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An introduction to Christian Bible Prophecy.
Examine biblical prophets and their writings and much more! Information-rich web site. We offer free searchable manuscripts by e-mail. Links to online Bibles; most major churches; many Christian resources; visionary sites; museums, and church documents; maps and graphs

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"No more does the Lord God do anything without revealing his plans to his servants the prophets.
The lion roars: who can help feeling afraid?
The Lord God speaks: who can refuse to prophesy?"
Amos 3:7

Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of Scripture

Over 1000 biblical prophecies defined and explained
In Two Volumes:

Exploring the writings of scripture, Goodnews Christian Ministry offers two books which bring to light an array of perplexing prophecies that have quietly cloaked some of the deepest mysteries surrounding the promised return of Jesus Christ.

In keeping with the spirit of the Internet, both books are being offered here free and unabridged for your viewing convenience. All chapters, documents, maps and graphs are also available free in a searchable format by e-mail. We hope that this material will benefit your understanding of the difficult times Christians all over the world must now enter, and we warmly welcome your requests, comments, support and/or suggestions.

Because these two manuscripts offer a new perspective into the Bible's revelations, Christians will find them quite different from most material that has been published before. The vision is changing because the times are bringing all of these prophecies into a sharper focus. This should come as no surprise to anyone, for Jesus declared long ago that there should be in the history of Christianity an unfolding revelation. (John 16:12-13).

Jesus told His disciples that the Bible was correct in its messages concerning the end of the world because of sin. He informed them that the end forcast by scripture was not far away, and that the key to this End lay in the writings of a Hebrew prophet named Daniel. "When you see the abomination of desolation forcast by the prophet Daniel set up in the holy place, then let those in Judea flee to the mountains", Jesus warned. (Mt.24:15+).

The prophet Ezekiel forsaw this end as well, and said that it would originate in the far north, in Magog; and would be brought to Jerusalem by a man whose prophetic name was Gog.

The Book of Revelation concurred with Daniel, saying that the world's end would culminate in a terrible war waged against the western world by the kings of the East. And all agreed that the nation powering this catastrophe would be called 'Persia'; and that it would pour into the west across the Euphrates river at a place called 'Media'.

How do these prophecies relate to one another and how do they relate to the Twentieth Century? The following two manuscripts explore these questions in detail, bringing into Christian focus over 1000 visions detailed in the pages of scripture concerning the fateful event called 'Armageddon', and the signs that presage it's occurance.

"All This Happened to Fulfill the Prophecies of Scripture" ­Mat.26:56

"From the beginning I foretold the future,
and predicted beforehand what is to be." Is.46:10

"Everything that is now covered will be uncovered, and everything now hidden will be made clear.
What I say to you in the dark, tell in the daylight;
what you hear in whispers, proclaim from the rooftops."


Book 1 ­ "The Clock of God"

An Introduction to Bible Prophecy

Setting the final seals on vision and prophecy, just before the end, scripture has decreed that a number of messengers will arise and herald the coming of the final days and their events. So just as prophecy flourished when Jesus first appeared, it will do so again when He returns.

Several decades before the Lord was born in Bethlehem and many centuries after Moses had made his momentous prediction that a Messiah would be sent to Israel, a great wave of anticipation suddenly erupted in the land of Palestine. As if driven by a secret force, all at once much of the population of Judea began to feel that the time had finally come for the Christ of scripture to make His appearance before them.

A profound excitement enveloped the people. The intensity of this anticipation was of such proportions that biblical scholars have coined the term 'messianic fervor' to describe the sense of expectancy which swept through Judea and gripped the Jewish people there during that era -- a span of time which lasted about 150 years.

This surge of anticipation for the coming of the Messiah was at its height when Jesus was born. During the years of that clamor many false prophets arose, but so also did the Lord. The passion of the age, then, came from the Holy Spirit. The fervor itself was the clock of God heralding the time. And now, suddenly it is happening again. It is exactly the same today. The signs of Christ's 'Second Coming' are cascading all around us.

Never before in all of Christian history, except for the earliest days of the Church, has there been such intensity in anticipation of the apocalyptic events of the final days. In the eddy's of this fervor, clouding the vision, many false prophets have appeared -- some bringing disaster to those who followed them.

