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"When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will come out to deceive all the nations in the four quarters of the earth...and mobilize them for war." ---Revelation 20:7-8


The Beast of Berlin

"The seven heads are also seven emperors.
Five of them have already gone, one is here now, and one is yet to come;
Once here he must stay for a short while."
Revelation 17:10-11


The Book of Revelation, in one of its most evocative images, shows us a scarlet beast galloping across a lifeless desert.

Mounted on her back is the prostitute Babylon -- Satan's wicked city. (Rv.17:1-3).

The desert is space itself, and the beast which is hurtling across its reaches is Satan, prince of this world, demon of the turbid sea that produced the stars and planets, and architect of the pagan lifestyle which this world (Babylon) has chosen to pursue.

The seven heads on the beast represent those individuals and countries which have carried out the seven great persecutions of the people of God (the House of Israel) which the beast holds captive in its flight.

These seven heads form the backbone of the world coalition perpetuating Satan's war against the children of God.

We have already explored the identity of many of these heads in the last chapter. Most Christian's are convinced that the sixth head of the beast was Nero; and there is little question that a coming 'eighth head' relates to a reincarnated Nero-like figure at the End.

But very little is known about the seventh head -- the wicked emperor destined to appear between Nero and the Rebel. All that is said in scripture about him is John's cryptic remark that his reign will be short. (Rv.17:10).

Since many scholars seem convinced through John's prophecies that the supremely malevolent eighth head somehow applies to Rome (the home of the sixth head), the seventh head may also, perhaps, be seen in the context of Roman rule as well.

Because a loose Germanic reign over this city lasted for almost 1600 years, from 400 A.D. until the 19th century, a period coinciding with the worldwide growth and spread of Christianity, had the seventh pagan 'head' appeared at any time during the reign of the Church and had he been associated with Roman leadership at all, he would have had to have been German.

Yet the only German to launch a claim to this title came a century after German rule had ended -- a man already mentioned -- Adolph Hitler.

Hitler re-established his country's historic authority over Rome, but instead of occupying mankind's eternal city himself, he left there a puppet Italian government ruling the nation in his stead -- a government that completely acquiesced to his wishes.

While his military authority over Italy was indisputable, the key to Hitler as the 'seventh head' of the beast has far less to do with his dominion over Rome than it does with his vicious persecution of the Jews, one of the twelve tribes of the House of Israel.

It is this savage attack on God's people that brings Hitler into alignment with the other heads in John's vision.

The Italian leaders proved their subservience to Germany by freely allowing the German occupation of their country and by wholeheartedly complying with Nazi demands in pursuing the persecution of the Jews; rounding up all the members of this tribe of Israel they could find in Italy and shipping them off to the German concentration camps for extermination.

Hitler's pagan views were in complete contrast to his predecessors. While nearly all of the German kings of the past submitted their various governments to the authority of the rule of Christ, Hitler did not.

And this is the key to the remaining 'heads'.

In its portrait of the last two heads, the Book of Revelation appears to be pointing to the appearance of two specific godless and warmongering leaders whose avowed purpose revolves around the destruction of the people of God and the return of Rome and the rest of the world to Antichrist government -- i.e, rulers committed to healing the 'mortal wound'.

In this respect, the seventh head had to have been Adolph Hitler.

He not only commanded the first truly pagan empire to control Rome since the days of the Caesar's, his reign matched the only prophecy that exists concerning the beast's seventh head -- it was quite short.

Hitler's hatred for the House of Israel, demonstrated by his obsessive desire to murder the entire Jewish race makes him stand out starkly from all other secular leaders during the Christian Era.

It also makes him fit like a glove with the previous six heads of the beast. In fact his single-mindedness and terrifying resolve with respect to Jewish extermination far outstripped all of his predecessors put together.

Everything about Hitler seemed to personify wickedness.

No person who has ever lived on this earth was a better parrot of the actions of the 'angel of the Abyss' -- the title bestowed upon the armed Destroyer whose appearance on earth is heralded by events surrounding the sounding of the 'fifth trumpet' in the Book of Revelation. (Rv.9:11).

Perhaps nothing less than Abaddon, himself; this German emperor of death was a willing accomplice in Satan's intent to mobilize the twentieth century for war.

He approached this objective ferociously, perpetuating his international campaign of evil on a scale never seen before. And he was totally obsessed with the destruction and annihilation of the House of Israel.

As bad as the worst of the others were, no other kingdom in the history of the world can even come close to matching the gruesome atrocities of Deutchland's Third Reich as far as the House of Israel is concerned.

And the man who masterminded this government was so completely satanic there was never a question from any quarter of earth regarding the forces driving his ambitions.

In fact, the aura surrounding Adolph Hitler was such that when he came to power he appeared to represent the very image of Satan, himself, climbing up out of his chained imprisonment in the Abyss and returning to the earth with all the clouds and steam of hell surrounding him.

And that may be the very signal that his appearance was supposed to image to the world.

Since the other six heads of the beast sent signs of such importance, there is no reason to suspect that the seventh would do less.

Hitler appears to have physically manifested before the eyes of the world the momentous unchaining of Satan and his epochal return to deceive the earth and plunge it's inhabitants into the final abyss of fire and war. (Rv.20:3).

He came with all the credentials for such a purpose. With his bold, hateful and hypnotic voice, Hitler used his terrible charisma to mesmerize the German people and lead them into a disaster so catastrophic that it not only destroyed his own nation, it threatened to bring down in flames the entire world.

If for no other reason, in light of his devastating attack on the House of Israel, Hitler's empire would have to be included with the other six.

None of the previous attacks on God's people in this world have ever involved as many Israelites or been as savage or brutal as the one initiated by this malignant German housepainter.

