong. Jesus told us flatly that the end of the world would be accompanied by both. He said the earth would shiver and quake (presumably involving a planetary swarm of earthquakes more intense than anything we have seen in the past). He said the seas would become so wild that men would die of fright in anticipation of the inundation portended. He also warned that there would be cosmic signs as well. When we see these events unfold, it portends that statements of fact earlier issued by God and His servants have come to pass.

"Now you are shattered by the waves, surrounded by the seas." (Ez.27:34). "I will make you desolate as any depopulated city when I bring up the deep against you and the ocean covers you..." (Ez.26:19).

"God will arm creation to punish his enemies...the universe will march with him to fight the reckless...the waters of the sea will rage against them. So lawlessness will bring the whole earth to ruin." (Wis.5:17-24).

"I will display portents in heaven and on earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke." (Joel 3:3). "As they come on, the earth quakes, the skies tremble, the sun and moon grow dark...God makes his voice heard at the head of his army...for great is the day of God, and very terrible ­ who can face it?" (Joel 2:10-11).

"There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars; on earth nations in agony, bewildered by the clamour of the ocean and its waves; men dying of fear as they await what menaces the world, for the powers of heaven will be shaken. And then they will see the son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand erect, hold your heads high, because your liberation in near at hand." (Luke 21:25-28).

The last 100 years have unveiled the heavens to the eys of science. The 'signs' there have been enormous. Galaxies are everywhere. We see comets, asteroids, meterorites, and space debris, both natural and man-made in an extraordinary clutter scattered all through it. We now know with certainty the chances that the planet will be impacted in the future by terrifying fireballs from space, some of which carry with them the immediate prospect of wiping civilization off the face of the earth. Will the 'signs' Jesus warned about be greater than what we have just so recently learned? You could probably bet the farm on it.

Is the fiery plunge of the space shuttle an omen? To some, perhaps. It seems to herald world destiny. We seem all to be symbolic passengers. But to those who know the prophecies, it is not superstition. God has ordained that the last days will be accompanied by defined signs. Two of those specifically include the fall of Babylon's "towers" and the hand of God reaching up to drag down from the heavens people who have climbed there.

"Were Babylon to scale the heavens, or reinforce her towering citadel, destroyers would still fall on her at my command, it is God who speaks." (Jer.51:53).

Babylon in scripture stands for a secular western world, i.e., a western world that has abandoned the rule of Christ (Paul defined that abandonment as the "Great Revolt"). In that definition of Babylon, the recent fall of the 'towers' in New York (itself often called "Babylon") and the recent space shuttle crashing out of the heavens in a cometary-like fireball both represent 'world' crews meeting catastrophe. Not only that, but the towers were brought down by people associated with the 'Medes', the very people God has ordained will soon destroy the western world.

"We wore out our eyes, watching for help in vain. From our towers we watched for a nation which could not save us anyway." (Lamentations 4:17)

You may call all these events omens, but they also fulfill statements of fact issued by God. Do they portend the United States losing the war against Iraq? No. But they do signify something far worse: the days of the end of the world are upon us. Unfolding events, long ago predicted, tell us that we have suddenly passed through the gates leading to the horrendous "Wrath" ­ a time of tribulation so intense that Jesus and almost every prophet of scripture have issued dire warnings with respect to it. They have termed it a "reign of violence" unseen on earth since the beginning of man.

"You think to defer the day of misfortune, but you hasten the reign of violence." (Amos 6:3). See also, Zeph. 1:14-18.

"I mean to cause many nations to surge against you like the sea and its waves." (Ez.26:3). "...I am going to hand you over to the sons of the East, they will pitch their camps inside your frontiers, they will settle there." (Ez.25:4).

The scientist Isaac Newton said that in nature every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What we are seeing unfold is the reaction precipitated by the action of the 'Great Revolt'.

"It came through the sins of her prophets and the crimes of her priests, who had shed the blood of the upright in the heart of the city. All through the streets like blind men, they roamed polluted with blood, so that no one dared to touch their clothes...The face of God dispersed them; he never spared a glance for them again. People respected the priests no longer, they paid no attention to the prophets." (Lamentations 4:13-16).

Prophecy is not an omen. Neither are visions that have been divinely inspired. Constantine's vision was the sine qua non of Christian rule in the world. It was a fulcum that moved the entire earth. God predicted that rule. So we can only conclude that God pre-ordained the apparition Constantine saw as well (before a major battle, he saw a vision of a flaming cross in the heavens beneath the sun, and saw the words: "In hoc signo vinces" ["under this sign thou shalt conquer"] He won the battle and in the process brought Christianity out of the catacombs, lifting it all the way up to the throne-room of the world's capitol city itself). The rest is history.

"If a man among you is a prophet I make myself known to him in a vision, I speak to him in a dream. (Numbers 12:6).

If the Bible has been ordained by God, does it matter that there are those who do not believe it? Will an osterich-like approach change anything? Those who turn to Christ will be rescued. Those who do not will have to endure the omens.


(For more see here)



February 10, 2003

Do you think the United States should go to war in Iraq?


Jesus would say 'no', and He would say 'no', emphatically!

The teaching of the Gospel is that we turn the other cheek and put all our trust and prayers in God. But where have all the people of prayer and peace gone? They have disappeared in the Revolt. Peace begets peace. War begets war. "Those who take to the sword" Jesus said, "will die by the sword." That is an absolute.

And what do we see? A people clammoring to make war because they WANT to, not because they have to. It is the most frightening change of policy in American history.

When the Apostles, James and John, wanted to smite the Samaritans, Jesus told them they did not know what spirit they were made of. Jesus is the Spirit of peace on earth. To see what violence in the Middle East the next war will bring all we need look at is Ariel Sharon in Israel.

No. All we need look at are the prophecies of Daniel. He said the times that follow this war will be the most horrendous since man ever populated the planet and will end in the Apocalypse.

There is currently a small faction of Muslim radicals trying very hard to foment war. Most Muslims are peace-loving people who abhor war and want nothing more than to live in peace with the rest of the world. But that is changing. The hatreds engendered by the next Gulf War are going to add enormous fuel to those changes. They are destined to polarize the entire eastern world and bring forth a hatred and resolve that scripture flatly states will end the world. What value is war when viewed in that eventuality?

Nothing good will come out of this war, only death. The United States will win the battle, but the entire world will lose the war. According to Daniel, the western world will split apart forever in its wake:

"Then the (western) he-goat grew more powerful than ever, but at the height of its strength, the great horn snapped, and in its place sprouted four majestic horns, pointing to the four winds of heaven." (Dn.8:8).

Of these four, the small one will grow toward the south and east and toward the Holy Land, and in the process balloon into an enormous power ­ a power destined to topple even the Church and the angels of heaven (Dn. 8:9-12).


(For more on this fracturing of the western world, see 'The Last Days of Babylon', Chapter 5, "The Handwriting on the Wall").


February 16, 2003

Please can someone translate all the people and places mentioned in Revelations into the names today, so it can be read more easily? Eg. Tony Blair and George Bush etc. -FG


God has ordained that all vision come wrapped in such mystery that people names, especially, cannot be ascertained in advanced. This is because He presents prophecy as proof, not as a scoresheet. God uses prophecy as a tool for salvation's purpose. Repentance and conversion are the only goals God is concerned with. Prophecy is not presented to satisfy historical curiousity. Instead it is always offered as a proof of Jesus.

For this reason, while we are allowed to see the overview, we are permitted to fill in the fine details only as they happen. It is after the events take place that we can apply names to the circumstances. These names become the 'proofs' of the prophecies. For instance, we know there is going to be a madman at the end who will destroy the world. We know much about him, what he will do and say, and that his name has a numerical number (666), but his actual name is a mystery and will remain so until the time comes for his appearance. Then (because of his deeds) everyone will know his name and Jesus will have been proved true once again. The same is true with all the other figures of prophecy.

In the meantime, we do well just to define the countries involved ("Kittim", "Persia" or "Israel" for instance) because the prophets almost always give us those names in the form of cryptograms.

In Daniel's prophecies of the last days, he shows that the world will be divided into East versus West and that the east will be called the "North" and that the west will be termed the "South". It is clear now, in retrospect, that the west is the western world. According to Daniel, it's opponent, the east will coalesce around Persia, which will rise to power to challenge all the nations of the west. We can now see that this challenge will be pressed by a violent and renegade people that call themselves "Muslims". These will claim alliance more to Persian Shiites than to the moderate Sunni's. Thus, the Persian connection. But, in reality, they are neither Shiite nor Sunni. They are renegades who behave in no way like their ancestors did. Circumstances, however, will force an enormous block of eastern nations to soon enter their camp.

Daniel talks about the west winning two wars at the Euphrates river in the earliest stages of this confrontation. We now know that these will carry the names "Gulf Wars 1 & 2", and that the United States will be a central figure in these wars. Daniel shows the west focused around Israel and the south, while the east becomes a coalition of the northern nations. This alliance of northern nations, Daniel tells us, is accomplished by a fracturing of the western world soon after western victory in Gulf War 2. We can now see that means a fracturing of the United Nations as well as the NATO alliance. Europe and the United States will break apart. Jesus said a house divided against itself cannot stand. Such is the case here. This division will give the eastern world its opportunity to launch a successful campaign against Europe, sweeping much of it into the eastern coalition of nations ­ soon to become centralized around a ten-nation confederacy.

Prophecy is burgeoning now because the end is close at hand and the door to salvation is closing. Very soon it will be too late for salvation, and then there will be nothing left to do but beat on a sealed door (Luke 13:25). There is still time, but not alot. All these things are happening now because of the "Great Revolt" Paul warned was coming. That revolt has toppled Christian worship from its commanding position atop the political architecture of the west; corroding the shield of grace that could have prevented all the things now unfolding.


February 16, 2003

Are the Jews GOD'S chosen people? If so, does it mean that he loves them above all others? -PS


Yes, the Jews are a chosen people. But there are 12 tribes of Israel, not just one. They are all chosen the same. The House of Israel consists of two 'houses', Christians and Jews. At the end of time they are to be united into one people. The Bible tells us that God has no favorites. In addition to the 12 tribes of Israel, the pagans who attach themselves to Christ are to be counted among the chosen as well. The Apostle Paul said that he was the Apostle to the pagans.


February 22, 2003

if this world was created to imprison the devil, then adam and eve were on an automatic loser from the beginning........have i misunderstood your text? -UN


Adam and Eve were created without impurity. However, that purity was reversed by Satan who quickly imbewed them with his own contaminated spirit. The captivity involves all: both the contaminated and the contaminator. A war broke out in heaven which has now virtually ended in the Lord's favor. At this moment God is offering reconciliation to all who will accept His Son. This offer is being made in advance of the "retribution" for sin which will soon consume both the earth and all on it who refuse Christ's offer.

A new heaven and earth are to replace this one.

February 22, 2003

(Do we have) a fifty/fifty chance of reaching eternal life....? -UN


The chances for salvation are known only to God. Jesus promised salvation to everyone who obeyed His Father's Word. He said it is a "narrow road" that leads to eternal life and few will find it. Those are Jesus' words, not mine, and that is all we know about the 'percentages' involved. The Apostle John said that faith in Jesus is the prerequisite.

February 22, 2003

death of present pope indicates that this is end of christianity?.................your answer appreciated. -UN


Christianity is destined never to end. The beast will "crush its power" according to Daniel, but he will be overturned by God before he has a chance to complete the final evil he has planned (see Daniel 7:9-14).

February 24, 2003

I am trying to do some research on the book of Pslams. Do you know, or can you point me in the direction of during what time period the book of Psalms was written, and who it was written to and for? On a broader scale I know that it was written for you and me, but back then, who was it written for? The people of Israel? Also, Is David given sole credit for writting the Psalter, or are there other contributing authors? Your help in this would be greatly appreciated. NP


Because it is God's reason, we should touch the broader scale first. The Psalms are an enormous repository of prophecy concerning Jesus. As we know, He is the true "David" of all prophecy. That is the real meaning behind the "Psalms of David". They are Davidic, which means they have a spiritual nature that is purely Christ (Messianic).

They were originally created for the Israelites (the 12 Tribes) as a hymn-book. The Temple had cantors from its earliest days, and all its festivals included songs and dances. As a theocracy, Israel centered its songs on God. Even the animal sacrifices were accompanied by song.

Seventy-three Psalms are attributed to David in the King James Bible (84 in the Greek Bible). Twelve Psalms are attributed to Asaph, eleven to the sons of Korah, and one each to Heman, Ethan, Moses and Solomon.

A few scholars feel that these attributions did not mean actual authorship, but were made on the basis of the subject matter. However, it seems certain that the actual hand of King David was intrinsic in a great many of them. He is credited with organizing public worship, including the cantors . Ancient texts describe him "dancing and singing in the presence of God". These descriptions seem to date the majority of the Psalms around 1000 B.C.


February 24, 2003

Will Western Europe be swept into this eastern coalition? Many people today are claiming that Europe is the revived Roman empire that the antichrist will arise from. Do you see this being the case? Who or what is the "small one" that will grow to this enormous power? Will the U.S. stand up to and defeat this power? ­PS


Western Europe will certainly fall into eastern hands. Forces of the Parthian Middle East will occupy virtually all of the European continent. "Babylon" could not be considered conquered if they did not. But the forces that sieze this territory will not originate in the lands they have taken control of. That is obvious. Because they are invaders, they have to come from somewhere else. There is an overwhelming volume of prophecy in scripture that shows an origin both north and east of the Euphrates river.

Mystery cloaks the beast's exact origin. However the data that does exist in scripture seems to indicate a location in association with the Black Sea (i.e., Asia Minor). Adding confirmation to that genesis, he is said to come from the far north. Moscow is due north of Israel and so far north it is practically arctic in nature. A line drawn from Israel to Moscow up to the North Pole would go right through the Black Sea.

The antichrist is the beast. The beast is described in the Book of Chronicles as the "King of Persia". Isaiah says the same. Daniel shows that his association with the Medes will be profound. All the prophets intimate a similar relationship ­ a blistering "east wind". Whatever his country of origin, it is obvious that he will align himself with the "Parthian" Middle East. The probability of a western European origin seems remote. Nothing in scripture attests to that, and so much in scripture testifies just the opposite.

