Why Make Evolution the Battleground of Faith?



Compromise is the life-blood of democracy. A democracy can survive as a democracy only when it accomodates all of its people. The Supreme Court decisions since 1963 have supported atheism (anti-religion) by accomodating only secularism while making every effort to expunge all mention of God from American civic affairs.

That is a one-way street. It supports only the atheists. There is no accomodation or compromise with faith here. The difference is stark when contrasted with American civic affairs from 1776 to 1963. It is an even more astonishing regression when we take Pew pole figures showing 85% of the population to be Christian into account.

It took several decades for America's religious to begin to understand the consequences of the 1963 change. Those consequences are now becoming clear. That is why we see burgeoning around us a growing Hassidean-like religious right lined up in soldierly fashion preparing for spiritual combat with the atheistic forces mounting against them behind seclularism's lines.

Why are they making evolution the battleground of faith?

Because science is virtually atheist (see below) and is using that argument (evolution) as its crowning proof to promote godlessness in the society.

Intellectually it doesn't make sense. Not on either side. The Christian mainstream has steadfastly maintained from its infant origins that the Old Testament cannot be accepted as literal. Everything in it is symbolism that points to Christ and therefore every word must be seen through Him.

The Old Testament is an inspired book that speaks about God and promises God, but , as Paul said, it is a view seen through a glass darkly. The book fails to tell us the whole truth about God. That is because Jesus is not in it.

That restricted view in the Old Testament applies to Law and Prophecy equally. Paul defined prophecy as something that, in the end, "must fail. For our knowledge is imperfect and our prophesying is imperfect; but once perfection comes, all imperfect things will disappear." (1 Cor. 13:8-9).

The Old Testament provided the skeletal framework upon which Christianity would be built, but the book itself only heralded Christianity. It is a Mosaic chrysalis shadowed now by the wings of a new covenant. With Jesus Christ added, the book changes its form into the New Testament, a book which truly does give us God. It is a transformation which changes the framework of the past into divinity.

So how is it that today a literal interpretation of a fading scripture has become the Maginot line in the war by the secular world in its battle against Christianity? One has to conclude that the Holy Spirit has dictated faith's battleground. The term "evolution" has turned into a word that is quickly becoming the "Euphrates river" of spirituality ­ a place we don't want to be for prophecy's sake, but cannot leave.

This circumstance is an academic paradox because the concept of evolution IS intelligent design. Jesus expressed it manifestly in his parable about the fishermen casting a net into the sea and bringing in a catch of all kinds and out of which the angels "selected" only the fittest for survival, leaving the rest behind.

In so doing He verified an evolutionary process that presupposes a life force in the universe that is other than biological ­ i.e., one that operates iintellectually outside of biology. It is a concept which tells us that neither intellect nor life can be restrained by biological processes because they both transcend them. Therefore intellect is not tied to material evolution even though it can appear to rise within it. Jesus showed that matter and intellect exist independently of one another.

Are most physists convinced that biological life is the only life force in the universe? No. Our knowledge of the universe is so microscopic and the place so infinitely large that no thoughtful person would be so presumptive.

Science is a field of study that is restricted only to matter. A life force or intellect outside of matter could never be found by science because it exists outside their arena of study. Science is only a search for the truth of matter, not truth itself. the latter must encompass a far wider spectrum, both in terms of the universe as well as all that lies beyond it.

If we examine Jesus' words in scientific terms, they would show a process that catapults the "selected" of this current generation alive through a kind of space tunnel into an unseen universe that is immune to the destructive chaos that has doomed the universe we now live in. That impending doom is a fate verified by science. Knowing from their studies that our own universe must die, any competent physicist can comprehend the need for such an escape, though most would reject this view of it outright on material terms, convinced that human survival would be impossible through any kind of physical maneuver.

But Christ's mechanism presupposes a process that vaporizes materialism, sublimating it into spiritual form while leaving life itself untouched. All this under the guidance of an all-powerful intellectual life-force in the universe that is neither biological nor material. Human life is transformed from a material existance into a spiritual existance so that it can be transported and rebuilt anew by a process that presupposes the power and promise of Christ through His Father. It is an elegant solution to science's hopeless impasse.

