Isaiah 52-53

Isaiah's Prophecy of the Crucifixion


"My people will therefore know my name;

that day they will understand that it is I who say, 'I am here'.


How beautiful on the mountains,

are the feet of one who brings good news,

who heralds peace, brings happiness,

proclaims salvation, and tells Zion,

'Your God is king!


Listen! Your watchmen raise their voices,

they shout for joy together,

for they see the Lord face to face,

as he returns to Zion.


Break into shouts of joy together,

you ruins of Jerusalem;

for the Lord is consoling his people,

redeeming Jerusalem.


The Lord bares his holy arm

in the sight of all the nations,

and all the ends of the earth shall see

the salvation of our God.


Go away, go away, leave that place,

touch nothing unclean.

Get out of her, purify yourselves,

you who carry the vessels of the Lord.

But you are not to hurry away,

you are not to leave like fugitives.

No the Lord will go in front of you,

and the God of Israel will be your rear-guard.


See, my servant will prosper,

he shall be lifted up, exalted, rise to great heights

As the crowds were appalled on seeing him

­so disfigured did he look that he seemed no longer human

­so will the crowds be astonished at him,

and kings stand speechless before him;

for they shall see something never told

and witness something never heard before


Who could believe what we have heard,

and to whom has the power of God been revealed?'

Like a sapling he grew up in front of us,

like a root in arid ground.

Without beauty, without majesty (we saw him),

no looks to attract our eyes;

a thing despised and rejected by men,

a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering,

a man to make people screen their faces;

he was despised and we took no account of him.


And yet ours were the sufferings he bore,

ours the sorrows he carried.

But we, we thought of him as someone punished,

struck by God, and brought low.

Yet he was pierced through for our faults,

crushed for our sins.

On him lies a punishment that brings us peace,

and through his wounds we are healed.


We had all gone astray like sheep,

each taking his own way,

and the Lord burdened him with the sins of all of us.

Harshly dealt with, he bore it humbly,

he never opened his mouth,

like a lamb that is led to the slaughter-house,

like a sheep that is dumb before its shearers

never opening its mouth.


By force and by law he was taken;

would anyone plead his cause?

Yes, he was torn away from the land of the living;

for our faults struck down in death.

They gave him a grave with the wicked,

a tomb with the rich,

though he had done no wrong

and there had been no perjury in his mouth.


God has been pleased to to crush him with suffering.

If he offers his life in atonement,

he shall see his heirs, he shall have a long life

and through him what God wishes will be done.


His soul's anguish over he shall see the light and be content.

By his sufferings shall my servant justify many,

taking their faults on himself.


Hence I will grant whole hordes for his tribute,

he shall divide the spoil with the mighty,

for surrendering himself to death

and letting himself by taken for a sinner,

while he was bearing the faults of many

and praying all the time for sinners."



(Is.52:6 to 53:12)

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