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A Cultural Tsunami?

"There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars;
on earth nations in agony, bewildered by the clamor of the ocean and its waves;
men dying of fear as they await what menaces the world,
for the powers of heaven will be shaken."
Ezekiel 26:3


Barring a last-minute decision by a higher court, gay marriage will be legal in the state of Massachusetts beginning May 17, 2004. That will make America just the fourth country in the world to honor homosexual marriage. Moreover, the state of New York has announced that it will recognize and honor these Massachusetts unions. The cultural impact of this landmark decision in the Unted States will be enormous. The ramifications will reach to the very heart of American culture. Not only that, but the religious ramifications are so broad, many can barely be foreseen. Portential clues to these are stressed in the prophecies of scripture.

Complimenting the secular outcry in opposition to the ruling, the Bible is adamantly opposed to homosexuality, quantifying it as behavior so deviant, salvation itself is at stake in the practice. On a social level, homosexuality is considered by the Church, definitive of paganism. God has issued strictures against it so clear, most Christians find the practice abhorrent.

The question raised more and more these days is, "Does God, Himself, find it abhorrent?" The question seems to echo that of the serpent to Eve in the Garden of Eden, "Did God really say that?"

We may be at the doorstep of heaven's answer to that question since Boston has, in effect, openly challenged God with its decision and defiantly demanded of Him, 'So what are you going to do about it?' It is a gauntlet thrown.

For this reason, more than a cultural tsunamis, gay marriage may prove a real one as well. Scripture shows that during the end times, the seas will rage. One of the cities impacted by these roaring waters scripture tells us will be the same city described in the Book of Revelation, chapter18. Some feel that was New York City. Gay marriage may well add a second city to that calamity.

According to the Bible, all the prophecies of scripture go in pairs by opposites. The city in Revelation18 follows this pattern. When the towers in New York were brought down in flames in a manner that closely simulated the words of Revelation's prophecy, it was clear to many that the world had been given a preview of the tribulation about to be visited upon the whole of Babylon.

Nine-eleven was a 'Pearl Harbor' event that ushered in the last days. The clash of the two civilizations formulated by scripture for the final days of the earth, east versus west, became manifest in that dynamic event, setting the stage for all that the Bible says will follow.

A sign of divine rage equal to that of 9/11 can be found in the the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. The destiny of those two cities (cities whose ruins now lie sunken beneath the waters of the Dead Sea) proclaim identical messages: divine retribution for behavior God deems grossly wicked.

Sodom and Gomorrah certainly underscore God's warnings in scripture concerning homosexuality in the ancient world. But there seems to be more to it than that. God seems to have placed them in scripture as a warning to future generations as well. In that sense, Sodom and Gomorrah appear to be the metaphores of prophecy. As such, they speak directly to Boston's irreverance.

There is little to stop the seas that strike New York harbor from inundating Boston harbor as well. They are close to one another, both are situated at sea level and both face the same expanse of water. According to scripture, the safety of those two cities (and all cities on earth for that matter) are tied to the faith and righteousness of its citizens. When that faith evaporates in the pursuit of unrighteousness, the shield of grace disappears with it, leaving the city without defense. "If the Lord does not build the house, in vain the masons toil; if the Lord does not guard the city, in vain the sentries watch." (Ezekiel 26:3)

The god of New York is money. The city is dedicated to commerce, and that was unmistakably reflected in its fallen towers, the twin cathedrals of world finance. Now Boston has become for the United States the signature city for the derangement of family values. Neither of these cities are beacons to the world for God. Instead, they each face their seas as lighthouses for values God has adamantly deemed to be unholy.

If Sodom and Gomorrah was, indeed, prophecy, then there is a day in the future when the world is going to witness the event for which they stand. We know the wickedness on which God has defined the destruction of those cities. The raging seas foreseen by the prophets may or may not crash into Boston, but the decision by the legislature of Massachusetts to legalize homosexual marriage is a ruling that throws down the guantlet before God in a most dramatic and unconditional way. It sets a new standard for America, a standard forbidden by scripture. The Bible foresees divine retribution for both the deed and the defiance.

There is a point at which apostasy becomes so grave, it defeats even mercy. History alone will tell us if that threshold has been beached in this monumental decision. In the Book of Genesis, the angel of God promised Abraham that if he could find even ten righteous people in Sodom, the Lord would spare the place.


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