The "revived" Roman empire is well documented in prophecy. But the prophecies show it , too, in terms of an eastern invasion. At the end of time, a Parthian monarch (Paul calls him the "Lost One") will declare war on the Christian Church. Having conquered Italy, he will order the assassination of the Bishop of Christ in Rome and set himself upon the throne, signifying the capture of "Babylon", i.e., the East's victory over the West. He will declare himself a god and greater than any god. At this point, coming as he does at the head of a great Parthian army, the beast will be recognized as the reincarnation of Nero. That alone will constitute revival of the Roman empire. His war on the Church will be brutal. It will encompass all of Europe ­ the entire eastern hemisphere, in fact.

Christianity in Europe is already in precipitous decline. According to statistics released just days ago, only one out of 80 people in England attend church on sundays. There are more Muslims in mosque's on fridays than there are Christians in the pews on sundays. And that is now. In England! When the beast takes power, these numbers will plummet even more dramatically. Christian worship will be declared illegal, punishable by death.

For this reason, the populations still alive in Europe after all the warfare there will be pagan, especially in light of the edict of the beast declaring his own divinity. Owing to this, there will be an outward show of "religious" ferver that will encompass much of the Eastern Hemisphere, but it will constitute a paganism focused on emperor worship. His edict will spread religious paganism to an area stretching from the European Atlantic to the Asian Pacific.

The core of this eastern empire and its focus of power will be concentrated in ten nations affiliated with the Parthian Middle East. Aside from the word "Persia", none of scripture's cryptograms concerning this ten-nation coalition can be deciphered with certainty. One seems to include Russia. Two others will meld into the motherland of the beast, the three apparently combining into the single "Magog" of prophecy.

The land of Israel will not fall under the beasts power or edict because it will remain independent owing to a treaty allowing its temporary autonomy. Two treaties, in fact, will protect Israel during this period. One with the East and another with the United States. But massive eastern forces will be coalescing against it, nonetheless. The "power" that enables this impasse to continue are the "ships of Kittim" (a flotilla of mighty warships from the far west). Obviously, Daniel's prophecies which describe this impasse refer to the naval armada of the United States.

This shows an independent USA. Also a powerful one. In fact, potent enough to block the beast entirely ­ strong enough even to protect Israel, thousands of miles away. That is logical. Anyone attacking the United States would be met with a fusilade of missles so enormous and powerful that world survival would be doubtful in the aftermath. That circumstance is not going to change over the next bundle of decades.

When the beast, pressured by reports coming from the East and North, becomes so worried and frustrated that he decides to throw caution to the wind and test this possibility, the consequences will be terminal. Fortunately that day is still some distance in the future. But the Bible says that it is going to happen before the End. That is why Jeremiah said that all the works of man are going to end in fire. There is nothing but futility in working for anything except Jesus. He is the only escape. That is why we should focus so intently on Him right now. These are circumstances we really do not want to be caught on the wrong side of.


All of this is covered in detail in the "Last Days of Babylon".

See especially, Chapter 22, "Gog, Prince of Magog".

February 25, 2003

Where do you get the idea that Israel will go up to the Euphrates river? My bible says the quotation you give is about Egypt. -P


You are correct. It does reference Egypt (Jeremiah 46).

I interpreted the prophecy by juxtaposing the allegories ­ seeing a militant Israel in terms of its opposition to God's will. Perforce, "Egypt". There is another way to see this prophecy, of course, and that is to accept the allegory without apposition. Interpreting the vision (Jeremiah 44-46) that way is not plausible under current world circumstances. Thus the term 'Egypt' has to be a cryptogram of some sort.

The key to the prophecy lies in its setting (by the river Euphrates), and in the fact that it relates to the catastrophe that begins the destruction that leads to the end of the world (Jer. 45). That places the vision either now or in the future. The recent rebuilding of Jerusalem in the wake of a 2000-year diaspora argues for "now". So do a myriad of other signs; all of them cataloged on the pages of this website.

As a cryptogram, the 'Egypt' in Jeremiah's prophecy, if not Israel, can just as easily be interpreted as the United States (had it referenced the western world, scripture would have used the term "Babylon"). It is under pharaoh's protection, the Bible tells us, that Israel seeks safety through military alliance. Jeremiah tells us that Israel's alliance is with "Egypt" (seeking protection under Pharaoh's wing). Israel is today locked into an inseparable military alliance with the United States. After returning from exile, Jeremiah warns that Israel will turn to Egypt rather than to God for protection with ruinous results.

The whole world can now see the aggressive militancy with which the United States and some of its western-world allies are pushing for an advance to the Euphrates. There are "mercenaries" (Jer.46:21) involved as well ­ but they are Turkish troops, not the "people of Daniel" that the angel talked about (Dan.11:14). However, that inclusion if added to the vision intimates a coming Jewish involvement in the near future.

It is easy to unite these two prophecies because Jeremiah's visions come in reference to the catastrophe that envelops Jerusalem for failing to follow the rules of return from exile dictated by God to Jeremiah and delivered to them both in person and in scripture (Jer. 42-44). That disaster and the eastern invasion pouring across the Euphrates are one and the same.

We will simply have to wait and see how this evolves, but the portent is the same whether the "Egypt" in question is Israel or the United States.

February 26, 2003

Who are the princes of Persia and Greece in Daniel 10:20? -HM


The Book of Daniel is about the end of the world. It is also about the reign of Christ. Everything in Daniel relates to those two circumstances and the times in which they exist. The ongoing Christian war on earth over the last 1400 years has been against a dogmatic Persian religious philosophy born about 600 A.D. in Medina. A guiding tenant of that philosophy is that its religious kingdom has to be established on earth by military force. In keeping with that directive, it has sent three waves of invading forces against the western (Christian) world since its prophet died. These three are described in detail in "The Last Days of Babylon", Chapter 7, 'The Four Empires of Persia'.

The inroads it has made as a result of these three attacks and the dogmatic rule which followed them are enormous. Today, Muslims claim as many adherents (over a billion) as the Roman Catholic Church. Jesus, when He appeared to Daniel made several references to this spiritual warfare, showing that it reaches right up to the angels of heaven. He told Daniel that a fourth "Persian" empire is in the works as well, and that it will be far worse for Christianity than the previous three (Dn.11:2).

The prince of Greece that Christ has to fight against in the quotation you give is the secular western world ­ an empire formed out of a collapsing Christian body racked by revolt against the rule of Christ. This is a reference acknowledging the healing of Babylon's mortal wound.

Jesus' words to Daniel regarding the order of these opponents to God can be found from Dn.10:20 to Dn.11:4. In order, they show, first, three Persian kings; then Greece and finally, the fourth Persian empire. As we write, the first three have already occurred. The secular revolt has been in progress for a little over a century and the fourth Persian empire is now beginning to build.

February 26, 2003

When the United Nations voted to let the Jews go back to Israel, which country in it was the king of Babylon Jeremiah said was responsible for letting it happen? Was it the United States? -HM


No. It was all the nations of the world combined. We know that simply by looking at it in retrospect. All the nations combined to vote. Had more voted no, it would not have happened.

What that shows is the ruling power of the world concentrated in a single democratic body (the U.N.). That assembly, voting in concert, is the "king of Babylon". At least that is the "king of Babylon" today. More than that, it is what the Bible (and therefore God) consider to be Babylon's king during these tumultuous times.

Because of that, the U.N. also has to be the great democratic power in the prophecies that fractures into four parts soon after the second Gulf War ends.

The dominence of the western world which we see in NATO is also reflected in the U.N. Even its capitol building is in the west ­ in the city of New York. That western dominence centers around it's governing philosophy, which is democracy. It was a democratic vote of a body of world kings that gave the Jewish people permission to return and rebuild Jerusalem.

The prophet Daniel, in the same vein, employed the title: "the Great King" when he referred to the world-ruling western power that fractures into four parts, (Dn.11:3-4). Daniel said that king will have so much world power he can do "whatever he pleases". On first sight, that sounds like a current president of the United States, but on deeper inspection it is power of the people of the world concentrated in their national leaders who form the United Nations.

The United States can pretend it is a Lone Ranger in the world, but the reality is, only the United Nations has the power to hold the world together under current politics. That is the Great King of our times. And Jeremiah proved it (Jer.42:11-12).

Most likely God referred to the United Nations as "Babylon" because it represents western philosophy: Democracy. In the United Nations we see East and West united in a single body under democratic rules ­ rules which are, of course, western. The idea of Democracy was born in Greece.

NATO is similar to the U.N., but different. NATO is a division. It only combines one portion of the world's kingdoms ­ the western world. So NATO reflects a West versus East alignment. The United Nations does not. In the United Nations, the two are combined.

We can see why it is so important that these two bodies remain intact. A united NATO defends the western world. Whereas a divided NATO is a western world divided against itself, and thus subject to Christ's ruling ("a nation divided against itself cannot stand"). An intact United Nations represents a coalesced world, working diplomatically in the will of all. A divided U.N., brings back chaos, because it annihilates diplomacy. That means world war..

And, of course, the Bible tells us what is going to happen.

March 3, 2003

My pastor says that the stories in the Bible are literal but you talk about them as metaphores. Are they literal, too? -BN


I assume you are speaking of the stories in the Old Testament.

Are the parables of Jesus literal? There must have been fishermen casting their nets in Christ's time and farmers tilling the soil and powerful men sending out servants on missions, but are any of those things the circumstances Jesus was talking about?

God's purpose in bringing us the Bible was for Jesus Christ. Nothing else. New Testament, Old Testament, both the same. In every word of the Bible there are messages to us from God. Everything about this world is explained there; even many things about heaven. But these revelations are not for all. When the disciples asked Jesus about His parables He told them He was speaking to them in metaphore because He was bringing them a hidden dispatch that was not for all ears. He said the parables masked the truth so that only those with "ears to hear" could comprehend God's message to them.

It is the same with the Old Testament. The stories there all have a real basis, just like the parables, but the meaning behind them is the true message of God. However, only those with "ears to hear" are able to hear those communiques. To everyone else, just as with the parables, the stories remain literal.

The Old Testament is not greater or more holy or more sacred than the New Testament. Just the reverse. The Old Testament does not have its own rules. Jesus Christ, who has lived with the Father since before the world was ever made, orchestrated both (John 1:1-10; 8:57-58). And both the same way. And both for the same single purpose ­ the salvation only available through Christ's hidden message. That salvation is not in the Old Testament (John 6:32-35); proof that the Old Testament exists only for Jesus and His hidden message (the Good News) and purpose (John 6:54).


March 3, 2003

I do have a question on two things ­ one is the clothing of the flesh on Adam and Eve when I read the Bible all I see is that they were clothed with animal flesh please send me some more information so that I can understand this a little bit better. My second question is I am having trouble finding where there is three heavens if you can please help me with this one also. -TJ


The quotation about the third heaven comes from Paul who wrote in Second Corinthians the following:

"I know a man in Christ who, fourteen years ago, was caught up ­ whether still in the body or out of the body, I do not know; God knows ­ right into the third heaven. (This person) was caught up into paradise and heard things which must not and cannot be put into human language." (2 Cor.12:2-4).

As for the clothing of Adam and Eve, Jesus taught that God is Spirit, not flesh and blood. We are spirit, too. Our soul is spirit. But in this world we are covered in a body of flesh ­ the flesh of this world. It is like clothing God has put on over us.

Quoting Jesus, Paul said that flesh and blood cannot enter the new kingdom God is building in heaven. So God is replacing this body (this clothing of flesh and blood He has put over our soul) with a new spiritual body (a new clothing over our soul) that is eternal and doesn't get old or diseased and die like the animal clothing does.

"Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, and the perishable cannot inherit what lasts forever." (1 Cor.15:50)

This new body is invisible to us now, but when we are raised to eternal life in heaven, it will be as tangible and visible to us as our current flesh body is now.

The lesson relevant to this in the story of Adam and Eve is that we must wear a clothing over our soul (our soul cannot remain naked) and God has to make that clothing. When Adam and Eve tried to make their own, it didn't work.

March 5, 2003

What makes you (us) right and the preterist wrong? The preterist are the one's that believe all prophecy has been fulfilled... I guess I'm asking for your opinion more than an explanation. I realize what separates to the two camps. My point is;Why now, Why us? Let's face it wars and rumors of wars have been going on for centuries. Along with disease, famine, fornication, earthquakes, etc. I realize the frequency rate, but isn't it all-relative? Because of the knowledge we possess?


If all prophecy had been fulfilled there would be no tomorrow. The fact that an unknown future exists, argues for the continuation of prophetic analysis. In fact, it demands it.

There is a line at the end of the Book of Daniel, spoken to him by the angel of God, which reads: "Daniel, go away (no more questions): these words are to remain secret and sealed until the time of the End." Due to a world not yet ended, this verse leaves us with two choices: either the End is happening now or it still lies in the future. Either way, the secret words in Daniel's writing have outlived the preterists. So on the basis of the Book of Daniel alone, prophecy has not disappeared into the archives of history.

As far as famines and so forth are concerned, there are two circumstances unfolding today that are unmistakeably new, but widely prophesied for the Last Days. One is the rebuilding of Jerusalem (spiritually in Christ, but, since 1948, physically as well). The other is a western world ruling the earth under the banner of Christ for almost 2000 years, suddenly severing that relationship. Almost all governments have publically disavowed the spiritual banner of the Church in recent years, bringing back world-wide political secularism. Both of these circumstances are pivotal elements in scripture's end-time visions.

The "Why us, why now" lies in the "Revolt". See 2 Thes. 2:3-12. Faith in Christ imparts a shield of grace; both to individuals and to nations. It wraps the believer in an armor of protection that nothing can penetrate. But that shield dissolves when faith and grace dissolve. According to Paul, the "Revolt" that he predicted for the Last Days is that dissolve.

In the United States we can see the warfare of that Revolt in attacks against God in the courts, schools and government. In Europe the success of similar assaults have inflicted erosions far worse. Many European nations now sport Christian populations under 10%. That is why Persian apocalypse now stirs at the Euphrates.

March 7, 2003

In his book "The Inner Christ" isbn 0-232-51759-2 John Main shows how to personally experience Jesus/the Father........this appears to be a direct acceptance of the "internal" kingdom of heaven...where does this "contact with god" through meditation, fit on your...description of where we are going in these end times...thanks -UN


Jesus taught that the kingdom of heaven has a true existance in and of itself in the heavens. It is not on this earth. Meditation does not put us in heaven. Heaven is not a place that exists in our minds. The mind is a product of this world, and like a tape recorder, erases on death. All it takes for that to happen is an absence of oxygen. Meditation has value, but the mind is not divine. Jesus laid out with precision the steps necessary for us to get into heaven. They involved feeding the poor, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and especially forgiving all enemies. That is how we get into "contact" with God, according to Jesus. We have to do it in contact with our neighbor.