Is there evidence in the universe for a life force other than biological? Yes. The universe itself is so hostile in virtually all of its processes to biological life that the latter must hide in rare nooks and crannies in order to survive. To the universal environment, material life is a foreigner marked for death. Astronomers are agreed that our own earth lives here now only as a temporary bathysphere caught in the gravitational tentacles of a sun slowly brewing itself into a solar red giant.

Moreover, biological life, in its evolutionary rise on this earth, replicates what it sees in the greater universe out of which it was born. Therefore biology moves to violence and the violent take the world by storm. Spiders, snakes, tigers, sharks, generals. Hydrogen bombs. All these ruling forces mimic the fiery continuum of outer space. Evolution everywhere paints a picture of weakness being crushed by strength.

Wherever we look, there is only predator and prey; a universe of life that, in all of its aspects portrays Satan at war with the lambs of God. So unbiquitous is this process throughout the universe that no matter what happens to this generation, any future generation of animals or biological life, if any could arise, would also immitate the same example set for it in the cosmos ­ a violent chaos that continuously blasts to pieces almost all creative attempts to build order into it or out of it.

That waterless outside-the-womb universe is a vacuum filled with exploding galaxies, supernova's, quasars, black holes, violent fusillades of deadly radiation, fire, caustic acids, chemicals and far more, much of it unknown and probably even more lethal than what we see. It is only a life force that exists outside of matter that can negotiate this violently hostile universe without being destroyed by it. Therefore life must go toward that kind of existence. Intellect and scripture argue that it already has.

Biological life is primitive life, protistrian, like one-celled amoeba's and paramecium's moving about in a shallow pond. In order to reach into the universe, life must evolve beyond matter. Either that or take refuge in fire itself. God shows that the latter is not a liveable option.

But such speculation is not to be. God has pulled the plug and His battleground will apparently be fought on the radioactive term defined by the Kansas trial, proving once again that "it is God's wisdom that human wisdom should not know God." "God wanted to save those who have faith through the foolisness of the message that we preach...for God's foolishness is wiser han human wisdom, and God's weakness is stronger than human strength." (1 Cor. 1:21-25).

Bible prophecy tells us that God can bring living water from dead rock. We come face to face with that announcement every time we hear of charlatan ministers, brothel consumers in the darkness of night preaching morality in the sunshine of sundays. Jesus refused to allow His own group to stop others on the outside from preaching about Him. Paul wrote that it didn't matter whether it was from good motives or bad motives that Jesus was preached, just that He BE preached.

It is easy to plumb God's will from these curious sayings. There is so little time, it is essential that Jesus be preached to the world by whatever means possible. Whoever has ears to hear will hear and be saved. Those who are deaf to the message will perish. In Matthew, Chapter 22:10, Jesus tells us that He has cast a net that will gather in both bad and good alike.

Therefore we must not fight ourselves. In a land that Pew researchers consider 85% Christian, the necessity of an amalgum of all or most of those members into mutual agreement is essential if victory is to be achieved. Victory here is spreading the Gospel and it is far more important than speculative arguments. This fight has to be defined on the enemy, which is Satan, not on competing Christian viewpoints.

Look at the enemy.

The forces lined up against the Christian religion are formidable. The New York Times wrote that in the elite National Academy of Sciences, 93% of its members do not believe in God. As for biologists, only 5.5% believe in God. These figures are staggering, especially when contrasted against the number of Americans said to be Christian.

It is little wonder that from most major media sources we are bombarded continuously by a flow of arrows from a chorus of animadverts all aimed at the heart of faith by an atheistic community committed to our destruction. These forces are the children of those who declared religion to be the opiate of the masses. But now, this is taking place on our own shores, not Stalinist Russia.

Our country teeters on a precipice. Too many signs agree. We are positioned now just a few scant months from the western world's predicted collapse. Already the seas are roaring, the skies are weeping and the earth is shuddering in anticipation of what is coming. Our very survival during this tribulation is dependent on the continuation of faith. Those who cling to the promise of Christ are the only hope for this country's survival. The 85% must stand firmly on the side of Jesus during this terrible age which now confronts us.

If that stand be on "evolution", so be it. The forces of Satan must be met with uniform resistance on all fronts, every one fully armed with the instruments of God's warfare: the Gospel, prayer and unswerving faith.



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