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Daniel ­ The Two Gulf Wars

"This is what I observed:
A he-goat came from the west,
having covered the entire earth but without touching the ground,
And between its eyes the goat had one majestic horn.
It advanced toward the ram with the two horns, which had been standing in front of the Euphrates river
and charged at it with all the fury of its might.
I saw it reach the ram, and it was so enraged with the ram,
it knocked it down, breaking both its horns, and the ram had not the strength to resist;
it felled it to the ground and trampled it underfoot; no one was there to save the ram.
Then the he-goat grew more powerful than ever..."
(Daniel 8:5-8)


According to Jesus, The Book of Daniel holds the key to events surrounding the last days. Once the initial phases of Daniel's predicted "4th kingdom of Persia" begin to unfold, a sequence will be launched that will take the world quick step by quick step through the collation of his prophecies straight to the Armageddon John described in the Book of Revelation.

That sequence seems to have been launched with the Persian Gulf War. This small, but immeasurably important fight between east and west, positioned at the Euphrates River was in the right place and it followed in an uncanny way the prophetic template issued by Daniel. A western army, its president (the single majestic horn) enraged with Iraq,"crossing the earth with his troops without touching the ground" as it crushes the Ram of the East at the Euphrates. Not just once, but twice in succcession.

Daniel wrote that this war will have two parts and that the greater of these would be the second.

That means a second Gulf War -- a war greater than the last, led by a second middle eastern firebrand in the same neighborhood of the Euphrates -- and though far more devastating, fated, said Daniel, to a similar end. In light of everything else that has happened in the world during the fateful 20th Century, if this second Gulf War does indeed occur, the Christian world will be on firm notice that the Bible's ultimate moment of prophecy has truly arrived.

Editors Note: The second Gulf War (the war pitting the west against the second horn of the eastern ram in Daniel's prophecy) began on March 19, 2003 at 4 A.M. Baghdad time. The administration of the U.S. government sees an earlier date: September 11, 2001, with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq two fronts in a wider Middle-Eastern war. Either way, this conflict has ushered in cataclysmic changes in world history ­ changes now obvious to everyone.

Seeming to walk in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, the United States in the last decade has led its mighty armies from the Balkans to the Himalayas, virtually reaching the borders of India. The youthful president who now commands this army sees himself as America's war president as he seeks to integrate West and East under the single banner of a democracy focused on America's global capitalism.

Fulfilling the vision of Daniel, he is Alexander revisited. He has brought the world to the brink of history's pivotal moment. And like Alexander before him, his face is turned to Iraq.

God ordered the Book of Daniel sealed until the days of the End had actually arrived. When that moment is attained, those seals will be broken, says scripture, and a devastating sequence will be launched that will grind like the gears inside the doomsday clock, clicking out in scripture's bitter detail the final events ordained by prophecy for the doomed civilization which the Bible calls "Babylon". This website explains that foretold chronology.

If the rebuilding of Jerusalem in 1947 did not fracture those seals, certainly the two wars at the Euphrates foreseen by Daniel have blasted them out of existance. The Book of Daniel is open. The chronology of the End is at hand.

The Roman historian, Cornelius Tacitus (not a Christian) wrote in 109 A.D. that the majority of the Jewish people "were impressed with a persuasion that it was contained in the ancient writings of the priests that it would come to pass at that very time (the first century), that the east would regain its strength...and go out to rule the world". It did not happen in the first century because Christ intervened, and it was He who went out to rule the world. Jesus was the spiritual East that blocked the physical East, showing again that all the works of God go in pairs by opposites.

Yet come it will. The prophecies of scripture define in clear detail the rise of the East and the enormous implications this upheaval will have with respect to human history. You may explore this vision in detail on the following pages: "The Last Days of Babylon".

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