March 9, 2003

I have a question about the placement of the millenium that seems to point out an inconsistency. Rev 20:4 states that those who have not received the mark of the beast will reign with Christ a 1000 years.

Rev 13 shows us that the mark comes from the beast who will be active only in the last days: He causes "that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live." This is of the same beast that the Harlot woman of Babylon is riding. These two circumstances of Rev 20:4 and Rev 13 are not compatible with the idea that the millenium is present time (or just passing.) We have been experiencing the Age of Grace, or God's unmerited favor (even toward the World because of, and for the sake of, the Church.) The Age of Grace is now passing - the time which God has allowed for repentence and salvation, so I guess it is a matter of "a rose by any other name." The Kingdom of God is present within us. We, the Christian overcomers, will reign with Him forever, and this from the time we are saved. We do not suffer defeat as the World understands it, but are victorious in the clothing of eternal life from now and evermore, if we continue on to run the race of faith.

Would love to know your thoughts on this. JK


The analysis I give of these prophecies is only a guide. There are many different ways to see these visions. The one you offer is well known and may very well be the one most accurate. The one I offer is not inconsistent, but it is a little different. It addresses the paradox of eternity vis-a'-vis the limit of a thousand years. Small point, to be sure.

Probably the most disconcerting part of a future thousand-year reign as far as I am concerned is that it means the planet will have to go through this entire tribulation with Satan all over again a thousand years from now (Rev.20:7). That seems pointless and also a double dose of scary. Two tribulations? A "second-coming" of Satan??

I find it easier to envision the "Harlot Babylon" as the pagan world resurrecting itself out of the death-bed Jesus consigned it to (with the sword of His Word) when He gave world power to the Christian Church for the purpose of creating an Age of Grace on earth.

I see that "Age of Grace" as the thousand-year reign of the Church (almost doubled by the benevolent grace of God ­Joshua 10:12-14). Satan has been kept imprisoned during that period for the sake of the salvation of the children of God, but in the resurrection of the Harlot from her mortal wound, Satan is released and in that release, he returns the "Harlot of Paganism" to world power.

That brings great tribulation, but it also brings the Second-Coming of Jesus Christ.

This interpretation follows scripture, but it makes the thousand-years an earthly event. It gives us only one Satanic rebirth (which we can see now in progress) and, at its conclusion, it takes us directly to eternal life in heaven; not to a temporary way-station where the earth awaits Satan's second-coming a thousand years from now.

The future will show us which of these outcomes it is to be. You have already described the parts most important and I heartily agree with you.

March 10, 2003

I was reading through some of last years Questions...and found this from a reader posted January 29, 2002:

January 29, 2002 Question: Will the trade towers be rebuilt?

Answer: Scripture says no. The word 'bare or naked rock' is used, indicating perhaps a concrete platform of some kind to replace the towers:

"They will destroy the walls of Tyre, they will demolish her towers; I will sweep away her dust and leave her a naked rock." (Ez.26:3-4).


In light of the new unveiling for the rebuilding plans where do you think this fits in the scheme of things? - GB

"NEW YORK - A cluster of sloping, angular buildings with a 1,776-foot spire that would be the tallest in the world was chosen Wednesday as the blueprint to redevelop the World Trade Center site. Architect Daniel Libeskind's design beat a plan by an international design team known as THINK, which envisioned two 1,665-foot latticework towers straddling the footprints of the original towers, said a source familiar with the selection."


Good question. First, while the building has been approved and its design chosen, I don't think it has yet been funded. That's a big "if". Our country is in a virtual economic collapse. three years ago the national debt was zero. Today it is almost 2 trillion dollars and we are facing a war predicted to perhaps double those trillions to four. That portends a runaway inflation that would send the ultimate cost of the new tower soaring. On top of that there are over a million American's unemployed. Economically the times are as perilous as any this country has ever faced. The states are all broke. I will be very curious to see if they can fund this project under circumstances so economically dire. The original trade towers were white elephants as far as office space leasing was concerned. They could not find renters to fill the vacancy's and that was in booming economic times. The duration, deathrate and cost of the coming war are certainly going to be key issues in this equation as well.

Also, I am not that familiar with the design but I think I heard that "ground zero" (the actual site of the original towers) was to be left a park or memorial of some kind to those who died there, with the retaining wall that blocked the Hudson River from the basement of those towers, the marker for that memorial. Does that mean the new design is scheduled to be near the naked footprint of the original tower, but not actually on it? I don't know.

If they do build that new tower it will be a welcome relief. It will mean the economy didn't double-dip into depression; the war was short and cheap; bread will not be selling for $100 a loaf, and European and world anger cooled enough to allow all of our multinational corporations to continue selling to a receptive world community, thus keeping our GNP strong and the United Nations and NATO intact. I would be ecstatic to see that. It would forstall the prophecies.

In the meantime, the barren stone "footprints" envisioned by the prophets continue to sit there, prone witnesses to the truth of scripture.

March 11, 2003

After viewing the only tape found this week that survived the space shuttle disaster, it occurs to me that God wanted us to see it. By divine providence, it is the only image to survive. Why? What foreboding does it portend?

I believe that the astronauts in it represent our "civilization" and the fire into which we are about to be entering. The passengers thought that they were safe, that everything was going well. The space shuttle crew were well prepared for the re-entry phase of their mission. They were going about their business in a very casual and relaxed manner, unable to know of the horrible devastation that they are about to experience. They felt, like we feel, that they would overcome the dangers of their mission.

Isn't that just where we are today? We think that the wars, plagues and natural disasters that we as a people currently face are dangerous, but overcoming them is well rehearsed, almost routine. We are confident in our abilities to conquer. But in this tape, it appears that God is saying to us, there is coming a fire from which you will not be able to overcome. And, it is only moments away. Only God knows what the next few moments will hold. Even the extremely smart men and women who engineered the shuttle could not save them.

This tape also seems to symbolize a passing from one "world" to the next. We have to go through the fire in order for God's end times plan and Jesus' second coming to be fulfilled. The passing of our civilization through the "fire" will surely be destruction of our physical bodies.

It makes me ask, am I ready for what God has in store for me in the future? The thought of such a fiery ending is horrifying. But, I trust that my God will be with my family and me, and that our spirits are safe with him.

Your thoughts on this subject are greatly appreciated. -A


The survival of the tape is amazing. Only 17% of the space shuttle has been recovered; and every one of those pieces ravaged by the splintering forces that tore the ship apart and the white-hot fires of a tumbling re-entry. And out of all that, a fragile videotape with its last few violent minutes benevolently burned off? Your observations seem prescient.

A sign like that (and its timing) seems designed for the nation and its leaders. It came at a moment when our country is throwing God out of its pledges...

"For the nation or kingdom that refuses to serve you shall perish, such nations shall be utterly ruined." (Is.60:12)

...and preparing to invade a country in violation of the United Nations and world opinion. The timing of the omen seems crucial. It is, itself, like a piece of foam crashing into the left wing of national policy. It came like a fiery comet blazing across the skies which in ancient times was seen as a sign universally interpreted as a foreboding of impending disaster. And it portrayed a catastrophic governmental miscalculation. They had plenty of warning, including e-mails and memos from their own scientists and ignored them all. So sure of themselves they were, they didn't even bother to look.

We know where the road ahead is leading from Christ and scripture. The signs physically confirm those warnings and, as you say, show how close it all is now (because the last days are the time of re-entry, the ultimate "Jubilee" when scripture says everyone has to return to his original home, and everything that belongs to God has to be returned to Him). With a creation made soley for the Church and its purpose, we have just passed the "New Year" of the third millenium and entered the "Lent" of real--time. We can be sure the Easter of the Second Coming is not far ahead. It is forecast for early in the "third day".

Prophecy has no power to save. All it does (by coming true) is prove that Jesus is true. That bolsters faith. Salvation comes from Christ's anointing (the Gospel brought by the Holy Spirit). In that anointing is all grace and perfect peace. He keeps us safe. The skies can fall down, but if we trust in Him, God will bring us safely to His new kingdom.

There are warnings in prophecy, but they are there for those who disbelieve. Despite the signs they continue to work against His will. If the signs were not there, scripture would not be fulfilled. But since the signs are there, it is, and they have no excuse.

If NASA had looked at the "signs" given to it in the first few moments of lift-off, a different outcome would have been possible. And I suppose that, too, is a part of the warning.

March 12, 2003

Has there always been this much focus on prophecy just before a war? I don't remember so many people talking about it before, even the newscasters on TV. I find it unsettling. -GB



You have to ask yourself why we are seeing such an enormous body of prophecy unfold now when World Wars I & II which seem to us far more important were so lightly covered. Korea and Vietnam? Nothing, except "wars and rumors of wars". Adolph Hitler was the "Seventh Head" of the Beast, yet his coming and going are only lightly touched in scripture. How could events so large be virtually overlooked while volumes of prophecy in the Bible concern itself with our times, times that seem so incidental and minor?

The only answer is that we are at the "Rubicon" of world history right now. The events we are watching unfold are pivotal with respect to the end of the world. We are about to turn right down Main Street. Crucial and irrevocable decisions are being made at this moment (as we watch) that will have enormous influence on the world and on its termination.

Fusing the Muslim world into a single purpose, this war will give rise to an eastern force bent on destroying the western world. A vicious monster is about to be unleashed in the East, a monster we will have helped create.

The signs are telling us in no uncertain terms that we should not pursue war in Iraq. At least, not now. Those signs, starting with the fall of the towers and the circumstances surrounding the space shuttle right through the financial red lights and the overwhelming clamor of the world community are chilling.

Never before has the United States pursued an unprovoked war against an unwilling combatant. And with such obsessive vengeance. Yet it is a vengeance not shared by the people and governments of the rest of the world. We are pursuing this alone, crashing through stop sign after stop sign on our way to the front. Mimicking the disregard surrounding the foam striking the shuttle, the miscalculation seems palpable. A "damn the torpedo's..." attitude pervades everyone.

And there it all is, chronicled almost step by step in the prophecies. It's been there for thousands of years quietly awaiting this crucial moment in time. It is the Euphrates ­ the "Rubicon" of Daniel ­ and we are about to cross it.


March 18, 2003

I have received several questions lately regarding hell, and what it is like there.


Hell is death.

"Anyone who believes in the Son has eternal life, but anyone who refuses to believe in the Son will never see life: the anger of God stays on him." (John 3:36).

Hell is not simply being out in darkness somewhere, cut off from God; it is not being at all ­ the ultimate vanish. There seem to be different ways the execution is to be carried out, ranging from simply never waking up again all the way, the Bible says, to a fiery pit of burning sulphur (Rev.21:8; Luke 19:27). i.e., A horrid "death-row". But, regardless of the degree of agony associated with it, the result is the same ­ the termination of life.

We know from the moment we are born into this life that we come into it wrapped in the cloak of a death sentence. It is something we struggle to avoid as long as we can but the execution can only be deferred so long. Everybody dies. There is a message in this universal circumstance.

What God has brought us up to witness is a palpable reality of the truth that underlies earth's terror: the death of our soul ­ the death of the reality of who we really are. Jesus called this underlying awfulness the "second death". He did not reveal this as a warning, but as a truth. This is why Jesus is so important. In Jesus, God has given us a way to escape finality. That is why He is called the "Good News". The good news is that we don't have to die. Not ever. Jesus offers eternal life ­ life forever and ever in a new body; in a new world.

When Jesus overcame death, He overcame hell.

He is the governor's Son. He has come into the prison, right into death row, with an offer of reprieve to anyone who will follow Him out.

It is popular in mythology to portray hell as a place of being, as a sort of alternate type of eternal life where conditions are less than ideal. But that portrayal is wrong. Hell is an execution chamber. Jesus has come to get us off death row. Whether we choose to follow Him or stay where we are, the decision is life or death.

"You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world. I have told you already: You will die in your sins. Yes, if you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins." (John 8:23-24).

This is why it is so essential to be baptised and struggle to live in His Truth. The reward is permanence.


March 18, 2003

The moment the world witnessed Jerusalem being rebuilt in 1948, notice was given that the "Last Days" were close at hand. The prophesies of the Bible have steadfastly maintained that Jerusalem would be rebuilt at the time of the End. That is because Jerusalem is the "gallows" of God. All the nations are to be assembled there for the Last Judgment. Mark Twain, only 100 years of so ago, wrote that Jerusalem was a sleepy and forgotton village, decrepit and virtually abandoned except for sheepherders. With its rebuilding, all that has changed. Jerusalem has, indeed, become the focus of the world's attention and a magnet for the world's armies. The flow of history has altered course and is now cascading into and around that hallowed city.

For those who study scripture's prophecies, Jerusalem's rebuilding meant one thing: the Book of Daniel was about to be opened. From the time it was written, and according to its own terms, the Book of Daniel has remained a sealed document, divinely locked until the last days arrive. Searching that book we knew that it was soon to divulge its secrets. After all, Jerusalem had been rebuilt. It has been over fifty years since the first nails were driven into its scaffolding.

At the time of the first Gulf War I wrote in "The Last Days of Babylon" and for this web page that if a second such war occurred, back to back with the first, and situated at the Euphrates river, it would verify the unsealing of Daniel's prophecies. It would be certain proof that the world had arrived at the end of time, because Daniel's book maintains that those two wars are the opening events in the final inexorable chronology leading to the return of Jesus. That seond Gulf War means that the reprieve of peace structured in Christ's treaty with Babylon has reached its last moments.

That second Gulf War is now upon us.

That means the "fourth Persian empire" which Daniel warned would terrorize the earth and consume it in its final moments, is now beginning to form. The time for repentance is very very short. Everyone who has not already done so needs to drop what they are doing and restructure themselves in the Gospel of Christ. There is no time for recriminations or hand-wringing. It is time to act.


March 26, 2003

Now that the second gulf war is happening what comes next? -BB


The breakup of the United Nations.