He was obsessed with his 'final solution' -- the liquidation of every 'citizen of Jerusalem' from the European continent...and once he had gained control of the world, to erase even their memory from the planet's history.

Although the Jews have been temporarily isolated by Christ's proclamation, they have always remained a true part of the House of Israel and as such represent a true branch of the chosen people of God.

Their situation on earth is unique because they have been made blind by God for the sake of the salvation of the pagans. (Rom.11:25).

Therefore Hitler's actions in murdering six to nine million members of this race in the middle of this century is by far the most devastating attack on the people of God ever made.

Haman of Persia in the Book of Esther had it in his mind to do something similar, but he never got the chance. Hitler did and he leapt at it with a vengeance.

He was without a doubt, a madman -- a tyrant so similar to the biblical descriptions of the beast, many people at the time thought he was the beast.

His coming in the middle of this century, intensely committed to Hebrew extermination seemed to presage all the prophecies about the end of the world with its final attack on the Church of God and the people within it.

In this respect his appearance foreshadowed the ultimate evil destined to follow him.

The pagan character of his regime clearly underscored the distinction between Christian values and those of Satan and it was this contrast that gave World War II its persevering aura as a battle between good and evil.

The images of Treblinka and Auschwitz served only to reinforce this aura and make it indisputable.

But evil's assault against good which seemed to suddenly become clear with World War II did not begin with that war, nor did it end with that war. The ethic of the Gospel has been involved in an escalating conflict with satanic values right up to the present moment.

In the wake of this onslaught, we can see the millenium of Christ's rule on earth being torn apart before our very eyes.

For this reason, the conflict made clear by Hitler actually continues to rage all around us even though he is gone -- showing that he was just one battle in a larger war.

The seventh head was just a stepping stone to the eighth.

The key point separating the two, the House of Christ. Although Hitler controlled Rome, his storm-troopers did not enter Vatican City. The fact that he did not overthrow the headquarter's of Christ's largest church or declare war on Christianity proves that he was not the Rebel to come -- but only a prelude to the Rebel.

The last head of the beast, in what Daniel says will be the most crucial moment in Christian history, intends to carry his own war right up to the altar of Christ inside that sacred Christian camp.

With the seventh head now come and gone, all attention can be focused on the last head of all.

According to John, the eighth head of the beast will be a reincarnation of the sixth (Nero/Rome). The mortal wound will heal. This means Christ's victory over pagan Rome will be reversed.

According to John, the beast's sixth head will be brought back to life by the will of the people in the last days as they build an edifice in its honor. John called this edifice a 'statue', and predicted that it would be erected in recognition of the beast with the mortal wound.

A statue is a replica -- it is a copy made in honor of its image. Coming out of the north and accompanied by a horde of troops from the east, the second beast will be able to win over the people of the world and convince them to erect this replica "in honor of the beast that had been wounded by the sword and still lived." (Rv.13:14).

When they do so, scripture says that the statue will suddenly come to life and become the very beast in whose likeness it has been carved.

These words have little to do with a human statue, they describe a national replica. The Rebel of the last days will conquer and take control of Rome, and when he does so, he will create there a replica of the pagan empire of the past which was destroyed by the Gospel of Christ.

In fulfillment of the prophecies, he will refashion there an empire in the image of pagan Rome, complete with all the trappings of the government of the Caesar's which disappeared under the rule of God. Suddenly it will be as if no mortal wound ever occured.

Throngs of people will cheer this reincarnation and lend their support to its formation.

As soon as the Rebel does this, the replica will come to life and become the very empire that it was created to image.

The beast's victory and conquest of Rome will symbolize his triumph over Babylon itself. East will conquer west and subordinate its original identity by transforming itself into the image of pagan Rome.

This exchange will allow east and west to embrace, transforming a provincial eastern empire into one with world-wide authority.

This points to far ranging influence for the beast at the end despite his many enemies and their respective military strengths. The beast will not rule the world, but he will have immense control over its behavior and destiny. Despite all the battles between the governments, virtually all of the world will be pagan and committed to pagan principles.

Church persecution will reach a level where those who espouse Christian inclinations will be in hiding, afraid to make their views known to anyone for fear of their lives.

When the eighth head of the beast appears, he will end up in Rome as a symbol of his identity. "The dragon handed over to the beast his own power and his own throne and his worldwide authority." (Rev.13:2).

When the eastern beast resurrects pagan Rome, Satan will bring the empire to life and hand it to the Rebel as a gift, the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Having returned from the Abyss where the forces of God kept him prisoner throughout the millenium of the Church, Satan will bestow his world-wide authority on the eighth head of the beast, and hand over to him his own throne from which to rule the world.

This is why the conquest of Rome by the Rebel will be so symbolic -- it will be a signal to the world that the beast, in receiving Satan's throne in Babylon, has overturned the proclamation of Theodosus and returned Babylon to pagan rule.

None of this would be possible if the Church remained a viable entity within the capitol city. Complete pagan rule can only exist in the Church's absence. Creating this void, and completing the prophecy, the Rebel will overthrow the sanctuary and set himself upon the chair of Peter when he conquers Italy.

And it is from that chair that he will issue the proclamation that frees the House of Israel from its Babylonian captivity.

The proclamation will be a declaration of war on the people of God, and it will launch the tribulation -- a time of violence against the House of Israel the likes of which have never been seen on this earth before.

It is in the carnage of this tribulation that the greatest part of the rapture will occur. And it is only then, as this attack grows, that Christians will truly understand the bitter meaning of this scripture: "Up to the time of John it was the Law and the Prophets; since then, the kingdom of God has been preached, and by violence everyone is getting in." (Lk.16:16).

The Last Days of Babylon

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