Yet the aura of the times swirls around their appearance. In the same way that a great clamor of expectation and false prophecy accompanied the first coming of Christ, the wave of anticipation for the last days that is now exploding around us today also must come from the Holy Spirit as well. This book describes why.

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Book 2 ­ The Last Days of Babylon

The Bible's Timetable for the Apocalypse


According to Jesus, The Book of Daniel holds the key to events surrounding the last days. Once the initial phases of Daniel's predicted "4th kingdom of Persia" begin to unfold, a sequence will be launched that will take the world quick step by quick step through the collation of his prophecies straight to the Armageddon John described in the Book of Revelation.

That sequence seems to have been launched with the Persian Gulf War. This small, but immeasurably important fight between east and west, positioned at the Euphrates River was in the right place and it followed in an uncanny way the prophetic template issued by Daniel. A western army "crossed the earth without touching the ground" and it crushed the Ram of the East at the Euphrates.

But Daniel wrote that this war will have two parts and that the greater of these would be the second.

That means a second Gulf War -- a war greater than the last, led by a second middle eastern firebrand in the same neighborhood of the Euphrates -- and though far more devastating, fated, said Daniel, to a similar end. In light of everything else that has happened in the world during the fateful 20th Century, if this second Gulf War does indeed occur, the Christian world will be on firm notice that the Bible's ultimate moment of prophecy has truly arrived.

Editors Note: The second Gulf War (the war pitting the west against the second horn of the eastern ram in Daniel's prophecy) has now begun. As far as the world is concerned, it began on March 19, 2003 at 4 A.M. Baghdad time. The administration of the U.S. government sees an earlier date: September 11, 2001, with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq two fronts in a wider Middle-Eastern war. Either way, this conflict has ushered in cataclysmic changes in world history ­ changes now obvious to everyone.

God ordered the Book of Daniel sealed until the days of the End had actually arrived. When that moment is attained, those seals will be broken and a devastating sequence will be launched that will grind like the gears inside the doomsday clock, clicking out in scripture's bitter detail the final events ordained by prophecy for the doomed civilization which the Bible calls "Babylon". This book explains that foretold chronology.

The Roman historian, Cornelius Tacitus (not a Christian) wrote in 109 A.D. that the majority of the Jewish people "were impressed with a persuasion that it was contained in the ancient writings of the priests that it would come to pass at that very time (the first century), that the east would regain its strength...and go out to rule the world". It did not happen in the first century because Christ intervened, and it was He who went out to rule the world. Jesus was the spiritual east that blocked the physical east, showing again that all the works of God go in pairs by opposites.

Yet come it will. The prophecies of scripture define in clear detail the rise of the east and the enormous implications this upheaval will have with respect to human history. You may explore this vision in detail on the following pages.

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A Landmark Work. Peeling away centuries of enigma, Goodnews Christian Ministry has published two important volumes on Bible prophecy that unveil some of the deepest mysteries surrounding the scriptures. Hundreds of perplexing prophecies are brought to light in terms as simple as reading and understanding a daily newspaper.

The Old Testament Made Easy. Each of these two books examines in great detail the close relationship between the visions of the Old Testament and their fulfillment in the miracle of Jesus Christ. Moreover, the interrelationship of prophecies, both new and old, is explored in depth, showing how God's word has remained unchanged from the beginning.

Many more documents and supporting material make this website a must for every Christian. Filled with maps, graphs, histories, and essays on every essential aspect of Bible prophecy, it explores with modern intelligence and thoughtful perspective a field once considered the domain of crackpots and cultists.

Free searchable manuscripts. Every chapter, manuscript , map and graph on this website is available free on request by e-mail. These documents are completely searchable by word, topic, subject and title. Better than any index! Allows you to retrieve any data or explore any subject instantly.

There is no charge for these documents.

In a thoughtful study of Bible prophey it becomes clear that God has created an elaborate, beautiful, and intricately woven plan, fully interrelated, to guide man towards the perfect will of God, made clear in Jesus Christ.

Aimed at that perspective, this website attempts to explore the intricacy of the Holy Spirit's design. God's plan was defined in advance and brought to prediction by an array of scriptural prophets, whose work, itself, is an elaborate and intricate network; and all of it with one purpose in mind -- to show that Jesus is God.

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