The best place to look for these events is in the Book of Daniel. The Book of Daniel chronicles the last hour on the clock of God. His book is (to paraphrase a popular term) the 'tick-tock' in broad terms of the final hour leading to the end of the world. Daniel doesn't list everything, of course, but he does outline the major events in that progression. For over 2000 years his book has remained sealed because the last days had not begun. The 'Gulf Wars' have opened those pages and removed the seals. We know that because the two Gulf wars begin Daniel's sequence of events chronicling the rise of the fourth kingdom of Persia, the hammer destined to shatter "Babylon", and, according to the Book of Revelation, commit its remains to the fire (Rev.17:15-18).

In Daniel's chronology what follows the second Gulf War is the breakup of the United Nations. The Bible seems to tell us that the king of Babylon and the United Nations are identical.

A prophecy in the Book of Jeremiah whose occurrance we have witnessed (the rebuilding of Jerusalem in the last days) directly involves the hands-on approval of the king of Babylon. Jeremiah states this categorically. In real time, that approval came from the United Nations. Had any nation in the group approving Jerusalem's rebuilding changed its vote, the modern nation of Israel would not have occurred. This tells us that the "king of Babylon" (according to the Bible) was, in 1947, the United Nations:

"Do not be afraid of the king of Babylon any longer; do not fear him for I am with you to save you and deliver you from his hands. I will take pity on you, and move the king of Babylon to pity you and let you return to your native soil." (Jer. 42:11-12).

In other words, the 'Babylon' that God moved to take pity on the Jewish people was a united democratic coalition of the world's nations acting in concert with one another.

According to Daniel, that world unity of Babylon will fracture soon after the end of the second Gulf War. At that point, Babylon will splinter into four distinct coalition spheres ­ "scattered to the four winds", as it says ­ creating a four-fold fragmentation of all the nations encompassing the U.N.

We could see already the elementary phases of this fracturing, even before the second Gulf War was launched. The leading architect of that war has termed the United Nations irrelevant. This rejection is a mortal blow. All that remains is a quieted disintegration of the cohesion of its participants.

Four coalitions of nations will appear in the wake of the collapse of this world body. Daniel says that the smallest of these four coalitions (of nations) will grow itself into a ten-nation confederacy. He has described it as Persian in nature ­ the fourth in a series of Persian empires ­ similar in some respects to the previous empires, but far more militant. It will be enormously ruthless. When it is fully grown, it will attack the western world. That assault will confront the west at the Euphrates river, and breach it in a swift and deadly march south.

Before that happens many skirmishes and battles will occur. This is a foggy period in the prophecies with uncertain chronologies, but it seems certain to involve the earthquakes in diverse places and the roaring of the oceans defined in prophecy. The Book of Revelation tells us that these roaring "seas" stand for the people. In other words, it tells us there will be world-wide riots, with screaming mobs and burning flags in the streets most likely. These riots will encompass the entire earth. We have already seen these in their elementary phases.

Then will come the eastern attack. It will subjugate a large portion of the western world ­ much of the eastern hemisphere, in fact.

Later, this same ten-nation confederacy will rearrange itself slightly and attack a second time, but on this occasion, the man at its helm will be the "beast" himself. He will usher in the end of the world, bringing to final completion the words of Revelation 17:16-18

Suddenly, in the midst of horrendous disaster, Jesus will appear, bringing with Him the Last Judgment; compelling every person who has ever lived to be brought before the throne of God to answer for all the deeds of their lives. Some will be given everlasting life and others will not.

All these things have been prophesied in advance so that every person in the world who watches these pre-announced visions unfold in sequence will stand in awe and quickly convert and be saved.

That is what should happen. But the prophecies say it won't. Instead of converting, the world's people will only stiffen their resolve to rebel as they curse God for sending them such misery.

April 11, 2003

I find it difficult to take your descriptions of future events seriously at your web page ( when the historical information you post, the truth or falsity of which is easily verified, is so very wrong. How can I trust the other information, which appears to be speculative, when the historical information is clearly wrong? Here's the wrong passage:

"A peaceful coalition still exists in Israel today. But at this point they can barely be seen. They were much more visible a few years ago before an Israeli militant assassinated the leader of the peace movement, former Israeli Prime Minister, Menachim Begin. The candlelight peace vigil Begin was attending (and directing) at the moment of his assassination, showed a camp of Israeli's now virtually invisible."

Prime Minister Begin died peacefully in his sleep in the 1980s. He was never assassinated. Perhaps you were referrng to Yitzak Rabin. But the fact that you did not get this vital piece of information correct tells me the rest of your research is equally flawed. You make quick assumptions and speak out of turn, it seems to me. ­CW


You are absolutely correct. The assassinated Israeli peace minister was Yitzak Rabin. The mistake was typographical, not academic and it has been corrected. However, history itself has spoken and proved a major premise of that page incorrect as well. As it turned out, Israel had no involvement in the western advance to the Euphrates. The "Egypt" of the prophecies turned out to be America alone.

The essential question remains, does Jeremiah 46 relate to current events or not? We stand by our assertion that it does, and that the circumstances for its fulfillment are now well under way.

Western victory in the second Gulf War is now obvious. Actually, in terms of Daniel's prophecy, the term "Gulf War" is never used. Daniel speaks of two wars in succession at the Euphrates River (Dan.8:5-7). So, actually, in Bible terms, these might better be termed "River Wars".

The Euphrates is a most significant river. Just the mention of it has stopped Christian conversation in its tracks for almost 2000 years. That is because it is the crucible out of which flows the Bible's end-time visions. Not only is it the setting for the two wars we have just witnessed between the western "He-Goat" victorious over the eastern "Ram", it is the place Daniel lived, dreamed and wrote from.

It is the river he said the eastern world will roll across in its terminal conquest of Babylon. It traverses right through Babylon. That ancient city lies only a few miles south of Baghdad. It is the river into which Jeremiah threw his book of prophecies, signifying the enormous importance of that river in the completion of all that he wrote. It is the river at which the Book of Revelation tells us the four angels have been chained up by God to protect the rebuilding of Jerusalem. It is the river, John wrote, that the "kings of the East" will be loosed across at a fateful moment in the tomorrow's of time to bring down the entire civilized world in a relentless march to Armageddon.

That is the river the United States now finds itself astride at this strategic juncture in the history of prophecy.

There are many Christians who say they feel no need for Bible prophecy. Yet, God has blessed us with this instrument of faith in enormous abundance. It winds all through scripture like brilliant veins of crystal embedded in the matrix of the rock of faith. Jesus spoke often of the "Law and the Prophets", the term He used for the scripture that defines the Divinity. Theology and prophecy are intricately webbed together to such a degree that they are often synonomous.

Those who may feel scant need for Bible prophecy at this point in their lives almost certainly found it essential at some point earlier in their Christian development. Prophecy is the only "proof" the Christian world has ever been given of the truth of Jesus Christ. God announced His coming beforehand, and then, when the moment was appropriate, He appeared! We have the prophecies issued in advance, we have the fact of their fulfillment, and we have the results. They all match perfectly.

Now we have seen such a match occur again. The second horn of the ram has fallen. It is another bell tolling truth. It is another pre-announced gate through which the world has passed. And it marks a further point of passage on the crucial roadmap in God's Atlas of journey's to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It guarantees that Daniel is now ­ that his words have dramatically evolved into current history. Everything is going by the Book, and that means Jesus has proved true even again. Who can still argue the nearness of the reappearance He promised?

April 15, 2003

You knew the prophecies that this war was inevitable, so how come you write an editorial against it and call for peace? That's two-faced...See how wrong you were. It was our destiny to win in Iraq and depose its evil dictator. It's like Joshua smiting the Canaanites. -JH


The prophecies say what the prophecies say because they tell us what is going to happen. The entire end-time vision is filled with warfare and violence, but that does not condone this wickedness. Whatever the world does to the contrary, Christians are called to live in the commandments of Jesus Christ and obey them all. Even in the end-times.

"Happy are the peacemakers: they shall be called sons of God." (Matt.5:9).

"Remember, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; so be cunning as serpents and yet as harmless as doves." (Matt. 10:16).

Paul explained that God tolerated the Hebrew's wickedness and brutality only because they did not know better, but he said that God had set a day for the world to be judged and that kind of violence was no longer acceptable.

"God overlooked that sort of thing when men were ignorant, but now he is telling everone everywhere that they must repent, because he has fixed a day when the whole world will be judged, and judged in righteousness, and he has appointed a man to be the judge. And God has publicly proved this by raising this man from the dead." (Acts 17:30-31)

And as far as the destruction of Baghdad is concerned, don't you see what you are witnessing? It is symbolism taking place before your eyes, heralding the future. It is Babylon falling to the forces of war, destruction, fire and plunder. It is Babylon being utterly destroyed.

Yes, we have won the war, but look what else we are seeing. Live on TV in front of the whole world come the pictures and sounds of the start of God's sacrifice, there at the Tigris, by the river Euphrates.

"Jeremiah...said to Seraiah, 'When you reach Babylon, make a point of reading out every one of these words (of prophecy). Then say, 'Lord, you yourself have proclaimed that this place will be destroyed, that no one will live here ever again, neither man nor beast, but that it will remain desolate forever'. When you have finished reading this book, tie a stone to it and throw it into the middle of the Euphrates, with the words, 'So shall Babylon sink, never to rise again from the disaster with which I am going to overwhelm her'. (Jer.51:61-64).

Iraq is the handwriting on the wall of Babylon.

Lament for the museum of antiquities in Baghdad. The history of Babylon has been destroyed as a sign of what is to come. The national library is in ashes. Past and future are being erased. The prophecy of Babylon's final destruction has come to its own time. We have entered the gates of the tribulation. Everthing that Babylon stands for is to be burnt to the ground in like fashion.and destroyed forever. Past and future gone in a rampage. Like the museum of Babylon in Baghdad, nothing will be left.

There by the river Euphrates it is ancient Babylon in the throse of destruction ­ a mirror of what is about to come to greater Babylon. It is Babylon fortelling Babylon. The time has come for Jeremiah's words to play out. It is the reason his book was thrown into the Euphrates. It is the beginning of what is to come.

"Thus the laboring of the peoples comes to nothing the toiling of the nations ends in fire." (Jer. 51:58).

We are passing through one of history's great portals on the road to Armageddon. The end is not now, but it is close. This is an enormous sign. And it comes in an age of signs.

"Then the earth trembled and writhed, for the Lord's plan against Babylon was going forward; to change the country of Babylon into an unpopulated desert. The warriors of Babylon have done with fighting, they have taken to their strongholds; their strength has gone: they are like women now, Her houses are on fire, her gates are shattered. Courier follows close on courier, messenger on messenger, to tell the king of Babylon that his city has been stormed from every side: the fords occupied, the bastions burnt down, the fighting men thrown into panic." (Jer. 51:29-32)

Courier on courier? No need for prophets. Try Walter Rogers, Christianne Amanpour, Nick Robertson, Robin Wright, Brent Sadler and countless others twenty-four hours a day..

"I will punish Bel in Babylon and take from his mouth what he has swallowed, In future the nations will stream to him no more. The wall of Babylon has fallen., Get out of her, my people; save your lives, each one of you from the fierce anger of Yahweh. But do not be faint-hearted! Do not take fright at rumors hawked round the country: one rumor spreads one year, next year another follows; violence rules on earth and one tyrant cancels out another." (Jer.51:44-46)

"You who have escaped her sword, get away, do not wait there! Remember Yahweh in that distant country, let Jerusalem be on your mind." (Jer. 51:50).

Muslims and Christians both believe in the kingdom of God. Mohammed however taught that the kingdom had to be spread by force, and maintained by force. He regarded Christianity as weak and inneffectual primarily because of its insistance on Christ's proclamation that it must be spread through peace. To turn the other cheek in Muslim circles is unthinkable. This difference is the line in the sand that separates these two mammoth religious powers. It even separates Christians from Jews. On one side we see the likeness of Mother Theresa and on the other, checkpoints and armed guards with machine guns at the ready ­ societies in which love is held hostage.

The universal symbol of love is the dove of peace. That is the Jerusalem that must always be on our mind. That is the distant country to which we must escape. Peace and love cannot be separated. Jesus taught that war is always the enemy of peace: "Those who take to the sword will die by the sword", he said. This is the mirror law of heaven: whatever we put out comes back to us in full measure. If we put out peace, peace will return to us, but if we put out war, then war will return instead.

And when we see it come in it's final framework, the prophecies of scripture tell us we need look no further than the Euphrates river.

"I will rise, he said, and drown the earth; sweep towns and their inhabitants away!...Now, this is the day of the Lord God, a day of vengeance for his revenge on his enemies...Yes, the Lord God Almighty has a sacrifice to make in the north country, by the river Euphrates." (Jer.46:8-10).

April 22, 2003

What do you think about our preaching openly about Jesus in Iraq? Do you think it will happen now? ­JA


The front page of most major U.S. newspapers the day after Easter carried a dramatic picture and story about a large Christian Easter service conducted for U.S. troops in the courtyard of Saddam Hussein's palace in Baghdad. I suppose that is about as open as it gets. Actually, according to statistics, about 3% of Iraq's population is Christian, but they have never been able to hold open services before, so this is new.

Prophecy-wise, this development seems to be very, very important.

Jeremiah wrote that when the message of Jesus is preached, it will begin in Jerusalem and circle the earth, going from east to west (Jer. 25:14-26). History has shown us that precise transit. According to the Acts of the Apostles, the Holy Spirit actually stopped the Christians from carrying the message east, sending them toward the west instead.

"The Holy Spirit told them not to preach the word of God in Asia." (Acts 16:6-7)

This preaching of the Gospel from east to west has occurred over a 2000-year period, with the "islands across the sea" (The New World) hearing it for the first time in the 17th century. The Far East followed as we have seen in this last century. Jeremiah said that at the end of this global transit of God's cup, the king of "Sheshak" will be the last to drink from it:

"The Lord, the God of Israel said this to me, 'Take this cup of wine from my hand and make all the nations to whom I send you drink it, let them drink and reel and lose their wits at the sword I am sending among them' "

"I took the cup from the hand of God and made all the nations to whom God sent me drink it. (Jerusalem and the towns of Judah, its kings and its nobles, to make them into a desolation and a waste, a thing of scorn, a curse, as is so today):"

"Pharaoh king of Egypt, with his servants, his nobles, and all his people, the whole crowd of foreigners besides (all the kings of the land of Uz); all the kings of the country of the Philistines, Ashkelon, Gaza, Ekron and what still remains of Ashdod; Edom, Moab and the sons of Ammon; (all) the kings of Tyre; (all) the kings of Sidon;

"the kings of the islands across the sea;"

Dedan, Tema, Buz all the Crop-Heads, all the kings of Arabia who live in the desert; (all the kings of Zimri) and all the kings of Elam, and all the kings of Media; all the kings of the north, near and far, one after another; and all the kingdoms that are on the face of the earth. (As for the king of Sheshak, he shall drink last of all.)." (Jer. 25:14-26)

Bible scholars have always maintained that "Sheshak" is a cryptogram for Babel (Iraq). That is what makes the current preaching in the courtyard of the king's palace in Baghdad so stunning. We have arrived at the "last of all". And it happened as we watched; live, on TV, right there in Babylon in the king's courtyard. There was the Bread and there was the Cup in the palace of the king of Sheshak.

