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1993 Prophecy List

These prophecies were compiled from the September 1993 edition of "The Last Days of Babylon",
All biblical references can be found in great detail in that book.

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At this writing the second war between the west and Media/Persia has not been fought. This proves that we have not yet reached the point in history which corresponds metaphorically to the death of Alexander. Symbolically, this means that the western world still rules the earth.

In Daniel's time-line we appear to be situated somewhere between the two victories of the west over the east.

The prophet Daniel has outlined a sequence for the last days that can be plotted with surprising clarity once that progression is launched. This sequence begins with the war between the 'He Goat' of the West (who crosses the earth without touching the ground), and the 'Ram' of the East whose two horns are defeated in the conflict. Since this event has now begun to unfold, we can follow the rest of Daniel's formula and watch as the events he wrote about -- the final doors in scripture's prophecy -- open before our eyes one by one. The unlocking of each these doors is the final proof that everything is going by the Book of God. Extrapolating Daniel's chronology, the future will unveil a series of events not unlike those listed below: Biblical references to these prophecies have already been given in previous chapters.

1. The Jews and Arabs will align. This alliance will not be peaceful because it will be born out of historic violence. It will occur in stages over a period of years and will build what Daniel calls 'the Kingdom of the South'. The major nations involved in this alliance will likely include Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Syria.

2. The south's opponent will be 'the Kingdom of the North'. This is a ten-nation republic later to be formed, similar to the now-defunct Soviet Union, and perhaps communistic, but incorporating an Asian and Moslem resolve unlike any previously seen in the old U.S.S.R.

3. The Moslem world will factionate into two powerful groups whose differences will one day erupt into civil war. This division will separate the militants from the moderates and will appear to fracture more or less along ethnic lines, with Persian forces on one side, and Arabs on the other.

4. In the embryonic stages of this division, a second Gulf War will erupt. Led by the military forces of the United States, the western world will be victorious. This war will solidify the alliance between the Arabs and Jews. It will set the boundary between North and South at the Euphrates river.

5. Following closely on this victory, at the height of its power, the political influence of the United States across the world will collapse. The world will splinter into four coalitions of governments. One of these will attenuate into the ten-nation confederacy of the east, the republic defined above which Daniel calls the 'Kingdom of the North'.

6. Isolated, the United States will give its support to the Arab-Israeli alliance that controls the southern Middle East. This coalition will constitute Daniel's 'Kingdom of the South'.

7. There will be a series of conflicts between Persian and Arab forces. Dominence in these wars will see-saw back and forth, but generally favor the Arab-Israeli alliance of the south.

8. A fateful military treaty aimed against the Persians will be signed between the Arabs and Jews. This will plunge the Jewish army into the middle of the Moslem civil war.

9. Following the signing of this treaty, the last in a sequence of Arab-Israeli pacts, the leader of 'Egypt' will be assassinated. A king of Egypt has already succumbed to an assassin's bullet in this century (fired by militant Moslems in retaliation for the first treaty signed in this sequence). So the future figure may possibly involve his metaphoric counterpart -- the leader of a spiritually militant Israel, for instance.

10. Against advice, Israel will use the terms of this treaty as an excuse to send its forces to the Euphrates river. This militant move is described in the Bible as a major act of rebellion and will be pushed by leaders who promote violence as the solution to the problems confronting Israel.

11. Heralding what is coming, cosmic signs will intensify. Frightening events will occur in the skies. The seas will roar and become unmanageable. Great earthquakes will strike population centers all across the earth. The signs that life's lease on the earth is about to be cancelled by God will increase dramatically. Yet few will repent.

12. Many false prophets will arise. Some will produce great signs and portents. They will advertise that Christ is hidden somewhere -- in the desert or some other secret place known only to themselves. Jesus warned us not to listen to them.

13. Stationed at the banks of the Euphrates, the Jewish army will be decimated by a surprise assault from a massive eastern force which, under the leadership of a great northern king will sweep south and capture Jerusalem, inflicting terrible damage on the nation of Israel.

14. The angry reaction of the United States to this assault will move the northern king to make a treaty with the Jewish regime. As a result of this treaty he will withdraw his eastern forces from Jerusalem, and route them, instead toward western Europe and the America's.

15. Smashing Europe, he will carry his warfare across the Atlantic to the Western Hemisphere where he will make many conquests. These early victories will not sustain him and his army will be driven back to the Eastern Hemisphere by a strengthened U.S. force.

16. He will try to solidify his gains in Europe and Asia, but soon he will die and disappear.

17. In his place will appear a monarch bent on extorting the treasury of the Vatican. This will mark an ominous turn in events because it will be the first sign that the coming warfare is about to directly involve the Christian Church.

18. The short reign of this extortioner will end with his untimely death.

19. Taking his place will be the beast -- the great Rebel of the End.

20. Coming from the far north, the beast will have his beginning in a very small following. Using intrigue and subterfuge he will quickly push to eminence a new small nation. Then, gaining control of two of the countries in the ten-nation confederacy, he will combine these three into a single nation. Swiftly thereafter, he will take command of the entire Asian republic.

21. Considering himself a part of that regime, the Rebel will align with Persia.

22. Launching a surprise attack on the Arab and Israeli forces, the Rebel will decimate the South, and take control of a part of Jerusalem. During this period he will come very close to ending the world, a fact clearly documented in the Bible. The lies told at the conference will be to no avail, however, because the appointed End is not yet.