"If they refuse to take the cup from your hand and drink, you are to say to them, "The Lord God Almighty says this: You must drink! Since I am now making a beginning of disaster with the city (Jerusalem) that bears my name, do you think you are likely to go unpunished? You certainly shall not, for I will next summon a sword against all the inhabitants of the earth ­ it is the Lord Almighty who speaks." (Jer. 25:28-29).

God directed that the Word of God in its trip around the world follow the same path the sun takes as it makes its journey around the world. For the sun, one trip around the globe constitutes one day (24 hours). The Gospel of the 'Son of God' made that one circuit in just under 2000 years, completing just this last sunday what must be called one "God-day".

That 'day of God' was the 'day' that Jesus talked about in which the "Light of the Gospel" shone brightly as it beamed down across the earth ("Work while you have the light, because night is coming when the light will be taken away and no one can work"). That "God-day" is called the 'Day of Atonement'. The night that follows is the tribulation.


April 22, 2003

Do you think the new SARS disease that is raging thru many countries, including the United States, is one of the plagues the bible talks about? Thank you. ­LB


Of course.

But don't forget AIDS, Ebola, West Nile, and all the rest. More than that, old diseases are suddenly back with a new vengeance (TB and others) that don't respond to any antibiotics. Or the man-made plagues, like black plague, smallpox, botulism, etc. Or mustard gas, Ricin, and nerve gas. Or that whole alphabet of new hepatitis viruses. And on and on. Over the last few decades all this we have seen arise, not to mention atom bombs.

We have passed into an age of pestilence and demon spirits. And that quiet peaceful Middle East of shepherds Mark Twain wrote about? Suddenly it is a boiling cauldron of hate, seething with a clamor for war and suicidal violence.

Meanwhile, over that same period all the countries of the western world have seen fit to break with God and set up nation-states that forbid the mention of even His name in government, in schools or even in public places. Is all this related? Of course it is. John predicted it and he said no matter how bad it gets no one will repent or turn back to God.

"...but though people were scorched by the fierce heat of it, they cursed the name of God who had the power to cause such plagues, and they would not repent and praise him." (Rev.16:9). " were biting their tongues for pain, but instead of repenting for what they had done, they cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and sores." (Rev.16:10-11).

The world is passing through the twilight zone between two ages, with the light of Christ fading away on one side and the darkness of the tribulation engulfing us on the other.

April 27, 2003

Please send information about your ministry. Particularly a description of your beliefs. Thanks, ­BS


Jesus said that it is every Christian's duty to go out and spread the Good News of the kingdom of God. The purpose of Goodnews Christian Ministry is to add our own witness to that proclamation.

This website is dedicated to the Godship of Christ the Lord and to the examination of Bible prophecy as proof that the everlasting reign of Jesus Christ was foreordained.

God announced through the prophets that He would explain His Christ beforehand and predict all that would come to be. This website is dedicated to the examination of those predictions. It includes a scholarly analysis of what they mean and how they dovetail one another, manifesting in prophecy a scripture that unifies all the books of the Bible in both Testaments.

God placed in the stories of the Bible a factual purpose that transcends all the works of literature or scholarship ever produced on earth. In its pages lies the secret of eternal life. Jesus has shown us in His narrative that it is a book of incredible hope for a world progressing thoughtlessly and recklessly toward its own self-destruction.

Prophecy in scripture is there to document the truth of Jesus Christ. Prophecy is not an end in itself. It has no purpose other than to magnify Jesus.

So while Jesus is perfect truth, the prophecies are not. Paul was specific about this.

"Love does not come to an end. But if there are gifts of prophecy, the time will come when they must fail; or the gift of languages, it will not continue forever; and knowledge - for this, too, the time will come when it must fail. For our knowledge is imperfect and our prophesying is imperfect; but once perfection comes, all imperfect things will disappear. Now we are seeing a dim reflection in a mirror; but then we shall be seeing face to face. The knowledge that I have now is imperfect; but then I shall know as fully as I am known." -1 Cor.13:8-12.

This tells us that for perfect truth we must depend only on the words of Jesus, not on the prophecies. Yet the Gospel of Luke says that when Jesus returned from the tomb, one of the first things He did was to explain all the passages (starting with Moses and going through all the prophets of the Old Testament) that were about Himself. (Luke 24:26).

He did this as a proof of His own divinity and power to make happen all that He promised. In these perilous times that proof is needed more than ever before. This website explores those revelations, showing how God's proofs continue to this day.

With meticulous attention to detail, we have tried to make it easier for the reader to understand the ancient documents of scripture and to see in what astonishing detail God made Jesus known long before He appeared and brought to mankind the salvation of heaven.

Jesus said that everything (every prophecy) written about Him will be revealed before the world ends.

The interpretations I have published are not absolutes, nor are they intended to be. They are intended as 'possible' interpretations using the methods of analysis described on our website. It is these "tools" that are important. They define the format used by the Gospel writers to describe Old Testament prophecies with respect to Jesus Christ. Many of these prophecies appear completely out of context with the surrounding text within which they are embedded. There are scores of examples of this (see Numbers 23:32 and Jer. 31:15, etc.).

When taken together, however, they show us in great detail how the writers of the New Testament under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit used the various prophecies of scripture to prove the truth of Jesus and document the divine architecture of creation. The same criteria can be applied by Bible students today to facilitate credible understandings of hundreds of other scriptural revelations not explained by the Gospel.

The mere publication of these possiblilities has the capacity to fulfill Christ's prediction that all the prophecies will be revealed before the End. By tracing scripture's prophecies and showing each fulfillment as it happens, Christian writers help define God's clock. It is these kinds of revelations that fulfill the prophecy of Amos:

"Does the trumpet sound in the city without the populace becoming alarmed? Does misfortune come to a city if God has not sent it? No more does the Lord God do anything without revealing his plans to his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:6-7).

This is why Paul decreed the instruction of prophecy in Christ an integral and lasting part of the developing Christian Church (1 Cor. 14:1-40).

The fact that we can watch Bible prophecies come true gives certain proof that scripture's vision of Christ's victory will come true as well, and that our perseverence in faith will be rewarded with salvation. They show us that Jesus Christ truly is the Messiah sent by God to save the world and that the prophecies were placed in scripture by the Holy Spirit as proofs of His truth.

Goodnews Christian Ministry is non-denominational. We do not solicit funds. We believe in the salvation of Jesus Christ. Our ministry supports the Godship of Jesus Christ and all churches dedicated to preaching Christ to the world.


April 29, 2003

Glitches and the Internet are reciprocal terms. That is why we maintain several different sites. Fortunately they rarely all go blank at the same time. Here are two different web addresses you can make note of for future reference:

April 29, 2003

What is your opinion about 'filogue', and who was right about it? Does it have anything to do with prophecy? ­J


Yes, the concept is steeped in prophecy.

The word "filoque" applies to a theological argument that became so contentious it split the western and eastern Christian churches apart about 1000 A.D. It has to do with the origin of the Holy Spirit. The eastern church maintained that the Holy Spirit came from God alone. The western church argued that the Holy Spirit emanated from God and Jesus together.

On the surface, the argument appears minor, but theologically, it is enormous. You can see by its late appearance (about 900 years after the crucifixion) that it took a long time before the issue was seen as important by church leaders. What had changed in the environment was the appearance in 600 A.D. of the prophet Mohammed. He was seen by his followers as a man sent by God, and, similar to the Jews, he promised a new 'Messiah' (in this case, "Al Mahdi") who would be sent by God and be more important than Jesus. He would over-rule Jesus. With that proclamation, God was seen by Muslims as the supreme Father who could raise up "Christ's" and prophets like Mohammed at will, imbue them with His Spirit and send them to earth in an unending stream if He so desired.

Jesus is known as the "Prince of Peace". He preached a kingdom of God founded in peace and structured in a free will obedience to God's commandments. Mohammed taught just the opposite. He maintained that the kingdom of God had to be imposed on a contentious world militarily and maintained by totalitarian obedience. No free will.

That militant evangelization began with the death of Mohammed. Faced with a series of Muslim invasions that gobbled up enormous quantities of what were formerly Christian nations and territories, and with church father's preparing to mount a series of 'Crusades' to try to beat back those incursions, the Christian theologians in the west, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, realized that 'filoque' was a serious issue that needed to be dealt with firmly. If one Mohammed could cause this much catastrophe to Christianity, what would a series do?

They found their answer in the scriptures.

The Gospels teach that everything that belongs to the Father was given to the Son. This makes Jesus equal to God in every way, a reality embodied in the formula of the 'Trinity'. Jesus is master of the entire creation, and He is eternal. He existed before Abraham. John said that Jesus even created this world. He is the soul source of eternal life. All this and much more in scripture shows that there can be no 'Al Mahdi', no new 'Messiah'. There can be no progression of 'Christ's' over time.

If the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father alone, a series of 'Christ's' is possible. But if the Holy Spriit emanates from God and Jesus together, no further series is possible. Jesus is supreme now and forever. Anyone who comes after Him has to come under Him. The realities of scripture and our religion tell us that the western church was correct. The times that now surround us underscore this fact.

May 5, 2003

When will the Temple be rebuilt in Jerusalem? -VV


The temple has already been rebuilt. Jesus said that He and God are the temple (Rev.21:22). The temple of God is spirit and it lives in our hearts. The Book of Hebrews tells us that the temple and its "Holy of Holies" now exists inside our own soul because that is where Jesus transferred it (Heb.9:8-14; 10:1-23). It has been rebuilt inside each of us, stone by stone, as each one of us convert our lives into the way of Christ. The Book of Revelation assures us that this is to be the structure of God's temple in the New Jerusalem of heaven.

The Book of Hebrews tells us that the physical temple (the Jewish temple) was the outer chamber that had to be torn down before anyone could enter the new spiritual one erected by Jesus. As long as that outer tent remained standing no one could go into the true Holy of Holies of God (Heb.9:8-10). It had to be torn down.

The Book of Maccabees addresses these fallen stones:

"They discussed what should be done about the altar of holocausts which had been profaned, and very properly decided to pull it down so that it might never become a reproach to them, from its defilement by the pagans. They therefore demolished it and deposited the stones in a suitable place on the Temple hill to await the appearance of a prophet who should give a ruling about them." (1 Macc.4:44-46).

That prophet was Jesus Christ. The Jewish high priest and Sanhedrin were put in power temporarily only until this "trustworthy" prophet of God arrived to replace them:

"...the Jews and the priests had agreed that Simon should be their perpetual leader and high piest until a trustworthy prophet should arise..." (1 Macc.14:41)

When Jesus came, the prophecy He gave concerning the stones of that outer tent was this:

"Jesus left the temple and as he was going away his disciples came up to draw his attention to the Temple buildings. 'You see all these?' he told them, 'I tell you solemnly, not a single stone here will be left on another: everything will be destroyed.' " (Mt.24:2).

So, far from rebuilding another outer tent in the future, even more stones remain there that still must come down before Christ's prophecy is completely fulfilled. These form the western wall of the temple mount that continue to stand even to this day. That tells us the future offers continued physical destruction, not rebuilding.

May 7, 2003

Hi , in studying Dan ch 8 , I have had a different insight I would like to share with you.

Could (Daniel's passages about the fight between the western He-goat and the eastern Ram) be stating just one war? The smaller horn (Afganistan) the larger (Iraq).
You have stated it is two Iraqi wars. Given recent events and the war on terror and statements from President Bush 5/2/2003 that the Battle of Iraq is one victory on terror that began on Sept.11th, and the Battle of Afganistan is another. With Iran being the main nation the sponsers terrorism (the ram).
There may be three parts to this. We have broke the two horns and now...war with Iran or just its influence in the Islamic militancy (Syria,Hamas, etc.) Could we declare victory in the war on terror, with these groups out of the way, we could have a chance for peace between Isreal and Palestine. ­MJ


Yes, it could very well apply to Afghanistan and Iraq. We started writing in 1991 during the first Gulf War that if Daniel's prophecies applied to our current times, there would have to be a second Gulf war in order to fulfill Daniel's vision.

The fact that they are both termed "Gulf Wars" tends to indicate the earlier war is part of the prophecy.

You are correct that president Bush has defined the victory over Iraq as a battle in what he described as a larger war that includes Afghanistan; and that it began September 11, 2001 with his declaration of war against terrorism. President Bush refused to say the war was over in his aircraft carrier speech, declaring only this phase of the battle over. There is widespread belief that the next "battle" in this war will be launched against Syria if American demands there are not met, but the Bush people have indicated that military battle against Syria will not occur until after his re-election.

If president Bush's designation regarding this second American military campaign in the Middle East is accepted, then this second "Gulf War" is significantly larger than the 1991 war. Daniel indicated that it would be larger, and that both would involve the Euphrates river. This latest battle establishes a western frontier at the Euphrates and that fulfills numerous prophecies regarding the last days. It also brings the circle of Christian preaching completely around the earth, right to Jeremiah's finish-line, the "king of Sheshak" (i.e., the land of Babel).

All that makes it a pivotal moment in the march to the last days and that is why these two wars are in prophecy in the first place.
Whichever way the two "wars against the ram" are seen, we certainly appear to be within the time zone Daniel specified. That is what is most important about the prophecy because it tells us how little time is left for our conversion and obedience to Jesus before the other terrible events Daniel lists come to pass.

If there is a route to peace, the prophecies indicate that it will be a path not taken. Daniel's chronology shows that peace is not to be until Jesus returns at the consummation of Armageddon.

May 9, 2003

What is the prophecy in scripture that tells us that Jesus and God are one and the same? ­K


There are scores of prophecies in the scriptures that address this revelation. Here are two:

The Father and I are one." (John 10:30).

"To have seen me is to have seen the Father." (John 14:9).

Many as well speak to the fact that Jesus is the promised 'Christ' of Jewish expectation. When Jesus was resurrected by God after the crucifixion, He revealed Himself to His Apostles and told them:

"This is what I meant when I said, while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the Law of Moses, in the Prophets and in the Psalms, has to be fulfilled'. He then opened their minds to understand the scriptures, and he said to them, 'So you see how it is written that the Christ would suffer and on the third day rise from the dead, and that, in his name, repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be preached to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses to this." (Luke 24:44-48).

Just before that Jesus appeared to Cleopas and another man on the road to Emmaus, seven miles from Jerusalem. They were despondent and still discussing the events of the crucifixion. Jesus said to them:

"Was it not ordained that the Christ should suffer and so enter into his glory?' then, starting with Moses and going through all the prophets, he explained to them the passages throughout the scriptures that were about himself." (Luke 24:25-27).

We have compiled a comprehensive listing of many of those prophecies. They can be found at the following link:

The Messianic Prophecies

May 14, 2003

Do you have any information on how Israel fits into the end time prophesies? Thank you. ­SP


The entire End Times circulates around the rebuilding of Israel (See "The Last Days of Babylon, especially Chapter 12, etc. at

According to scripture, by the decree of God, the House of Israel was evicted from the Holy Land and plunged into an exile to "Babylon" (i.e., into the wider pagan world). This was for the purpose of a divine rescue by the Son of God, who is Jesus. The "Israel" evicted consisted of twelve tribes, one of which was Jewish. The exile began about 700 years before the birth of Christ and involved the ten northern tribes. It was completed in 135 A.D following the second Jewish War with Rome. The Bible declared that it was to last a long time. We have been historically witness to this "Diaspora" for almost 2000 years.

The call back to rebuild Jerusalem consists of two parts.

The first is a spiritual call that rebuilds Jerusalem internally in our hearts. This change in morality occurs when we take Jesus into our hearts and obey His commandments. It is a "rebuilding" that has been taking place stone by stone (conversion by conversion) daily since the first Pentecost in Jerusalem soon after the crucifixion, and it has reconstructed a new spiritual city of Jerusalem in heaven that is destined to replace the earthly version entirely.

The second call to rebuild is physical and is predicted to occur in the last days. That second call was officially announced in 1948 when the United Nations voted to allow the Jewish people to once again build a sovereign nation in the area of Palestine.

The purpose of the second call has two parts. The first is to gather all the people of the world to Jerusalem for the last Judgment, and the second is to restore sight (in Jesus) to the Jews who, Paul said, were made blind for the sake of the salvation of the rest of the world. This "rest of the world" included all pagans who would follow Christ, and the lost ten tribes of Israel who, long ago, had disappeared.

This Jewish 'blindness' was necessitated by an unyielding leadership which refused to recognize any other people on earth except themselves as belonging to their God. They had even renounced their own missing tribes.

Ignored was Ezekiel's forecast that the promises of scripture were made to all twelve tribes and that it was God's will that all twelve should participate in the rescue.

The Old Testament tells us that when Jerusalem is physically restored in the Last Days, the End will be close at hand. The year 1948 A.D. initiated the consummation of that prophecy. Coinciding with that rebuilding, God has decreed that He will gather all the nations of the world against Jerusalem at a place called "Armageddon", and when that coalition of countries comes completely together, God will suddenly appear in the sky above them and the world will immediately fall into the Last Judgment. At the same time, the entire House of Israel will be saved.

Not only will the Jewish people have their sight restored just before this divine Appearance occurs, but since it was by divine directive that they were made blind in the first place, no guilt will be assigned to them as long as they lived lives in obedience to God during the tenure of that mandated blindness.

Thus, Israel is at the heart of the last days. Not just a Jewish Israel, but a twelve-tribe Israel scattered across the entire earth. We are witness not just to the latter-day restoration of Jerusalem but also to the magnetic attraction this circumstance has had on the other nations of the world. Everything on the planet is re-focusing itself on Jerusalem. The coalition of nations there is occuring as we watch.

I believe all the writings on this website deal with your question in some way.

May 17, 2003

(If) The temple of God is in us, then that means the abomination that Daniel foretells is in us (?). Mans heart is growing cold putting himself above all else. Could the falling away that Paul's speaks of and the abomination of desolation be the same? If the answer is yes, then when do we flee? We see man still becoming more desolate. I know that it's been that way since we were created, but I have to say look around, there is something else beginning to stand in the Holy place. Our time is truly running short. ­MJ


The Book of Daniel deals with a physical end time. The circumstances it chronicles are all physical components of the last days. In Daniel's prophecy, Jerusalem is a specific city on earth.

This contrasts with the Book of Revelation which describes both physical and spiritual events, with an emphasis on the latter. In that sense, Jerusalem is a spiritual city. The New Testament is entirely about the new kingdom of God which is being rebuilt in the heavens and which is destined to come down and replace this physical earth at the end of time.

The temple rebuilt in our hearts is spiritual (for now, invisible) and cannot be contaminated. God is rebuilding an imperishable and untarnishable new life within us, predicated on our obedience to Christ's Gospel.

If that new life cannot be built (if a person falls into one of the failing categories of Jesus' parable about the sower [explained in Mat.13:18-23] by falling out of faith) then they can contaminate nothing. That is because the Holy Place of God (the internal temple of Christ) was never consummated within them in the first place.

Jesus said that those who fall away become as if they had never belonged. Like the parable about the builder who did not have enough to complete the reconstruction, God will say to them that He does not know them. (Mat.25:1-13).

The Bible categorizes only two cities on earth, Babylon and Jerusalem, and separates the population of the entire planet into the citizenry of just those two urban centers. It is another way of categorizing the tares and the wheat (Mat.13:24-30), or the wicked and the just (Mat.13:47-50).

The falling away that Paul speaks about in 2 Thes.2:3-12 will end the harvest, but it will not contaminate the altar within the heart of those who believe and continue in their faith to the end. Jesus said that not one of the true children of God will ever be lost.

To flee in the spiritual sense is to change one's lifestyle from that of Babylon to that of Jesus's Jerusalem (defined by the Gospel). It is a spiritual flight everyone who is born to Christ must undertake. It is a flight that lasts all of our life right to the end. That is the only way it can be successful. It must continue to the end.

In contrast to this, the time of flight Daniel speaks about is the physical recapitulation of that spiritual journey. It happens physically at a certain point in history in a physical location. On that date, the physical abomination Daniel describes will be erected.

When that physical sacrilege occurs, it will contaminate the perpetual sacrifice (i.e., Christ's communion sacrifice). That will instantly nullify God's 'Peace Treaty' with the world (Is.24:5-6), and signal the end of the harvest and the consummation of all that God had built this world to attain.

In that case, the order to leave is directed to all who are in God, warning them that they should leave physical Jerusalem and head for the hills and take refuge there. This order attests to the tribulation. Those times will become enormously violent and the cities will be the least safe of all; especially Jerusalem.

May 20, 2003

Which churches are the churches of the false prophets? -B


Jesus is the true church. No one who is with Jesus can be against Him.

The problem is, there are people in every church who would, if given the opportunity, lead those who listened to them astray. False prophecy is not something restricted to splinter churches or the malodorous fare on TV. It surrounds us. That is why Jesus called us all to be diligent in our response to His message. The test, He said, is His Gospel.

Our only teacher is Jesus. The Bible tells us that we need no one else to lead us. Everything necessary for salvation is contained in His words. His words lead us to baptism, conversion and obedience.

The Church is the body of Christ on earth. The Old Testament prophecies compare it to a military organization that uses God's instruments of peace to promote salvation. That analogy rings true. Like the military of the United States with its army, navy, marine, coast guard, etc., God's military also has many branches. There is an interservice rivalry among them, but they all stand united together for God's single purpose: to wield the sword of Christ in its circuit around the planet, freeing the captives of Satan and leading them to the kingdom of God.

Underscoring the diverse nature of the Church, the Bible uses the term "branch" to describe it. Jesus said:

"What can we say the kingdom of God is like? It is like a mustard seed which at the time of its sowing in the soil is the smallest of all the seeds on earth; yet once it is sown it grows into the biggest shrub of them all and puts out big branches so that the birds of the air can shelter in its shade." Mark 4:31-32

Those big branches are the big churches; Protestant, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox; Anglican, Methodist, Coptic, etc. There are hundreds of smaller branches as well. God has raised up a church for everyone. The people choose the ones they feel safest in. The churches are the places of refuge that defend us and protect us against assault by the world. That is their purpose, to help us and to guard us in our journey on the path Jesus defined. The prophets have likened them to the sanctuary citadel's erected by the Jews to stand near the temple in Jerusalem and guard it from attack. These citadels (churches) have also been described in prophecy as the "wings" of the temple. We stand secure in the safety of its wings.

To show that branching was to be central to the architecture of God's Church, the Holy Spirit directed Moses to construct the Menorrah, symbol of the seven churches in the Book of Revelation, in the form of seven branches, all of equal height:

"You are to make a lamp-stand of pure gold...Six branches must extend from the sides of it, three from one side, three from the other. (Each) branch is to carry three cups shaped like almond blossoms...The calyx and the branches must be one piece with the lamp-stand, and the whole made from a single piece of pure gold, beaten out...Then you are to make seven lamps of them and set them so that they throw their light towards the front...See that you make them according to the pattern shown you on the mountain." (Ex.25:31-40).

Prophecy tells us this branching is essential. It is false prophecy to insist that there is only a single branch in Christ ­ i.e., only one true church. The Holy Spirit has erected enough churches in His Son's name to save every person on the planet, no matter how deeply imprisoned Satan has shackled them. Jesus, who Himself is the Branch of God, said;

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. (John 15:5)

This shows the close structure between Jesus, the churches and the people within them. That closeness can be seen in Christ's promise that 'wherever two or more are gathered in His name, He will be there with them' (Mat.18:20). 'Two or more', therefore, constitutes the fundamental framework of a "church" structured in Jesus Christ.

"That day, the branch of God shall be beauty and glory, and the fruit of the earth shall be the pride and adornment of Israel's survivors. Those who are left of Zion and remain of Jerusalem shall be called holy and those left in Jerusalem, noted down for survival." (Is.4:2-3)

The churches themselves, do not save. It is only those who follow what He said who will find salvation. False prophecy, therefore, is any teaching that tries to say it is ok to disobey the commandments He instructed us to keep, or to try to insist that there are certain conditions when Christ's teachings don't apply. Those are the type of teachings to beware of.

"...the world, with all it craves for, is coming to an end; but anyone who does the will of God remains forever." (1 John 2:17).


May 23, 2003

The Council of Chalcedon explains that Christ's 2 natures are without confusion or conversion yet it calls Mary the 'God bearer'. Isn't that a contradiction to assign birth to God when only his human nature was born? ­J


That assignment of birth was made by prophecy.

"The Lord himself, therefore, will give you a sign. It is this: the maiden is with child and will soon give birth to a son whom she will call Immanuel." (Is.7:14).

"For there is a child born for us, a son given to us and dominion is laid on his shoulders; and this is the name they give him: Wonder-Counsellor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. Wide is his dominion in a peace that has no end, which he establishes and makes secure in justice and integrity for the throne of David, and for his royal power. From this time onwards and forever, the jealous love of the Lord God Almighty will do this." (Is.9:5-7).

According to these two prophecies, the title they assigned is accurate. Not only that, Isaiah indicates that the Council of Chalcedon could also have termed Mary the 'Eternal Father bearer' or the 'Prince of Peace bearer' as well.


May 29, 2003

What is the difference between Kittim and Egypt? You have made reference to both countries in your prophecies about the United States. ­N


Good question!

The term "Kittim" comes from the Book of Daniel; the term "Egypt" from the Book of Jeremiah.

Both words designate military power. "Kittim" is Daniel's description of a western military force so powerful in the last days that it is able, with its armada of naval warships, to confront and stare down the beast at the height of his empire. Given the foe and context, that description sounds very "Jerusalem" (i.e., it seems to signify closeness to God).

In scripture, "Egypt" is a cryptogram for military power as well, but with an added symbolism of worldliness. The Cairo museum shows us as well an 'Egypt' that stands for gold. Today the United States carries the visage of all three. That is fundamentally different from the America that existed in 1776.

In the early 1960's the United States still gloried in the radiance of benefaction. It had, with its defenses, saved the entire world from a flood of desperate totalitarian fanatics who had tried to capture it militarily. Like Tyre in Ezekiel's prophecy, ours was a country steeped in beauty and filled with heavenly wisdom, an Eden in the garden of God.

In forty years, all that has radically changed. Those who ruled this nation in God's righteousness and human compassion were replaced by others with darker motives. They gave us a new country. Seeing no need for any power but their own, they boldly evicted God outright. Today the nation's schools and institutions are not allowed even to utter God's name. Public prayer has been outlawed. Democracy has been replaced by greed and an unbridled thirst for money. A new militancy has surfaced, and with it, invasion and attack. The spectre of empire and hubris now haunt our flag.

Jeremiah's prophecies outlining the last days foresee a nation symbolically called "Egypt" invading the country now called Iraq and setting up outposts there near the Euphrates river. America has just done that. This prophecy has come true and it describes the United States. Our current outposts prove that we are the "Egypt" of Jeremiah's prophecy. Considering Jeremiah's description of the consequences of that invasion, our advance there portends an ominous future.

Do those fateful consequences relate to our national dismissal of God?

As far as scripture is concerned, it portends a nation like Tyre, a nation that has discarded God owing to a national belief that it (or in our case, our constitution) is superior to God; where trading is the new god, and military prowess alone is all the protection needed or desired. Military might is "Egypt". Therein lies the second half of the cryptogram. In other words, it portends a different kind of "Kittim", one that cannot be mistaken for "Jerusalem". It is a worldly "Kittim", the military arm of a corporate empire that views itself as omnipotent; An empire that serves a god of gold.

What does Ezekiel say concerning an identical transformation of purpose in Tyre?

"Your busy trading has filled you with violence and sin...your heart has grown swollen with pride on account of your beauty. You have corrupted your wisdom owing to your splendor." (Ez.28:16-17).

"By your wisdom and intelligence you have amassed great wealth; you have piles of gold and silver inside your treasure houses. Such is your skill in trading, your wealth has continued to increase, and with this your heart has grown more arrogant."