23. Again, the United States will mobilize its forces. Backing down from a major confrontation with the Americans, the beast will abandon the part of Jerusalem that he has just conquered.

24. Going home enriched from his conquests, he will begin his attack on the Christian Church. All Jewish and Christian worship centers in the Eastern Hemisphere will be targeted by his armed forces.

25. After a brief period, the beast will decide to assault Jerusalem once again, but the outcome will be different this time. Prepared for his move, the ships of the U.S. will come and oppose his forces. There will be a battle and the Rebel will be worsted and have to retreat.

26. Furious at having been disciplined in this way, the Rebel will launch a major assault on the Christian establishment. He will burn down all Christian churches throughout his empire and order the deaths of everyone who refuses to renounce affiliation with these churches.

27. The world's ultimate declaration of war on the Christian Church will take place in a dramatic act of violence -- the assassination of the Bishop of Christ.

28. Thwarted by the United States from attacking Jerusalem a second time, the Rebel will furiously assault the religious bastions of his own empire. His troops will enter the Vatican and make it a headquarters for warfare. Symbolising his victory over Rome (Babylon), the Rebel will enter St. Peter's Basilica and place himself on its throne, declaring himself a god, and demanding his own worship.

29. Issuing a proclamation that will end Christ's treaty with Babylon (a proclamation that will end forever the Hebrew exile to Babylon), the Rebel will instruct his forces to place the Abomination of Desolation above the altar in St. Peter's Basilica. This defilement, Daniel wrote, will put an end to the Perpetual Sacrifice (the Eucharist). It's consequences will be irreversible. From this point on, prayer will not alter the sequence to follow. This is the moment when everyone is warned to flee to the mountains.

30. A great earthquake will rip Jerusalem, severing the Mount of Olives, and dividing it into two parts. At about the same time, the Wailing Wall will collapse.

31. Nothing of the religious past will survive in the entire Eastern Hemisphere. The Rebel will destroy the Christian church and replace the traditional Moslem religion with one of his own which honors money and gold and ostentatious living. He will demand that everyone worship him as a god and obey his new theology.

32. A branding will be initiated in the areas controlled by the Rebel. It will dilineate all who accept the madman's terms and agree to support and worship him.

33. Hounding those who still believe in Jesus, and who refuse to be marked, the Rebel's forces will chase them deep into hiding. Every cave in the country will be the scene of violence.

34. Having secured Rome for himself and made it his throne, the beast will resurrect the ancient Roman empire of the Caesars and bring it back to life.

35. His insanity will be such that he will decide to end the world on a whim because he has been blocked by those who oppose him. Ordering his armies toward Jerusalem on an assault of unprecedented dimensions, he will initiate the unthinkable.

36. Launching his missles toward the U.S. and the rest of the world, the Rebel will precipitate a day of terror on earth. In the resulting firestorm, even the beast's own homeland, Magog, will be reduced to ashes.

37. With global fires fanned by the Rebel's own hand, the world will burn furiously in a wall of flames so vast the skies will be darkened by dense smoke from one end of the planet to the other.

38. The sign of Jesus glowing in the north will suddenly appear in the clouds of the darkened sky.

39. With their homelands ablaze, and the smoke of the fires darkening the sky, the world's entire military establishment will gather in the hills and valleys of Palestine, encircling Jerusalem.

40. Standing guard inside that hallowed city , a peaceful contingent of Jewish soldiers and citizens will prepare themselves for what seems to be inevitable annihilation. Praying and trusting that God will rescue them in fulfillment of the Promise, they will prepare for the final battle -- the war the Bible calls Armageddon.

41. But there will be no fight that day. No war. Instead, suddenly, in the middle of the night out of the skies will come the fiery spears of God. The armies of the Rebel will disappear in the fury of God's own rocketry. So will the militants of Israel. In the morning everything will be silence and the armies will all be gone.

42. Leading a small band of Christian refugees from the burning North toward Jerusalem just after these other events have ended, will be Michael the Archangel. The Jews will expect Elijah, but they will get Michael instead.

43. When the citizens of Jerusalem see Michael and his group coming down the Mount of Olives, they will call out the fateful signal; "Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord!" (Mt.23:39).

44. Hearing the shout, Michael will call out the command. Jerusalem's 8th gate -- the 'Golden Gate' on the east side of the temple mount will collapse and fall open.

45. Upon hearing Michael's call, the angel Gabriel will blow his trumpet. Instantly the sky will separate and Jesus will brillliantly appear on the clouds of heaven in all His glory.

46. The world will disappear and be replaced by the thrones of Judgment. The books chronicling our lives will be read and everyone will be brought to task for the kind of life they lived when they were on earth.

47. The gates of heaven will be unlatched and those who are judged worthy will be allowed to enter God's paradise of eternal life. All the rest will be herded together and led to a great burning lake of sulphur . The fires of this lake will never go out.


Satan and his wickedness will be no more. His long war against God will be over.

Since the ten-nation eastern coalition does not yet exist, there is still time for prayer -- prayer that the world will turn away from its recent course toward annihilation, abandon its revolt against the Gospel and repent in the name of Jesus Christ.


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