"And so, the Lord God says this: Since you consider yourself the equal of God, very well, I am going to bring foreigners against you, the most barbarous of the nations. They will draw sword against your fine wisdom, they will defile your glory; they will throw you down into the pit and you will die a violent death surrounded by the seas."

"Are you still going to say: I am a god, when your murderers confront you? No, you are a man and not a god in the clutches of your murderers! You will die like the uncircumcised at the hand of foreigners. For I have spoken ­ it is the Lord God who speaks." (Ez.28:4-10).

Scary stuff. But so it is with nations that discard God. Rejection of God is what Armageddon is all about (John 16:8-9). It is not the United States of the nineteen-fifties that has positioned itself at the Euphrates. It is a nation that has chosen to become its own god; a nation that has replaced God with humanistic temples honoring armaments and worldly finance. Renouncing it's Christian heritage it has, in less than forty years, almost fully reconstructed itself into the secular cryptogram of a symbolic "Egypt". Jesus warns us that this dramatic shift in choice is to be the grounds for divine judgement:

"On these grounds is the sentence pronounced: that though the light has come into the world men have shown they prefer darkness to the light because their deeds are evil." (John 3:19).

Can America return to its former glory? There is only one way. We have to put God back in charge. We have to return the reins to Jesus and put the government back on His shoulders. Unless that happens our fate is sure to be as Tyre's.

"If the Lord does not build the house, in vain the masons toil; if the Lord does not guard the city, in vain the sentries watch. In vain you get up earlier, and put off going to bed, sweating to make a living, since he provides for his beloved as they sleep." (Ps.127:1-2)

"The strength of the war horse means nothing to him, it is not infantry that interests him. The Lord is interested only in those who fear him, in those who rely on his love." (Ps.147:10-11).


Chapter 42 in the Book of Jeremiah begins a lengthy account of the Jewish return to rebuild Jerusalem. As the verses show, it is a return that comes even before the end of the Diaspora. This early return was officially begun in 1948, a date signalling that the events prophetically covered in this and the ensuing chapters of Jeremiah's book all revolve around days subsequent to 1948. Four significant events involving a country cyrptographically called "Egypt" are contained in this section.

The first warns that the Jewish refugees returning to rebuild Jerusalem will make a military alliance with "Egypt" for fear of war and the sound of the trumpet (Jer.42:11-18). True to Jeremiah's prophecy, such an alliance was made and it still exists, but it is with America, not the actual land of the Nile. This shows that "Egypt" in this prophecy is a cryptogram for the United States.

Jeremiah's sceond mention of "Egypt" concerns an attack by the king of Babylon on "Egypt" itself:

"He (the king of Babylon) will set fire to the temples of the gods of Egypt; he will burn these gods or carry them off...and leave without interference. He will break the obelisks of the temple of the Sun at On and burn down the temples of the gods of Egypt." (Jer.43:12-13).

According to President Bush, the true architect of the 9/11 attack on the New York Trade towers was Saddam Hussein, the king of Babylon (Iraq). That is America's official position. No one can prove it, but the president of the United States remains to this day fully convinced of it. The towers toppled killed thousands of innocent people, but the buildings, themselves, represented the inner sanctuary of the world's new god ­ trade and high finance. Towering over Manhatten, these enormous obelisks were our treasure houses, twin temples of money dedicated to world trade. And according to the president, the "king of Babylon" was at the very heart of the scheme to topple them.

The third mention of "Egypt" in this end-time scenario (Jer. 44:29-30) is a prophecy of an assassination that Jeremiah says will prove the truth of all the prophecies contained in Jeremiah's verses.

The fourth and last mention of "Egypt" (chapter 46) is directed at an "Egypt" that had recently defeated the king of Babylon in his own country (in Iraq), occupying the land there and taking up positions near the Euphrates river close to Carchemish.

It warns of an impending counterattack by the kings of the East across the Euphrates. Jeremiah calls this imminent invasion a "day of God's vengeance", and says these eastern forces will overrun the "Egyptian" (American?) outposts at the Euphrates and sweep south in a reign of terror destined to plunge the earth into a terrible war:

"Now, this is the day of the Lord God, a day of vengeance for his revenge on his enemies: his sword will eat them up and have its fill, will grow drunk with their blood. Yes, the Lord God Almighty has a sacrifice to make in the north country, by the river Euphrates." (Jer.46:10).

"There in the north, there by the river Euphrates, they have collapsed, have fallen. Who was it rose like the Nile, its waters foaming like a torrent? Why, Egypt rose like the Nile, its waters foaming like a torrent. 'I will rise,' he said 'and drown the earth; sweep towns and their inhabitants away!" (Jer.46:6-8).

It is hard not to see these prophecies in terms of the eviction of God from our shores.

They seem to prove that despite a military aresenal so vast it carries the cryptogram "Egypt", a little black book called 'the Bible' is more important to our national safety than all the B-2 bombers and hydrogen bombs our factories can ever produce.

May 31, 2003


In light of the April 11, 2003 question posted concerning your research and facts, you need to change the following in your answer to the question from a reader on March 10, 2003

"Our country is in a virtual economic collapse. three years ago the national debt was zero. Today it is almost 2 trillion dollars ....."

This is not true. Three years ago there were budget surpluses that helped reduce the national debt, but the national debt was not zero. I can't help but wonder what your motives are when being loose with the facts. As they say in the courtroom, "this goes to credibility". ­PE



You are correct on both scores. There is an underlying motive to our web site. It is to prove that Jesus Christ is perfect truth and that only Jesus Christ is truth. We seem to have accomplished further proof of that even by accident.

"Economic catastrophe" is probably a better term. The administration has had to go to what they feel to be extraordinary lengths to try to rescusitate an economy which continues to founder. You are absolutely correct about the national debt. My mistake. It is, as you pointed out, the budget surplus that has disappeared.

June 1, 2003

My question is where did you find out that Israel means "Rebel"? I was taught it meant "ruled by God".

Also, how do you interpret Revelation 3:5 "I shall not blot their names out of the book of life,..." in terms of your answer to a question on May 17, where you answered "Jesus said that not one of the true children of God will ever be lost.."

Also; who are those of " the Synagogue of Satan" spoken of in the Revelation? ­BMc


Israel certainly is "ruled by God". The popular interpretation, though, comes from the angel himself: "May God show His strength".

The meaning "rebel" derives from the circumstance of Jacob's name change.

Jacob was renamed "Israel" by God after he fought against God's angel (Gen.32:23-32). It is a divine death sentence to fight against God. But God allowed Jacob a way not to die (Gen.32:30). Thus the new name: 'one who fought against God and lived'. It is a name that explains who we are and the meaning of life on earth. We are all the 'children of Israel', rescued from the death sentence of rebellion by Jesus Christ, who went to the cross with our sins and marked out for us the path to eternal life. We have fought against God, yet we can live.

As far as having names blotted out of the Book of Life is concerned, that may be the scariest sentence in the Bible. Obviously those whose names are so blotted will not be counted as God's true children. It will be as if their names were never in His Book in the first place. The principle, however, brings up some weighty questions. It implies that once a person is baptised in Jesus and converts, his or her name is immediately written in God's Book of Life. That is the meaning of "saved" in its contemporary sense. Yet there is still a lifetime path of righteousness that must be traversed. That's the hard part ­ the difficult road (Mat.16:24-27).

It is on this path that one can fall away from conversion. That is called a 'fall from Grace'. But it is not a minor stumble. We all stumble. It implies the apostasy of foresaking our conversion and turning back to the world we left. As long as Jesus remains the God of our life and we try our best to do the things He says, we should not be in danger of that frightful 'blotting out'.

The way to insure it, though, is to repeatedly turn to the power of the cross and ask for God's forgiveness in heartfelt contrition. Jesus told us that we had to forgive others "seventy times seven" (i.e., to infinity) and Jesus said it is the same way with God. The commandments are there to show us how to act like God.

Had the need for this perpetual return to the fount of forgiveness not been important, then Jesus would not have ordered us to make it over and over again in a daily petition to God in the Lord's Prayer':

"Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."

In this single phrase, not only did Jesus show us how to tap the perpetual fount of God's forgiveness, He showed us a way to make certain God would always comply with our repeated petitions.

The "Synagogue of Satan" in Revelation 3:9 harkens back to Mat.15:12-14, the blind guides who call evil good and good evil (see also, Is. 5:20). The word "Satan" means "Adversary". Jesus called Peter, "Satan" when Peter tried to correct Him (Mt.16:23). The quotation can therefore be interpreted, "Adverserial church". The implication in the Book of Revelation ties it to a specific tribe of the House of Israel, but spiritually it can be applied to all the religions on earth who try to combat Jesus and war against His commandments of peace, gentleness, compassion, righteousness, forgiveness and tolerance.

June 11, 2003

Can you tell me what Deuteronomy 28:68 refers to? ­NB

"The Lord will take you back to Egypt by sea and by land, even though I had promised you that you would not see it again. And there you will want to sell yourselves to your enemies as servants, men and women alike, but no one will buy you." (Dt.28:68).



That verse foretells the Diaspora.

The entire chapter of Deuteronomy 28 outlines both the divine rewards for obedience as well as the penalties that will befall the Twelve tribes of Israel if they violate the terms of the First Covenant. It warns that in their disobedience, the House of Israel will be deported en masse from the Promised Land and scattered to the ends of the earth and placed in subjugation to worldly kings and nations whose languages they will not understand ­ and that only a few will survive.

In other words, Deuteronomy 28:68 warns that the Exodus will be reversed. It prophesies that the House of Israel will be uprooted from the Holy Land and sent back to "Egypt". And, it goes on to say that once there they will not be accepted. Instead, they will be treated throughout the term of their exile with disdain and rejection.

Of course, over the last 2000 years we have watched all the prophecies in Deuteronomy's chapter 28 fulfilled in full measure. It is a fulfillment that began to evolve while the Apostles were still preaching and has continued to the present time, reaching terrifying dimensions with the Holocaust. It didn't stop there, either. Remember, Jews were not allowed in hotels in the United States even into the1960's.

While verse 68 forsees a reverse to the Exodus, verse 69 shows that all the penalties outlined in chapter 28 are tied to the First Covenant. This is important because it is a clause that provides a way of escape.

When the Old Testament prophets came later to amplify on Deuteronomy's prophecy of the Diaspora, they revealed that when the exile came, it would be accompanied by a change of covenants. This, too occurred. The New Covenant came as prophesied, and because Jesus freed from penalty all who accepted it, it washed away Deuteronomy's threat entirely. But only for those who changed covenants through baptism in Christ.

"See, the days are coming - it is God who speaks- when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel (and the House of Judah), but not a covenant like the one I made with their ancestors on the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt. They broke that covenant of mine, so I had to show them who was master. No, this is the covenant I will make with the House of Israel when those days arrive: Deep within them I will plant my Law, writing it on their hearts. Then I will be their God and they shall be my people. There will be no further need for neighbor to try to teach neighbor, or for brother to say to brother, 'Learn to know God!' No, they will all know me, the least no less than the greatest since I will forgive their iniquity and never call their sin to mind." (Jer.31:31-34).

While the new covenant offered freedom from Deuteronomy, it did not legalize wickedness. It came with its own set of prophecies, and carried its own warnings about obedience to God.

So while Deuteronomy's prophecies stood as a giant red flag waving among the Judeans to whom Jesus preached, the perfect fulfillment of its threats raises an even more important signal to us. It is a guarantee that all the prophecies in Christ will come true as well, and just as accurately.


June 14, 2003

The 24 elders in the fourth chapter of Revelation..can you tell me who they were? ­BW



Good question. The Bible does not tell us precisely. But it does refer to these elders several times. The Book of Revelation speaks of them as elders in heaven. The Jewish religious heirarchy on earth also had elders. These were the twenty-four orders of the priesthood, the sons of Aaron, consecrated officials of God responsible for the holiest duties of the Hebrew religion (see 1 Chron.24:1-19). Chosen by David, these priestly classes performed the various tasks of Temple duty. Their intelligence failed them however, because they were not able to see Jesus and, in that lack of faith helped to lead the Jewish people astray (Is.14-15; Dt.31:28-29; Mt.21:25-27).

The elders in heaven that are described in the Book of Revelation are of a holy order far loftier. One must assume their priestly tasks are similar to the consecrated officials chosen by David, but on a scale infinitely superior. They seem to have been with God long before this world was ever made.

In describing this world's beginning, scripture says that God discussed the creation of man with others: "Let us make man in our own image, in the likeness of ourselves..." (Gn.1:26). Immediately, one has to ask, who were the ones with God when He first created man? Who was God talking to in that sentence? The first thought of course would be Jesus; but there were also many angels around Him at the time as well, plus this powerful group of twenty-four beings called 'Elders'.

Isaiah wrote of Jesus in prophecy that "his glory will shine in the presence of his elders." (Is.24:23). That would make these beings enormously ancient and powerful. On the surface it even appears possible that these elders could be older than Jesus, Himself, but they are not.

All of this indicates that there is a definite hierarchy in the kingdom of God -- one of great age and very holy. It is a heirarchy we know very little about. But it is clear, God has been the head of an immense established community in heaven filled with angels and beings for an infinite period of time that extends far back before any of the things that relate to this world ever happened.

The Book of Revelation shows that Jesus, in his coronation by God, has been given authority over the 24 elders. In chapter 5, verses 13 and 14, these ancient heavenly leaders are described prostrating themselves before Jesus and God in worship. In fact, that is the function of the priesthood: to praise and worship God.

"Then I heard all the living things in creation crying, 'To the One who is sitting on the throne and to the Lamb, be all praise, honor glory and power, forever and ever'. And the four animals said, 'Amen'; and the elders prostrated themselves to worship." (Rv.5:13-14).

John quotes Jesus as saying, "The Father and I are one." (John 10:30). Not only does that signify a station higher than the elders, it means that Jesus is God. Jesus confirmed that when He said, "To have seen me is to have seen the Father." (John 14:9).

It is suggested by scholars that the thrones on which the 24 elders sit signify that they are judges in the kingdom of heaven and the crowns they wear signs that they share in the royal power of God (Rv. 4:4). The thrones on which they sit form the outer ring of the heavenly court. That corresponds to the outer wall of the new Jerusalem that John witnessed coming down out of heaven in Revelation chapter 21 ­ a crystalline wall of diamond which he describes in terms of 12 foundation stones of apostles and 12 gates of the 12 tribes of Israel. Added together, these total twenty-four.



June 17, 2003

The fourth beast of Daniel's visions must be something other than the Roman Empire. It had iron teeth and brass claws. God said His people are Gold and Silver but the people of Judah had become Brass and Iron so the fourth beast of Daniel's vision was at least partly comprised of Jews. In my opinion the ten horns of the fourth beast are John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul and the seven churches left standing. The little horn that arose among the ten and subdued the first three was the Jews directly possessed by Satan; in my opinion the first false prophet. What do you think about this? ­WT



First of all, John, in the Book of Revelation described the Roman empire as the SIXTH head of the beast, not the fourth. The Book of Daniel cannot change that.

Second, not a single Bible scholar I have ever read has interpreted the ten horns as Christian. So firmly entrenched in the Christian community is the idea that these ten are locked to evil, to suggest otherwise is tantamount to heresy. It is religious quicksand for sure. I also disagree with theories that tend to demonize the Jews. Postitioned as we are in the last days, it goes in the wrong direction. Christians and Jews constitute the two 'Houses of Israel'.

The Book of Revelation describes the ten horns this way:

"'The ten horns are ten kings who have not yet been given their royal power, but will have royal authority only for a single hour and in association with the beast. ·They are all of one mind in putting their strength and their powers at the beast's disposal, ·and they will go to war against the Lamb..." (Rv.12:17-14).

The Book of Revelation pictures for us a beast with seven heads and ten horns. The Book of Daniel describes four beasts, the fourth possessing ten horns. These ten horns are universally considered to be the same ten in both cases. In other words, they are seen as ten kings, or countries, in service to the beast. Obviously there is a difference between the single beast in Revelation and the four in Daniel. But the ten horns unify that difference.

The Book of Revelation is the telescope.

The single beast in Revelation is seen as Satan and its seven heads as particularly virulent opponents of the House of Israel down through the centuries (see chapter 16). When the angel (Rv. 17) instructed the Apostle John that the pagan government of the Roman empire of his day was the sixth of these seven heads, he also revealed that there would be two more, a seventh and an eighth.

Hitler was the seventh. He murdered over 6 million Jews and thousands of Christians, comsummating the worst attack on the House of Israel in history. The eighth head is described in scripture as affiliated with Persia. Also, the Book of Revelation tells us that it will be a reincarnation of one of the previous seven.

This brings us to the Book of Daniel, the microscope.

Because his book is a detailed analysis of the last days, Daniel's visions are thought to revolve specifically around that eighth head. No one else, just that eighth head. He gives us a detailed description of it, i.e., it is to be a head which will give rise to four parts (four beasts) and the fouth of those beasts will sport the ten horns (ten kings) described in the Book of Revelation.

The attempted massacre of the House of Israel by the ten heads of that fourth part is the circumstance that will elevate it into league with the other seven heads and make it the eighth.



June 19, 2003

You have used the term "Pearl Harbor" in two different contexts in your book and on your questions page. In your book, the Last Days of Babylon in chapter 25 you say "For this reason, we must see the assassination of the 'anointed one' and the desecration of the sacrifice he ruled, as the 'Pearl Harbor' of the second war of the Apocalypse -- the definitive signal that the final war against Christ (Rv. 20:7-9) has been officially launched by the people of the world." And in your questions for December 31, 2002 you call the September 11, 2001 attack on New York 'Pearl Harbor'. Can you explain what I see as an inconsistency here? ­CG



Both are correct ­ one is religious, the other is secular. The phrase "Pearl Harbor" is used to connote an act of aggression that launches a pivotal war. The attack on the towers in New York launched the second 'Gulf War'. It was the first assault by the rising fourth Persian empire against the western world. Skirmishes between east and west have been going on for some time, but the sneak attack on New York by fundamentalist Muslims was a gauntlet thrown. It will go down in history as the opening assault in all the secular warfare between east and west that is to follow.

The assassination of the Bishop launches the religious war. It comes later and will pit the world against Jesus Christ specifically and against all who follow Him ­ the entire House of Israel. It will end the Peace Treaty Jesus made with Babylon. That will officially end the exile (i.e., it will conclude the Diaspora). Accompanying the assassination will be the Desolating Sacrilege which terminates the Perpetual Sacrifice (Communion). Terminating Communion locks the door to heaven. As Isaiah said, 'It smashes the gate (into heaven) to pieces' (Is.24:12).

When that happens, Leviticus 19:5-7 is brought into play. In the Law (the Torah of the Old Testament) if the communion offering is not eaten, it must be burnt up (Lev.19:5-6). That burning must take place on the 3rd day (Lev.19:7). We are already in the 3rd day. That shows the two wars, though different, are closely related.

The fires of 9/11 that set New York ablaze were a foreshadow of all that is to come. That is the sign that augurs the burning commanded by Leviticus, and explains why the attack was so heavily covered in scripture. We are going by the Book. Just 9 months after the beginning of the 3rd day, New York became the chapter heading for the 3rd day itself. It is a heading that tells us what the 3rd day has given birth to.

The earth is to be consumed in fire because Jesus and His communion offering are being rejected by a world that had previously glorified his Name (Is.24:5-6). "Fire will come down on them from heaven and consume them" (Rv.20:9). That is why all the nations are being drawn to Jerusalem in the current days.

Satan will not be able to rise up and conquer the earth in the last days because he is more powerful than Jesus. All the mayhem on earth will happen because God has got up and locked the door and taken Jesus away. When Jesus has been rejected by the world, God will withdraw His offer from it, terminate the Peace Treaty, end the way of escape and allow the Wrath to pour down into the vacuum His offer's parting has left behind.



June 20, 2003

I would like to know more about the peace treaty that Israel is going to sign. ­SA



Almost all Christian visionaries these days foresee a treaty. The only two listed in the Bible for these times come from the Book of Daniel, but neither portend peace. Both are predicated on conditions that must precede them, most important of which is the splintering of the United Nations into four parts (Dan. 11:4). After this happens, the two treaties he describes will follow.

The first of these is described in Daniel 11:5-6. This passage talks of an alliance between two disparate forces within the "kingdom of the South". By 'south' Daniel means 'south of the Euphrates river'. The two antagonistic forces in this location today are the Israeli's and the Palestinians. This alliance, Daniel writes, will be born out of a long struggle. And many more years of contention will occupy the era which follows this alliance. Armies will come and go and fighting see-saw back and forth between north and south (Dan. 11:6-13).

The second treaty will be signed between Israel and the king of the North after the armies of the latter successfully invade the Jewish country and position themselves squarely in Jerusalem (Dan.11:17). Following this second treaty, the king of the North will forego his conquest of Israel and turn his attention to 'the islands'. Scripture tells us he will conquer many of these (Dan.11:18). By 'islands' we must assume he is pointing to various lands within the western hemisphere. Not included in this invasion will be the United States, however, since it is destined to be the 'Kittim' the Bible foresees later blocking the beast (Dan.11:30). Europe, absent from these discussions entirely, must have already fallen into the eastern camp.

Because these developments are integral parts of the approaching footsteps of God, they will be accompanied by earthquakes and other natural disasters the Bible tells us are forewarnings of the impending presence of God Himself in our midst. (Ps.114:7).

It is after all these things have first taken place, that the beast will rise to power (see Dan.11:23).



June 27, 2003

When Jesus got so angry with the merchants in the Temple that he lost his cool and began attacking them with a whip... how could he do something like that and not be considered a law breaker? ­Anonymous

"Just before the Jewish Passover Jesus went up to Jerusalem, and in the Temple he found people selling cattle and sheep and pigeons, and the money changers sitting at their counters there. Make a whip out of some cord, he drove them all out of the Temple, cattle and sheep as well, scattered the money changer's coins, knocked their tables over and said to the pigeon-sellers, 'Take all this out of here and stop turning my Father's house into a market'. Then his disciples remembered the words of scripture: Zeal for you house will devour me. The Jews intervened and said, 'What sign can you show us to justify what you have done?' Jesus answered, 'Destroy this sanctuary, and in three days I will raise it up'." "...he was speaking of the sanctuary that was his body, and when Jesus rose from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this, and they believed the scripture and the words he had said." (John 2:13-22).


The whip of Christ was a whip whirled in prophecy, not in anger.

"It is for judgment that I have come into the world..." (John 9:39).

Jesus told his disciples time and time again (Mat.13:35; Mt.12:17; Mat.26:56; Mark 14:49; Luke 18:31-34; Luke 22:37-38; John 11:4; John 12:20-23) that God had bound him to keep the prophecies of the Old Testament. Everything he did must be seen in that light.

To suppose that Jesus was infuriated or acted out of frustration cannot be accurate. In order to satisfy the Law's demand for a perfect sacrifice, Jesus had to be completely without sin. Jesus was the unblemished Lamb of God. He came sinless from heaven and remained sinless on earth. He was not made sinless as we are, by first falling into sin and then receiving expiation from God. If that were the case, he would not have been eligible, according to the Mosaic Law to be the sacrifice for sin.

We know, therefore, that he did not commit any sins while on earth. Anger, according to his own words, is a sin. Furthermore, an act of hostility (driving the people out with a whip) is an act of assault. The charge today would be 'assault and battery'. That would be a grievous sin. Other charges could also be levied, and, in fact, became the basis for the Jewish committment to have him executed. That, too was a fulfillment of prophecy:

"Zeal for your house will devour me!" (John 2:17), or, again, "He let himself be taken for a criminal." (Luke 22:37)

So we need to look elsewhere to understand what truly took place on that occasion. If it was not sin, what was it?

It was the official pink slip. It was God officially changing the management. God evicted the wicked tenants to whom he had given spiritual control of the earth, and replaced them. And he did it in accordance with the prophecies, with a whip.

"A man planted a vineyard; he fenced it round, dug out a trough for the winepress and built a tower; then he leased it to tenants and went abroad. When the time came, he sent a servant to the tenants to collect from them his share of the produce from the vineyard. But they seized the man, thrashed him and sent him away empty-handed. Next he sent another servant to them; him they beat about the head and treated shamefully. And he sent another and him they killed; then a number of others, and they thrashed some and killed the rest. He had still someone left: his beloved son. He sent him to them last of all, "They will respect my son" he said. But those tenants said to each other, "This is the heir. Come on, let us kill him, and the inheritance will be ours." So they seized him and killed him and threw him out of the vineyard. Now what will the owner of the vineyard do? He will come and make an end of the tenants and give the vineyard to others." Mark 12: 1-9


"Listen. An uproar from the city! A voice from the Temple! The voice of the Lord bringing retribution on his enemies." (Is.66:6).

"God will whirl the whip like the time he stretched his rod against Midian at the rock of Oreb and raised his rod over the sea on the road from Egypt." (Is.10:26

"Listen to the word of God, you scoffers, rulers of this people in Jerusalem. You say, 'We have made a covenant with Mot, and with Sheol we have made a pact. The destructive whip, as it goes by, will not catch us, for we have made lies our refuge, and falsehood our shelter." (Is.28:14-15).

"God will cleanse Jerusalem with a blast of judgment and destruction." (Is.4:4)

"A destruction has been decreed that will bring inexhaustible integrity (Is.10:22)

"Yes, throughout the country the Lord God will carry out the destruction he has decreed. (Is.10:23)

"That is why the Lord God says this: See how I lay in Zion a stone of witness, a precious cornerstone, a foundation stone: The believer shall not stumble. And I will make justice the measure, integrity the plumb-line. But hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and floods overwhelm the shelter; your covenant with Mot will be broken and your pact with Sheol annulled. When the destructive whip goes by it will crush you; each time it goes by, it will seize you. It will go by morning after morning, both day and night; what panic there would be if you were to understand what it meant!" (Is.28:16-19).

"As (Jesus) drew near and came in sight of the city he shed tears over it and said, 'If you in your turn had only understood on this day the message of peace! But, alas, it is hidden from your eyes! Yes, a time is coming when your enemies will raise fortifications all round you, when they will encircle you and hem you in on every side; they will dash you and the children inside your walls to the ground; they will leave not one stone standing on another within you ­ and all because you did not recognize your opportunity when God offered it!" (Luke 19:41-44).

"Now go to my place in Shiloh where at first I gave my name a home; see what I have done to it because of the wickedness of my people Israel! And now, since you have committed all these sins -- it is God who speaks -- and have refused to listen when I spoke so urgently, or to answer when I called you, I will treat this Temple (in Jerusalem) that bears my name, and in which you put your trust, and the place I have given to you and your ancestors, just as I treated Shiloh. I will drive you out of my sight..." (Jer.7:12-15)


. "I dismiss you from your office, I remove you from your post, and the same day I call on my servant Eliakin son of Hilkiah. I invest him with your robe, gird him with your sash, entrust him with your authority; and he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the House of Judah.. I place the key of the house of David on his shoulder; should he open, no one shall close, should he close, no one shall open." (Is.22:19-22)

"So I now say to you: You are Peter (the name means 'rock') and on this rock I will build my Church. And the gates of the underworld can never hold out against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven: whatever you bind on earth shall be considered bound in heaven; whatever you loose on earth shall be considered loosed in heaven.' (Mat.16:13-19).

It was the whip wielded that day by Jesus in the temple against the sellers and money changers that initiated the Diaspora. And it is from that sentence of exile which the whip imposed on the descendants of the wicked tenants that the Return to Jerusalem is based:

"Lay your whip aside, I am worn out with the blows you deal me. " (Ps.39:10)

"I promise, you shall not see me anymore until you say: 'blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord!" (Mat.23:39).



God's whip did not levy a sentence only against the Jews. The entire House of Israel was evicted from the land of Promise that day. The Jews were the last to go, but they were not alone.

Our ancestors, the people of the lost ten tribes, the Jews, the Benjamites, and the Gentiles as well ­ all humanity on earth, these were the people those wicked tenants once ruled. Sitting in the Seat of Moses, they governed the two Houses of Israel by divine writ. Their authority once commanded the whole earth. Yet in a single instant, with the lash of a whip, the authority of Jesus replaced them all.

"He is the sanctuary and the stumbling-stone and the rock that brings down the two Houses of Israel. (Is.8:14).

Notice that Isaiah has prophesied 'TWO' Houses will be brought down in Christ's name, not just one. That means all Twelve Tribes. We know from prophecy that Christians are one of the two Houses of Israel. That means every one of us are partners in the exile and must come to Jesus through the stripes of life's relentless whip.

In His name, we have all been called back to Jerusalem by way of the cross. Those who take the path He has defined will live forever. Those who refuse to the end will not.



­In Christ Jesus,

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